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why do Asian men tend to be shy?

Posted: Aug 19th, '10, 03:09
by PorcelainDoll
just curious. i hear about it a lot. tends to be true,but why?:scratch:

Posted: Sep 4th, '10, 04:43
by akefuyung
most of us are shy because of our virtically challenged height.....atleast from what i see it but I'm not the shy guy myself.

Posted: Sep 22nd, '10, 05:04
by JiveTalkinRobot
Not sure why.

I personally am only somewhat shy. Pretty outgoing usually but if i am around a female I'm interested in, I clam up.

Posted: Oct 3rd, '10, 12:45
by brock9233
I don't think so . They look shy but normally they are not.

Posted: Oct 3rd, '10, 13:46
by mnemosyneshrine
I think they got to be shy depending on the envionment and who's with him.. :-)

Posted: Oct 3rd, '10, 17:14
by justguess
i think it depends on the environment and on their personality, some may have inferiority issues (height, looks, etc), some may be afraid of being impolite (when first time being in a foreign place) and so on and so on. and some just look shy but when you get to meet them they're really outgoing.

Posted: Oct 6th, '10, 06:45
by freedomtaken
Uhhh no idea. Why are other people shy would be a better question. Some people just are. Maybe they are affected by new surroundings, intimiudating people etc etc.

Posted: Nov 2nd, '10, 19:35
by yoda smgee
I was a bad, loud kid growing up and got hit a lot and told to be quiet because of it. Now I don't know what to say haha. :cheers:

Posted: Jan 8th, '11, 18:01
by Kyon
I think it really depends on the situation or environment. All the asian guys I know are pretty friggin loud.

Posted: Jan 9th, '11, 14:44
by JaJe
Hmm when I was in Japan, then many guys stared at me and told me (from a far) that I´m cute. There was some who came to talk to me too. And the guys I spent more time together weren´t shy at all. I think they aren´t shy, but rather they don´t have enough courage at first. But once they have said "Hey" to you, then they aren´t shy at all! It all depends on the situation.

Posted: May 16th, '11, 02:01
by stylish101
uhh, you must be in a weird area cause i'm not at all shy nor are any of my friends, anywhere around the world.

Posted: May 16th, '11, 03:56
by hunterkirualeorio
I don't see how this has to do with race. There are shy people everywhere all around the world.

Posted: May 16th, '11, 04:40
by sora_cantabile
I don't think all Asian guys are shy..
I just heard this now, anyway..

well, my male Korean friends are loud! not shy AT ALL!!
one of them said that he is looking for a girlfriend in front of class, at the first day of the class!
it was absolutely not the thing shy people do..

my male Japanese friends too..not shy at all..
well, they not talk a lot t first, because I couldn't speak Japanese and they couldn't speak English..but now, they are speak a lot..
a little bit 'crazy' I think..
one day one of them scream out loud in station because his presentation is finished..
absolutely not shy, then..

but I think most of my male Chinese friends are shy..
specially when I compare it to Chinese girls..girls are loud..(but very friendly..)
but it also maybe because I don't really know them..only say hi when we meet..
*but seriously, they are work too hard!!makes me looks too lazy..(I AM lazy anyway..^^)

Posted: Aug 22nd, '11, 16:36
by Love Love Warrior
They need a hairstyle like mine to be confident

Posted: Sep 13th, '11, 19:48
by dz261
you can't really generalize

Posted: Oct 25th, '11, 02:34
by dayellowjai