Anyone else on MSN?

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Anyone else on MSN?

Post by Razzie89 » May 2nd, '09, 11:22

I hope it's okay to post this topic, since I couldn't find any similar ones.

I joined this forum, obviously, because I'd like to discuss dramas with other people. I don't know anyone besides myself who watches them, and I kind of miss being able to exchange opinions and thoughts on them. :P

But perhaps it would also be positive to get to know each other better over a chat client such as MSN? In case anyone is interested, my addy is razzie89 at gmail dot com. If it is okay by the mods and I didn't overlook any similar topic, then perhaps this topic can be used to exchange chat client information between members. :-)

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Post by Razor. » May 2nd, '09, 11:46

feel free to add me :

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Post by hello.nessie » May 2nd, '09, 12:52

ooh ooh me too! :-)

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Post by Lucille » May 2nd, '09, 15:26

i don't mind either. I love Korean Drama. However, my all time favorite Drama is a Tdrama called Mars. None of my friends watch drama, either. Also, a great website that offers discussions and does awesome recaps is is my IM address.

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Post by zenitse » May 3rd, '09, 00:44

It's been ages since I talked to somebody about asian dramas. Almost nobody watches them here in my country (Czech Rep.). Feel free to contact me :)

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Post by Keiko1981 » May 13th, '09, 16:02

Me, see my profile for more info.
I mostly watch Jdramas, a complete list of what I've seen can be found on my blog.

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Kagimoto Y.y
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Post by Kagimoto Y.y » May 13th, '09, 17:23

I watch only J-dorama and I always discuss about this with someone I know in my country.
If you don't mind we can talk anytime^^

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Post by r3ika » May 17th, '09, 12:10

message me too :lol
imagine life without music~~ :note: :music:

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Post by naoko (^-^) » May 17th, '09, 12:34

you can count me in
msn address is
Speak soon

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