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[Discussion] Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu

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How would you rate Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu?

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Post by shining_fountain » Jan 29th, '07, 03:54

watch the dorama - totally blows away the movie version.

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Post by ramdisboner » Jan 31st, '07, 05:14

just finished watching this drama yesterday. it was pretty excellent. i haven't seen the movie so i can't comment on that. i thought that the acting was superb but i felt it did kinda drag on near the end. i watched the special. i found myself fast forwarding through most of it. only thing i found interesting about it was the teachers viewpoint and the added scenes were kinda cool. i would recommend this dorama.

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Post by Moondy » Feb 18th, '07, 21:53

I am watching this drama and..it's very sad!!! :cry:

How can you forget a love person?

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Post by Kath-Lee » Feb 18th, '07, 22:11

Yeah, it's really sad indeed. But the funny thing about this drama is it didn't leave me depressed at all. Dunno if it's because I've known from the beginning that the girl's gonna die... There was never any hope for them to stay together and live a happy life, therefore I could just sit and watch how they've spent the (short) time together. The story also taught me a lot about life and to appreciate it more. The line that really got stuck in my mind is: "All Aki ever really wanted was to be alive. So appreciate your own life." Hmm... I wonder if I'll ever find a person that loves me so much as Saku loves her. *_*

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Post by Moondy » Feb 18th, '07, 22:17

So do I...

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Post by kvertand » Feb 19th, '07, 10:49

shining_fountain wrote:watch the dorama - totally blows away the movie version.
I disagree completely, IMO the movie did everything better...The script, the cinematography, the music, and above all the acting.

Haruka is a dear, but she's still a poor actress. Good actors can make you forget they're acting, but every time she comes on screen I'm reminded that these people are reading from a script. This is mainly what spoiled the drama for me, unfortunately. Yamada's pretty good here, but the teenage leads in the film were much more subtle and believable.

Anyway...it's still a decent drama I guess, though I couldn't sit through it a second time

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Post by glennheart » Feb 28th, '07, 17:23

yes maybe your right but i think the negative parts have been covered by a wonderful story. a story that can touch some peoples heart like mine! hehehe....

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Post by xxmikeyxx » Dec 5th, '07, 08:13

Finally finish watching this drama. It was great, a must watch for everyone that hasn't seen it. :-)


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Post by Empyrium » Oct 14th, '09, 21:47

Does anybody know where this dorama was filmed in? What's the city where everthing happened back in 1987?

EDIT: found it... it's Miyaura :-)

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Post by milhaus007 » Nov 15th, '09, 02:02

This is a much watch drama. It's in my top 3 along with 1 litre of tears.

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