3 years he spend approx 8k on his gf, how much do you spend

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3 years he spend approx 8k on his gf, how much do you spend

Post by joewong » Mar 10th, '09, 09:06

all 4 of us talking at work among us. we are all co workers and one of them said he spend like 8k in 3 years on his gf, this is an approx figure. i'm like waoh what are you buying her, diamond rings and talking her to eat out at 5 star places. but do you really believe this. that almost like spending 2500 a yr on his gf. he said it all adds up dinner, movies,.....etc 10 dollar here, and movie there, dinner....etc

how about you guys do you spend this amount or even more on your gf or how does it go. i mean you can spend this amount or even more, and she breaks up with you all your money is gone, and what happens if she don;t even give you sex hahah.
the thing is hes also a student, and has no car. he works but i'm not totally sure how many hours. he said that the reason he can;t get a car, he spend it eitehr on clothes, his gf, and computers

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Post by tunix_2008 » Mar 10th, '09, 09:27

I think 8000 is too much. Three years means three birthdays, three anniversaries, three Christmases, and three Valentine's Days. That's only 12 occasions. If he spent 200 on each gift, he'd have only spent 1200. Let's say he gives her a $50 month-sary gift every month that will total 1650 plus 1200 that's only 2850.

IMO, the girl should be worried about what he'll want in return.

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Post by Puppet Princess » Mar 10th, '09, 19:37

He said he was adding up movies and dinner too. That's not surprising that he spent that much.
It's called a relationship. You do things to make the other person happy. You aren't meant to be tallying it up to see what she owes you.

Though after 3 years it would be weird if they girl never paid for anything ever. If she only did things for him on special occasions and he did things for her randomly just because... that's an obvious sign that they don't see the relationship the same way. Did she ask for these things or did he just give them to her? That makes a difference.

I would suggest your friend learn how to cook. You don't have to take a girl OUT to eat to have a romantic dinner. In fact guys who cook are very sexy to girls.... and it's a cheaper date.

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Post by abcd99 » Mar 10th, '09, 19:57

Don't worry. You'll spend way much more once you got married. :mrgreen: Think of it as a "training" for later life. :mrgreen:

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Post by nankasento » Mar 11th, '09, 19:01

Cake anyone?

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Post by Ivanavi » Mar 16th, '09, 16:54

8k is too much but don't count or calculate how much you spend on your girl. It's like you're waiting to slap the bills to her face. And gifts are gifts. Your girl can give you hints, in the end how much you spend on a gift is your decision.

Lunch/dinner-- Girls like to be treated out, but girls today also like sharing in the expenses. These days you don;t say no to equal rights. Let them take control sometimes

Just enjoy each other's company. Being in a relationship means spending time, not spending cash. I agree with Puppet Princess, learn how to cook. LOL

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Post by ethidda » Mar 16th, '09, 22:03

On the contrary, I don't think 8k is not unreasonable, though it's definitely on the expensive end. And being a student has nothing to do with it.

For one thing, when you're in a relationship, you just do more things. You'd go out to eat more, go out to watch more movies (instead of just the ones you downloaded), and you'd probably do other things too (like skiing or playing paintball or what not). You do more things simply because you now have somebody to do them with. (Either that, or you're trying to impress the girl.) Even if at all these events, you only paid for yourself, it'd still be more money than you'd spend ordinarily. For example, let's do simple calculations for one year (assuming the girl pays for her half and you only have to pay for yourself):

$200 for movies, assuming $10 movie and you go 20 times in a year (just a bit less than once every other week)
$1000 for dinner, assuming either $20 for dinner once a week or $10 for dinner twice a week
$200 for gifts, including Christmas, New Year, Birthday, Valentine's Day, and probably Anniversary (so $40-$50/gift, including wrapping paper and cards)
$600 for special events, assuming about $150 for 4 events in the year--you'd need a hotel room, extra gas... the event might need equipment, if you're doing sports activities. You'd do these things for 4th of July (and then you need fireworks...), for example, or a summer city fair.

So that adds up to about $2000/year, if he's only paying for himself, or alternatively, if he's paying for exactly half of the dates. These means about $6000 for 3 years, which isn't that far off from what your friend paid (same order of magnitude). Of course, you shouldn't count eating out as extra expenses because you'd have to eat anyway (and food still costs money even if it's at home). Then, there's all the extra telephone bills for calling her or drying cleaning bills to impress her. Even if he doesn't drive, he'd have some expense, probably, for visiting her regularly. You also have to give her flowers and little things, like a chocolate when you go to Borders.

So nobody should be counting their money that way. Budgeting is good, but to put a price tag on a relationship (of any kind, be it romantic, friendship, or filial) is stupid, materialistic, and shallow. And if you're only doing it for the sex... well, prostitutes are probably cheaper. ($50/pop x 20 times/year = $1000/year)

Oh, and your friend probably spends about as much money on computers. I know I spend more than $2000/year on computers, what's with all the peripherals I get for it.
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Post by aNToK » Mar 17th, '09, 09:52

Come on man, any girl who requires more than the cost of a Whopper combo and a night at a Motel 6 is just too damn much trouble....

(kidding Honey! Reallly!! )

Hell I occasionally spring for one of those apple pie pockets or sundaes!!!!!!

*aNToK lumbers off to sleep on the couch again....*
I am not obsessed. I am just very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very focussed...

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