[Discussion] Gisou no Fuufu

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[Discussion] Gisou no Fuufu

Post by Keiko1981 » Nov 27th, '15, 17:57

Haven't watched it with English subtitles yet, only timed Japanese. But I had to check a scene in episode 5.

Chouji's mother brings the whole kit. :lol :rofl: Good work on the translation. :thumleft: And Hiro's picture-perfect / sly as a fox smile. :mrgreen:

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Re: [Discussion] Gisou no Fuufu

Post by xeereex » Dec 9th, '15, 20:02

It's been a while since they've subbed this drama.
They still didn't sub episode 7. I've been waiting for more than a week. :(

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Re: [Discussion] Gisou no Fuufu

Post by Lady P0ny » Dec 11th, '15, 03:05

Hi there!

I've been watching without eng subs, cause my curiosity is tremendous, so I understand one word in japanese and don't understand 10 other words, but I am deducing and I think I pretty much understood the whole thing. I watched the finale, and I must say: I'm not happy about it.
I was so happy when I saw the gay theme in a japanese dorama, I was like: FINALLY they are including gay people in serious plots. BUT:
I was already thinking of the possibility that they would make a gay man (not a bissexual) stay with the woman, but I'd rather be wrong. I HATE when people treats the gay identity as an optional one. Unless she buys a dildo and f*cks him, I don't see how a couple can work without any sex at all. We all know that Chouji left Hiro right after having sex with her and that this made him understand completely that he wasn't into girls at all. I don't understand how Chouji can end up with Hiro (I don't understand lots of things, how Tamotsu accepted Chouji as a lover, and how Hiro got together with Yuu-chan's mother whose name I forgot. I really hope that the english subtitles surprise me in some way, because if the end is what I saw, then it's not good for me.
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Re: [Discussion] Gisou no Fuufu

Post by evelyntt » Dec 11th, '15, 06:54

I have also seen the last episode despite only knowing a few words in Japanese.My understanding is Chouji and Hiro are back together at the end and Chouji remained as gay?? :scratch:

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Re: [Discussion] Gisou no Fuufu

Post by aoritoioho » Dec 23rd, '15, 14:17

I dont understand japanese at all but I gave it a go and watched the ending.
I thought it was really disappointing. I was actually hoping that they ended the show at episode 8 where Chouji and Hiro parted in good ways and found another partner, or at episode 9 (Hiro and Yuu's mom look good together but it doesn't make sense that the writer suddenly turned Hiro into a lesbian. Another thing I found weird was Tamotsu-kun's affection for Chouji because he's not gay at all???). The writer should've at episode 8.

I felt really bad for Yuu and her mom, they got betrayed for the second time.

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