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[DISCUSSION] 101st Marriage Proposal

Post by thetenken » Feb 1st, '05, 05:54

Link to the review:

Discuss amongst yourselves.

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which one

Post by delsxyz » Feb 1st, '05, 06:20

One and only the original?
C rated Korean remake?

------Just a note
I always have problems in references like...
Featuring a strong supporting cast with Eguchi Yosuke (Under One Roof, Toubousha) as Tatsuro's otaku brother, Junpei...

Nothing is wrong with the statement, if this drama just hit the
airwave today or yesterday. But this drama was aired in 1991.
Nobody becomes "somebody" and then becomes "actor" later.

So instead of just writing drama tiles, possibly one should add when those dramas were aired.

By the way Eguchi's debut in drama was in "Soshun Monogatari, 1986, by TBS"
Lead actor job was given in Hitotsu Yaneno shita in 1993.

Ex 101 was aired in 1991 (July-Sep) - Script by Nojima Fuji TV
Ex Hitotsu Yaneno shita (Under one roof) was aired in 1993 -script by Nojima. Fuji TV
Timeline tells that Eguchi Yosuke got Under One Roof job because
he was good in 101 in 1991. Or rather, Eguchi was good in Tokyo
Love Story (aired in 1991, Fuji TV). So Nojima and Fuji picked him
for 101. Of course Toubousha was aired in 2004 by TBS.
So if , year was added to reference drama tilte, it would be much
better, I guess.

There are many pages (japanese /English)
http://www.researcher-ken.com/dorama/ja ... ke_eguchi/
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Re: which one

Post by tejizo » Feb 1st, '05, 06:26

delsxyz wrote:C rated Korean remake?
There is a Korean remake?
That'd be something interesting to watch

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Post by thetenken » Feb 1st, '05, 06:31

I thought there was a Korean/Chinese remake. I watched the first two eps, it was pretty bad.

Also, check the review, I think the answers as to what version this is are there. Oh, and the forum location is also helpful in that respect. =)

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Post by baka_neko » Feb 12th, '05, 06:48

i didnt particulary like it much... but my mum did!

the guy although not ur regular eye candy was endearingly sweet and u do start to like him but i thought the series dragged a bit...

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Post by SevenSeas » Mar 18th, '07, 08:24

i found the korean version more funny than this. this one is more serious though. Does anyone know or have a link to the OST of this especially the song Say Yes? Been searching around could not find any.

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101st JDRAMA Marriage Proposals 101回目&

Post by surplusletterbox » Apr 13th, '09, 15:24

This is one of those 100 all time classic in JDRAMA from 1991 (ranking about 40th in air time ratings up until from 1970-2007) . Here are the 11 episodes on 2 DVDs which is available now. They are 2 DVDs in ISO format. Burn them onto DVDs to view or use a suitable media player with menu control capability as each DVD contains about 5 episodes. The conversation is in Japanese and the subtitles are in traditional chinese which is hardsubbed. Image
The same torrent seed as below can also be found on http://www.jkforum.net/thread-709682-1-1.html

The torrent seeds here on d-addicts are intended for using English and there are just two seeders now left (as during Easter 2009). There is no Chinese language subs that I am aware of so this is the next best thing. What is good about these two ISO formats is that you can burn them onto two DVDs and then watch them on a high quality DVD player. The colour quality is better than the AVI rips as they are a bit washed out...but your will have to understand the Japanese dialogue or read the traditional chinese subtitles then... unless you rip them yourself to better quality avi files.

[The extension torrent has been deactivated and can no longer be displayed.]

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