4x's going out with this girl-she goes out with me, but i ho

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4x's going out with this girl-she goes out with me, but i ho

Post by joewong » Jul 13th, '09, 08:16

just got home from a so called date or hang out with a female friend i met at this internet place.
fist time we met , we chatted on msn and i asked her to go out for coffee, well she agreed.

today was the 4th time we hung out and we went to watch transformers and then ate at a restaurant -i walked her back to her apartment and while we were walking and almost to her place i put my arm around her and she shrugged it off and then i tried to hold her hand and she shake it off and said hahaha only bf do that in my cutlure--
i paid for the restaurant meal -came to 20.78 she ordered a alcohiol drink and i ordered wraps and i let her have some and she paid for the movie. fine last time we walked around univ campus and i bought her bubble tea and ice cream.

so what is this. she agreed to go out with me one one one 4x's and the 4th time i tried to hold her hand and get shrugged off and my arm aorund her and she shrugged it off. what does she want. what is this.i mean she agrees to go out wiht me and hang out but when you try to hold her -put my arm around her, hold her hand-she shurggs it off. i complimetn her and flirt with her and i think its ok-she says thanks and shes a jokester too . always laughing. is it too early to be physical and touching her-is she shy , is she not interested, what is happening. i mean i don;t send a email saying --hey hows it going nice pic, your cute. any plans for weeekend ., want meet for coffee sometime. ---just so i can make female freinds
i am not going out with a girl one on one and paying for her and if she just want friends- for gf and dating yesss.

she is also korean international student been in vancouver for like 2 months . i am a local vancouver asian chinese guy from and live in vancouver. sometimes or maybe i think she might just want a friend to hangout with in a new city or someting .

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Post by ethidda » Jul 13th, '09, 08:25

I'd say she's not interested, and just wants to be friends.

In most cultures (Asian, European, Mexican... of the guys I've talked to... and even some Americans), it's considered the norm for a guy to pay for the entire meal irregardless if he's actually dating the girl or if they are just friends. I have guy friends (whom I've crushed on) pay $100+ for meals regularly without actually wanting to date me. $20 for a meal is nothing. AND she paid for the movie, so you're even in my book.

Maybe she was once interested in dating you. But it's quite obvious you are (a) desperate and (b) a cheapskate, both of which qualities acceptable in a friend but not in a boyfriend.

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Post by dabogy » Jul 14th, '09, 13:53

maybe its better if your gonna take time to more each other.

besides you didn't spend that much yet

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