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What gender are you?

The real life drama forum. Discuss your relationships or get to know the other members here.

What gender are you?

Total votes: 652

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Post by Suuno » Sep 29th, '04, 01:19

wow!! that's shocking... before taking the poll i was like for sure there's more girls than guys... but man was I wrong! btw I'm a female

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Post by Genna » Sep 30th, '04, 12:42

*keeping mum*
hahahah cant divulge too much information

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Geinou Fansubber
Geinou Fansubber
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Post by Jannah » Sep 30th, '04, 14:01

Interesting topic... I've never noticed this poll before. I was expecting more females than males, but taking into consideration now the 'geek factor' of BT, it makes sense. Anyway, I'm female & an Information Technology major, so I guess I could be classified as a computer geek. :P

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Post by CamCam » Sep 30th, '04, 14:35

Hey now that's a bit biased, I'm a girl and NOT a geek. I have 3 good reasons I get my drama's off of here.

1) I live in Louisiana (non-asia homearea)
2) No where for me to rent/buy these series w/subtitles
3) I'm too cheap to out right buy the series' online.

So there.........ppppppptttttttttt :P

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Post by Genna » Sep 30th, '04, 15:31

no one saying you are a geek :roll

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Post by PaulS » Oct 2nd, '04, 18:10


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Post by chaotic_dementia » Oct 3rd, '04, 05:52

girl. Classical Civilization major (or supposed to be but since my uni doesn't have a good Classics department, I'm stuck with filling my major with whatever classes I can get my grubby hands on, which is Greek and Latin), General Education minor, and possibly thinking of declaring a Politics minor and a pre-business one.

But I'd love to be math/computer science/physics major. I'm just extremely bad at them. :cry:

I like math and computer programming more than I like reading and writing, but I do poorly equally on all four.

Still don't know enough about computers but have a great desire to learn.

Don't remember how I found this site. Maybe it was through a link from another drama site. kdrama comes to mind but I'm not sure.

I was like iceberri and beer: spent a while looking for the interface (original client as well). Installed, uninstalled, reinstalled, searched.... And then, I didn't know about tweaking...until I came here. :wub: Now I just need to get over my fear of irc.

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Post by Peacemaker » Oct 3rd, '04, 22:28

guy...like different kinds of dramas but comedies like gto/trick are best...used to be engineering major, now economics...am i the only one?

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Post by satisfy » Oct 3rd, '04, 22:31

im a girl

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Post by hiro01 » Oct 4th, '04, 08:55

I'm a guy

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Post by YuanFen21 » Oct 4th, '04, 09:12

i'm a ...... hmmmm ........ maybe ... let just say i'm a guy.

btw iceberri i think your avatar pic she is really pretty. who is she?

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Post by Deirdre » Oct 4th, '04, 09:19


i'm a girl ^_^

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Post by _FlaYer » Oct 5th, '04, 15:27

Swedish, 18 year old boy =)

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Post by kimosabe » Oct 5th, '04, 16:36

I'm a girl. I prefer techno-friendly to geeky, tho. :P

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Post by pwyy » Oct 5th, '04, 18:08

Girl, not geeky, but end up loving computer(just dump my tv) because addicted to tv series...... :lol

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Post by CamCam » Oct 6th, '04, 02:22

ok I put some thought into my new alternate theory to the "more guys to girls". These guys are real romantics who want a blissful relationship, but spend sooooooo much time on their computer instead of out in the world looking for their girl that the dramas are an outlet. Therefore using these dramas to liveout what they are too lazy to succeed at themselves......hee hee hee :P

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Post by jojoboi » Oct 6th, '04, 03:13

not to be sexist but i think more guys are interested in computers and have stumbled onto theses dramas. i mean you need some knowledge of computers to use bit torrent. many girls that i know just dont care about computers. they just want to listen to music and type something up on word.

Camcam - I have looked for a girl and have serveral relationships, im just taking a break now with these dramas :D

anyways girls are EVIL :lol
i am a sucker for big eyes, long hair and a scent that trails behind them. :wub:

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Post by CamCam » Oct 6th, '04, 04:18

lol.........girls may be evil, but guys are blindly dumb.........what's worse purposely being mean and then regretting it, or having no clue you did anything wrong and/or not thinking what was done was wrong? I've been into computers since I was 10, but never go out of my way to learn about or spend money on comps. I pick things up on my own and through the guys I date................I even had a guy hug me and say I was the most awesome girl he'd met cause I knew about divX and codecs. (weirdo :crazy: )
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Post by jojoboi » Oct 6th, '04, 04:35

pick up things though guys you date? when im with a girl, i stay away from computers as much as possible! there was one girl who found out i was a "geek" even though i played high school football and volleyball and she, well, ignored me after that day. guys might be dumb and not know sometimes what we've done wrong, but WOMEN are just horrible!

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Post by CamCam » Oct 6th, '04, 05:00

Well its not as if I dated these guys for their comp. expertise. Hell, one that I dated was a pretty boy 8) (vain/materialistic). If I only did it only for that the pic above would sooooooooo not exist!!! See that dorky asian guy in the pic? Guess what field he has a degree in? ......guess what kind of games he likes to play? .....................Ready for the answers?

He's my bf of 2 yrs.
Hyper Media/aka comp. design
RPG :blink

He may be a total GEEK, but he's good looking, a sharp dresser and (aside from this pic) has great (idol like) hair.......

oh and he treats me like a human and not a trophy................bleh to my ex :crazy: ...

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Post by jk_samuraix » Oct 11th, '04, 10:56

shirahime wrote:
Ruroshin wrote:Its mostly guys because guys tend to be more technically orientated and you need some technical knowledge to download torrented files. Guy computer geeks outnumber girl computer geeks :P
The world is up side down, more guys at a drama site than girls, still can't believe it. And well girls who are interested in computer don't call themselves geeks and you can't really tell on just the look if a girl knows computer or not, but guy computer geeks you can tell directly 8)
you could tell???

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Post by Haaman » Oct 11th, '04, 12:30

Male. I have seen Comp Geek(Gals) they are wilder than you thought 0_0, an eye opening.... play some RagnarokOnline and you will know ^^.

Nice to be this Website Member
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Post by zup » Oct 11th, '04, 16:02

i am a guy..still trying to pick a good avatar

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Post by Kamui6 » Oct 11th, '04, 16:44

I am female but i get mistaken alot for male on IRC and forums because of the way i chat :lol
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Post by Ajatollah » Oct 12th, '04, 07:05

Male here, computer software engineering completely COMPUTER GEEK, but part time metal guitar player, translator, otaku and historian. (Yep my friends don't quite get why I like dramas, but then again, only I among my local friends understand japanese) :D

And yes some of the ladies that have won my outmost respect in the tech fields I have met in RO, but I can hardly say they are the kind of girl that cross my path in everyday life, so I kinda understand the people that find hard to believe there are good thechie girls out there.

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Post by Gypsy » Oct 16th, '04, 18:03

I'm a girl .. I can get by with anything computer related as long as I can find half decent instructions somewhere :lol

If that's not possible, my VERY geeky husband (married as of 10.1.2004!!) can figure anything out. It's why I married him!! :lol :wub: 8)

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Post by lazymui » Oct 19th, '04, 04:00

a girl =D

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Post by lilswtangel » Oct 21st, '04, 05:00

:idea: omg, i was so surprised when i saw the results of this poll. i guess when u assume, it does make an ass of you and me~ :lol okay, maybe not u...just me.

but it did come off as a bit of a shock though. but this is good. there are guys out there that understands my infautations with dramas.

i wish the guys i know love asian entertainment as much as i do and not only focus mainly on their games. :roll

also...i'm a computer geek, too. :P

third year computer engineering major at polytechnic u.~

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Post by ghuor » Oct 29th, '04, 19:43

I'm a guy living in paris, fresh graduate
still looking a great avatar
am to move in HK by the way for work.

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Post by Mort » Oct 29th, '04, 22:29

I refuse to understand why do guys have girls for avatars...

Why can't people be more creative and make something more original like an animated avatar with a baby attacked by a cat :D BTW I can't stop staring at it :crazy:

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Post by TooMuchCoffee » Oct 30th, '04, 06:16

ive been a guy for some time now...(all my life) so far no regrets :roll

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Post by |sUiZiD| » Oct 30th, '04, 06:35

Wow! I have never expected such a balance, almost 50:50.
Thats kinda nice^^

what am I, I guess a guy^^

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Post by Morning_Glory » Oct 30th, '04, 06:40

Girl... I think a lot of the time if you are female..you chose your avatar to be male
and vice versa..=p

BTW..it took me forever to get my avatar..problem with resizing hehe..me suck at
computer~ I want to put my pic but I'm afraid I'll be recognized :crazy: ..it'll be so
weird lol so I'll pass and stick with this :wub:

oh yeah..anyone know how I can fix my martini :P ..it looks fine in "profile" , only
when I post :unsure:

- 1 luv

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Post by synthetic » Oct 30th, '04, 11:20

I'm a girl and my school is full of girls because I go to a girls' school. haha.

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Post by thatcong » Oct 30th, '04, 19:27


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Post by koolbr33z3 » Oct 30th, '04, 23:36

wow, i'm suprised by the vast majority of males downloading dramas. i guess it makes sense though. not really.... i'm a girl but i wouldn't consider myself a computer nerd or anything like that. anyway, who is to say that people who download are geeks/nerds?

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Post by techie » Oct 31st, '04, 01:54

groink wrote: - I love pastels.
- I love Hello Kitty.
- I like the romance/love themes in Japanese dramas, anime and manga.
- I can troubleshoot many of my girl-gendered friends' relationships by talking to their boyfriends about what they're overlooking or doing wrong.
- I don't want to see girls like Marissa Tomei or Sakai Noriko in the nude.

To support my true male gender:

- I own every Yoshioka Miho and Suzuki Fumika photobook and DVD made.
- I can close my eyes, have someone play a porno video, and I can truthfully say, "That's not Sakura Sakurai... That's Sally Yoshino."
- My PC hasn't had its metal cover on in over 5 years.
- Every one of my Japanese anime garage kits I've painted focuses on fan service.

Whew! I had myself worried there for a second. :P

--- groink
Hey Groink :) welcome to the club but....
I don't follow Hello Kitty, and my new puter doesnt even come with metal. Actually I'm screwing two motherboards to a plank and sharing powersupply :w00t:

Oh and yeah.. hence my sig, I'm male too.

55 / 44 isn't that overwhelmingly large to the favor of the men.

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Me "three"

Post by kargeo » Feb 25th, '05, 03:01

Hee...FEMALE... I'm here because of Kdrama too. What an boring topic with interesting discussion... can't believe I actually finished all 14pages and still more male still than female.

Want to get in Product design, but I don't want to take Physic or accounting... so I might just end up with some other design... maybe you could help me?

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Post by eerorikki » Feb 25th, '05, 03:05


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Post by cleorosa » Feb 25th, '05, 03:15

I most likely to wear pink. Lots of. And a skirt.
Feminine.i'm a girl.. :P

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Post by aNToK » Feb 25th, '05, 03:20

I'm still a dude.

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Post by xKiMix » Feb 25th, '05, 03:31

Female :D

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Post by Gowcaizer » Feb 25th, '05, 03:34

Male here...

Hint: My pic is myself because I believe in being just plain old me...not that it is good or bad... :mrgreen:

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Post by mainemanx » Feb 25th, '05, 03:37

'Ain't got no damn "gender." But I do have this funny arrow sticking outa' the side of my head!

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Post by yakitori » Feb 25th, '05, 18:33

Hello all!

Had a tough time choosing male or female.... :D Really, coz i'm female but my boyfriend is male - we're using the same comp. Haha, got you there, didn't I? :mrgreen:

Anywy i'm pleasantly surprised that so many females r here. Not saying anyth bad, just that most of my female frens only watch k drama on tv. They'd rather be home at 7pm everyday to watch their k series, which are all dubbed in mandarin. They prefer their tv in mandarin rather than korean. Also, having to install codecs etc etc is considered troublesome by most girls. Even getting bittorent to work and making it green instead of yellow is not that easy. Initially, it took us several weeks to confirm that yellow is not normal. :-( then another couple of weeks to make it green. Rather than do all this, they'd rather buy the dvd/vcd coz they can watch using a dvd player, something i prefer not to do coz it's all dubbed in mandarin. :D

Nevertheless, I'm happy so many guys love K & J drama!! :D

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Post by Chrisse » Feb 25th, '05, 18:39

100% male :D

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Post by mtlandis » Feb 25th, '05, 18:51

I am female, 40 yo single mother of 3 teenagers and a BIG computer geek.

I was an adult learner in college. (I went back at the age of 30). For the first 2 years, I majored in math. Unfortunately, when I got to Calc 2 it became too spatial for my brain. There wasn't an engineering program at my school but among the Math majors there were about 10 women as opposed to more than 100 men.

LOL anyway, I wound up graduating with a BA in Psych & Education in 4 years. I also received honors in Education, Psychology and English Lit. (Not bad considering I divorced BEFORE entering college).

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Post by zahiri » Feb 25th, '05, 19:06

BSalez........ Takako Chiiiiaaaannnn!!!!! 8) Obviously... :rofl:

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Post by zahiri » Feb 25th, '05, 19:20


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Post by zahiri » Feb 25th, '05, 19:29

CAM CAM your BF looks like a malay?

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Post by zahiri » Feb 25th, '05, 19:37

:O did something happen to iceberri? :cry: she was too heated up on this thread and ........ :cry: melted :cry: :cry: .

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Post by nakatsu » Feb 25th, '05, 19:46

contrary to the avatar theory, I am in fact male myself :P

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Post by kellyklt » Feb 25th, '05, 20:03

I am surprise to see more guys than gals!! Well obviously I am a gal!

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Post by Kicchan86 » Feb 25th, '05, 20:49

I'm a gal ^^

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Post by eki » Feb 25th, '05, 21:16

im a girl ... and my avator is a girl, altough not a live one :lol

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Post by adcerites » Feb 25th, '05, 21:20

we should have another one of these poll in 6 more months to see if there has been any changes

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Post by MonsieurCampeur » Feb 25th, '05, 21:32

I think with my username it should be obvious but I'll say it anyway. I'm a guy.

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Post by mallorn » Feb 26th, '05, 12:33

Wow! There are more guys than girls! I wasn't expecting that... :D It's true, you need some technical knowledge and stuff to know how to download bittorents and where... I'm a girl computer geek, one of the few I know in real life. :D

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Post by aziatik » Feb 26th, '05, 18:32

Very intresting results....

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Post by otcho » Feb 27th, '05, 01:51

i'm man but i intend to have sex surgery so that i can become female like harisu
just kidding

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Post by DarReNz » Feb 27th, '05, 02:01

am a guy of cos 8)

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Post by jaycee05 » Feb 27th, '05, 03:05

^of course ur a guy...just make the flower blue, and we wont have any gender confusion eh :mrgreen:

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Post by Aprisea » Feb 27th, '05, 03:20

I didn't imagine so many boys watch doramas :P.

I'm a girl from Barcelona, and rarely I meet people here that watch doramas, actually I only met 4 people and 3 are girls. I feel lonely LOL.


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Post by T.c » Feb 27th, '05, 14:28

I AM A GUY..!!!! HEhehe.... :roll

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Post by isbes83 » Feb 27th, '05, 14:49

i'm a gurl from malaysia.

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Post by thukha4ever » Feb 27th, '05, 15:56

I'm a gal. :D And I wonder that so many boys watch drama, hm... but come to think of it, actress mostly look prettier than actors.... :blink

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Post by Olga_2005 » Feb 27th, '05, 16:01

WoW! I would never think that there's so many guys up here! But it's not a bad thing of course :lol I'm a girl.. ^^

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Post by Devilslad » Feb 28th, '05, 07:14

Male here as the lad in my handle implies. Im an old fart though at 31.


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Post by garnet07 » Feb 28th, '05, 07:17

I'm a girl and am majoring in Computer Science so yahh i guess im a computer geek. Hehe :mrgreen:

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Post by aznloveable » Feb 28th, '05, 07:51

I'm half guy and half girl. Just joined d addicts. Top half is a girl, bottom half a guy...


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Post by aznloveable » Feb 28th, '05, 08:06

Kamui6 wrote:I am female but i get mistaken alot for male on IRC and forums because of the way i chat :lol

Exactly, "most" guys think girls are all the same. We dont always have to be girly girl or even at all. The way we talk does not always determine what gender we are. I can be extremely rude sometimes. Or when i use to play a game called starcraft, guys would be like you are not a girl and critisize and all. :x

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Post by oshirou » Mar 1st, '05, 10:44

wow!!! there are many males here than females!!! whooohoooo!!!! lets go DUDES!!!!!!! ^_^v

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Post by crazylazy_chief » Mar 1st, '05, 10:57

I am a female. :-)

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Post by Tsana » Mar 1st, '05, 12:28

aznloveable wrote: Exactly, "most" guys think girls are all the same. We dont always have to be girly girl or even at all. The way we talk does not always determine what gender we are. I can be extremely rude sometimes. Or when i use to play a game called starcraft, guys would be like you are not a girl and critisize and all. :x
When I was still addicted to playing FFXI it was the same thing. People didn't believe me when I told them I'm a girl :glare: But they can think what they want, I really dun care much ^_^

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Post by enuyasha » Mar 1st, '05, 12:33

Tsana where's Suedenu?

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