[Discussion] Miyamoto Musashi SP (2014)

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[Discussion] Miyamoto Musashi SP (2014)

Post by yanie » Mar 16th, '14, 10:50


The latest adaptation/version of Yoshikawa Eiji's epic novel on the life of the legendary swordmaster, Miyamoto Musashi.

A two-parts (total 4 hours) special drama airs on TV Asahi, March 15 & 16.

Kimura Takuya ... Miyamoto Musashi
Sawamura Ikki ... Sasaki Kojiro
Maki Yoko ... Otsu
Yusuke Santamaria ... Matahachi
Kagawa Teruyuki ... Priest Takuan
Matsuda Shota ... Yoshioka Seijuro
Nakatani Miki ... Yoshino Dayuu
Takaoka Saki ... Oko
Kaho ... Akemi
Suzuki Fuku ... Iori

From Twitter, Japanese VAGABOND manga fans seem to be very pleased with this drama after the airing of the first part last night, because the characters' appearance looks a lot like the manga characters. They said, though this is a different version but it almost felt like watching the live-action version of VAGABOND.


I had lost faith in KimuTaku's dramas for the last few years. This might be the first time for me to feel this excited abt a KimuTaku drama ever since Karei-naru Ichizoku (2007). Long live TV Asahi! (I've really lost faith in FujITV and TBS dramas)

Worth to note is that the action/fight choreographer for this drama is Tanigaki Kenji, the person who was in charge of the fight choreography in Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X live-action movies. Probably currently having the reputation as the #1 action/fight choreographer in Japan, as he is the only Japanese member joined in the Hongkong Stuntman Association.

I have to admit that the most outstanding element of this drama is it's action/sword-fighting scenes, which is rare in the Japanese entertainment world. Japan rarely excels in the action department. Kimura Takuya, who had 11 years intensive experience in kendo (he learned and practiced it since childhood), perfected the already-amazing choreography, I have to say I'm surprised Kimura accomplished the action tasks very well and he moves so fast, like you really believe this guy is a sword master.

Other than that, I'm sorry but I have to say the dialogues are boring, I don't think the script is quite well-written. But the wonderful cast (Sawamura Ikki is awesome as Sasaki Kojiro), the action scenes, Kimura's perfect portrayal as Takezo/Musashi really made this drama worth to watch more than once.

There were some odd CG background, but I can ignore them :P

I love that a few scores sounds a lot like Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X anime's rock/metal kind of tunes^^

Can't wait for Part Two tonight!
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Post by yanie » Mar 16th, '14, 10:57

I don't think this scene is in the novel?


But this is definitely one of my most fav moment in Part One 8)

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Post by yanie » Mar 17th, '14, 09:31

Okay, final verdict.

1. BEST fighting choreography in a Japanese movie/drama, I've ever seen. I have, yet, watch Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X live-action, so RuroKen might have better choreography. But from what I've seen so far, this "Miyamoto Musashi" drama has worth-to-discuss action/fight scenes. The action/fight scenes are the most outstanding element in this drama. Love them to bits!

2. Kimura Takuya's portrayal as Musashi was perfect and he's very natural with the sword, his moves were fast and fluid, just like a real sword master, I can watch all of his fight scenes over and over. His kendo experience for years has really paid off.

3. Perfect casting. Sawamura Ikki was really charismatic as Sasaki Kojiro. Matsuda Shota was great as Yoshioka Seijuro. Nakatani Miki as Yoshino Dayuu & Takaoka Saki as Oko had magnetic charms. Kaho suits Akemi's character.
I'm not really fond of Otsu's character, but I think Maki Yoko did a pretty good job.

4. Some good music scores.

5. Too many weird, CG-ed backgrounds.

6. Boring dialogues. The script was not quite well-written... but tbh, maybe the novel itself is not my cup of tea cause the story seems too simple and bland for my taste. (I'm a big fan of the compelling, exciting, colorful Chinese wuxia novels by Jin Yong & Gu Long)

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Post by t12345 » Mar 18th, '14, 01:01

I am a fan of musashi, so will find time to see this tonight.

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Post by taiyaki-kun » Mar 19th, '14, 05:35

Thank you, yanie, for starting this thread. :-)

Does anyone know if any subbing group will sub this drama? I glanced through the raw file, and was really thrilled with the fighting scenes. Looking forward to watching it with proper subtitles. :D

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Post by ices56 » Mar 30th, '14, 21:40

this is interesting, is anyone subbing ?

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Post by heat6jones » Mar 31st, '14, 06:03

I really like the taiga drama with the kabuki performer as Musashi. You can't do justice to the legend with a four hour special.

If this gets subbed I'll definitely watch it though.

Kai Dowin
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Post by Kai Dowin » Apr 4th, '14, 11:42

Finished watching it yesterday. Bloody brilliant!

When I was a lad I remember one of my father's friend giving me a collection of manga that I really don't understood at the time, but found entertaining nevertheless.

Upon watching Miyamoto Musashi I was awestruck by remembering the manga. It was Vagabond! Long time since I was so amused watching a taiga drama.

I hope it gets subbed in English soon for I want to make every friend of mine watch it. :w00t:

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Post by yanie » Apr 8th, '14, 03:32

SUBS available now! :cheers:

Thanks a lot, a lot to HEIWA FANSUBS, you guys are always awesome!

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Post by cute_angel » Apr 19th, '14, 09:16

A great series! :D Very Vagabond. :D

I like the fight scenes especially Musashi vs Yoshioka Seijuro.

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Post by geradix » Apr 19th, '14, 10:45

Thank you to the great Heiwa fansubs.

Hope you will pick up some other Jidaigeki dramas in the future :)

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Post by DragonSpikeXIII » May 1st, '14, 17:59

The fight choreography in this SP marks a return to form for TV jidaigeki action, I was constantly being reminded of the great action from the 70's and 80's with Sonny Chiba and his legendary J.A.C. I hope others will follow suit.

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