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Posted: Sep 16th, '13, 07:31
by MaiKitty
^Funny, how everyone feels different things when watching a drama. It has been revealed in the middle of the episode that Shiori was a fitting donor - but I haven't been sure of Koharus survival, until she appeared behind the sheets in the garden. A lot could still have gone wrong. I was on the edge of my seat until the very last second, haha. :O

Posted: Sep 16th, '13, 08:09
by avieamber
^ I wasn't sure till the very last scene!
I knew when she said "Because of you, I'll live" that Shiori's a match already. But until the very last scene, even after she appeared from the white sheets, I was afraid that's her spirit. I think I watched too many Japanese dramas/movies that I wasn't convinced till the very end when they all hugged each other. Because if the kids didn't notice Koharu, then it might mean she didn't survive and that was her spirit, sort of like..watching over her kids. So glad she survived though!

Posted: Sep 16th, '13, 13:56
by KeiserSoze
that the operation can be done doesn't mean that it will be a success. We don't see koharu until the end, and she's absent from her daughter's diary so it could have mean she didn't make it.... Anyway the main point is not a question about life and death but about the meaning of "family"and "forgiveness" with all that I think it was a prettyt good ending :whistling:

Posted: Sep 17th, '13, 05:24
by ocgoodtimes
I was actually a tad disappointed with the ending. The whole scene between Koharu and her mom was sooooooo drawn out (the scene where they're talking about typhoon number 9 and stuff). And at that point we already know that Shiori was a match so the only question was whether the procedure was a success. But rather than the sleepy conversation that went on, I think they should've held out on whether Shiori was a match until the end, and use the time differently.

Posted: Sep 17th, '13, 06:52
by avieamber
After watching this last week, I'm still in a denial phase that it's over. I tried to watch the other ongoing dramas, but can't help but feel they're all so lousy and crappy in comparison with Woman, except maybe Hanzawa Naoki (where Sakai Masato's the saving grace). In so many aspects too! Script, plot, cinematography and of course, especially acting. I truly hope this drama gets its deserved recognition come the TV awards soon. I want it to repeat the success of Soredemo, Ikite Yuku. I was very happy that it dominated the awards, but disappointed when Hikari didn't win Best Actress. She lost to Inoue Mao (not sure how well she did there since I didn't watch Mao's drama. But she better win this time!
Personally, I have no problem with Koharu-Sacchan scene in the final episode, I think they've come a long way to this stage where they are again, mother-daughter. A stage where they can be at ease with each other and with no more grudges against each other. That conversation of them reminiscing the past was sweet. It's a good closure for Koharu and Sacchan's relationship. I was wondering why Koharu smiled when it was blowing mad outside (typhoon) in the beginning of the episode. That scene explained the reason very well.

Posted: Sep 18th, '13, 00:27
by digitalcoconut
i dont like the ending /finale, but overall its pretty good. the only drama i watched (until the end) this season.

em, what's the name of the best friend of Koharu /name of the actress? the divorced, work colleague.

Posted: Sep 18th, '13, 01:32
by avieamber
digitalcoconut wrote:i dont like the ending /finale, but overall its pretty good. the only drama i watched (until the end) this season.

em, what's the name of the best friend of Koharu /name of the actress? the divorced, work colleague.
She's Asami Usuda. I recognize her in another drama with Nagasawa Masami (Bunshin).

Posted: Oct 13th, '13, 20:51
by kotsukotsu
Overall it was a very good drama, although there was one entire sub-plot that could have been removed, i.e. the substance-dependent mother of the husband. Not much time was wasted on that sub-plot, and it had zero connection with the rest of the drama, so I think the damage was minimal except to show how attentive the husband was, although he somehow didn't write a will or other things that a normal responsible adult parent would have done.

I've one question after the end of the drama, however. Why were the donors limited to the half-sister and mother? For marrow donation, there isn't that much tissue that is provided, so I long had the impression that children could donate, i.e. the older sister and younger brother. So even if the step-sister had failed, there where still two good candidates left. There are cases of children donating marrow to their parents, so I thought the drama went way too far in that particular plot element.