What gender are you?

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What gender are you?

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Post by Tsana » Mar 1st, '05, 22:22

enuyasha wrote:Tsana where's Suedenu?
gomenne, it's just Sweden :pale: Just thought I'd try what it would sound like in Japanese :P Changed it now though :lol

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Post by pjyoon » Mar 1st, '05, 22:34

Tsana wrote:
aznloveable wrote: Exactly, "most" guys think girls are all the same. We dont always have to be girly girl or even at all. The way we talk does not always determine what gender we are. I can be extremely rude sometimes. Or when i use to play a game called starcraft, guys would be like you are not a girl and critisize and all. :x
When I was still addicted to playing FFXI it was the same thing. People didn't believe me when I told them I'm a girl :glare: But they can think what they want, I really dun care much ^_^
That's 'cuz:
1) lots of guys think it's funny to pose as a girl online and "trick" other guys.
2) everyone hates losing, but guys REALLY hate losing to girls.

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Post by Tsana » Mar 1st, '05, 23:17

pjyoon wrote: That's 'cuz:
1) lots of guys think it's funny to pose as a girl online and "trick" other guys.
2) everyone hates losing, but guys REALLY hate losing to girls.
1) I know, I have a friend who did that so all the guys would help him with missions and stuff, suprisingly enough it really worked >_<
2) lol, I really should start playing again just to annoy them then... ^_^

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Post by annieme25 » Mar 2nd, '05, 04:08

woah, i would of seriously thought there might of been more females

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Post by Kallie616 » Mar 2nd, '05, 23:03

100% female here....21.. lots of guys.. thats good to hear :-)

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Post by Desiderata » Mar 3rd, '05, 00:12

shirahime wrote:
Ruroshin wrote:Its mostly guys because guys tend to be more technically orientated and you need some technical knowledge to download torrented files. Guy computer geeks outnumber girl computer geeks :P
The world is up side down, more guys at a drama site than girls, still can't believe it. And well girls who are interested in computer don't call themselves geeks and you can't really tell on just the look if a girl knows computer or not, but guy computer geeks you can tell directly 8)
I'm a girl computer geek, and you can definitely tell. Although, to be fair, I tend to fumble my way through most computer stuff...but I fumble very vigorously and very often, so I picked up a lot.
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Post by Shindou-Kun » Mar 3rd, '05, 00:16

I'm a european guy and 21 years old.

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Post by pankanshe » Mar 4th, '05, 01:52

Whoa, interesting... I always thought there were WAY more guys than gals. Guess I was wrong :X

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Post by Summer* » Mar 4th, '05, 02:18

:D i'm a girl .. :)

n new member too .. hello everyone .. :mrgreen:

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Post by Civilian » Mar 5th, '05, 02:08

Us robots always get left out...

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Post by kewun » Mar 7th, '05, 08:56

guy :D

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Post by vid » Sep 18th, '05, 17:44

Wow. This the most I've ever seen women on any of the internet forums. :notworthy:

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Post by ladyroake » Sep 18th, '05, 18:04

I thought guys look down on things like this... what we download here aren't just chick flicks, they're mostly romantic dramas!!!

I am shocked that the boy/girl ratio is like that.

p.s. I'm a girl

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Post by ~Adam~ » Sep 18th, '05, 19:07

Im a guy.

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Post by 20centuryboy » Sep 18th, '05, 19:10

sorry, us, snails are hermaphroditus.

believe me, it's not easy to type without hands... :|

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Post by bugsie » Sep 18th, '05, 19:19

it seems that there are more men in our community, at least this is just an estimate. but girls may not believe it, but men are more emotional than women. it may not always show, but i think we are more fragile than women.

Edit: omfg, i just read what i just posted. lol :lol

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Post by Jecky » Sep 18th, '05, 19:42

too lazy to read other messages....Female here!!!

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Post by vid » Sep 19th, '05, 01:41

I'm definitely a guy and I don't see anything wrong with waching romantic comedy. In fact, I like watching them. Anything that makes me laugh are good stuff. CS major.
I expected more guys since most girls probably prefer to rent/buy.
I bet the ratio of mp3 p2p users are probably close to 1:1

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Post by ~Adam~ » Sep 19th, '05, 04:13

Wow its almost even.

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Post by jholic » Sep 20th, '05, 10:35

this thread became a bit obsolete when Ruro included 'gender' in the profile.

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Post by ml_heart » Sep 20th, '05, 13:03

girl here! :D

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Post by shinirza » Sep 22nd, '05, 09:01


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Post by laure_choc » Sep 22nd, '05, 09:18

female and engineer, which may explain how i found my way here :P
and i'm not surprised guys like dramas too. It happened so many time my male friends were more romantic than me...

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Post by BoX » Sep 22nd, '05, 09:36

Well male here, but also an engineer (civil, water supply and waste water networks and equipment). I'm delighted to see a fellow engineer here, even more a girl :wub:

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Post by hanchan » Sep 22nd, '05, 10:00

girl, woohoo!

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Post by strwberri » Sep 22nd, '05, 10:05

girl , onna, une femme here!! :)

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Post by it's_me » Sep 28th, '05, 22:33

a WOMAN!!>

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Post by kimmi_x » Oct 10th, '05, 20:25

I'm a GURL

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Post by sadotsu » Oct 10th, '05, 20:48

Girl. I'm surprised that there's slightly more guys. I thought dramas were a girl thing.

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Post by tokyohoney » Oct 10th, '05, 20:55


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Post by kamakazi17 » Oct 11th, '05, 00:30

edit: uh right... i'm a guy

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Post by lan_trinh » Oct 14th, '05, 20:28

i'm a female..
according to the poll there are more males than females

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Post by MRZXZ » Oct 14th, '05, 20:40

im ......wait let me think ...... oh yes a guy. from UAE. 21years

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Post by DreamCasts » Oct 15th, '05, 09:30

:P Since I have the special Unit "THING" :P
:-) :-) That Make Me A PURE MALE :-) :-)

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Post by Versalius » Oct 15th, '05, 10:01

wow.Looks lyk the gender in d-addicts almost equal!

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Post by Mizukusai » Oct 15th, '05, 10:51

male and french,

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Post by cheerio_888 » Oct 15th, '05, 13:14

I'm a girl :-)

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Post by fat_otoko » Oct 16th, '05, 08:43

Otoko here.

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Post by pohting_86 » Nov 5th, '05, 13:20

i'm a female...

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Post by silverstarach » Nov 5th, '05, 13:32

FEMALE Here... ;)

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Post by CamCam » Nov 6th, '05, 05:12

I'm femfem, but now and then its fun to act butch. Its easier to get along with guys when you act like one of them.

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Post by moonlit » Nov 6th, '05, 05:55

wow there's more guys than girls? or are there simply more guys than girls who responded to this thread?

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Post by san_kurogane » Dec 10th, '05, 06:44

Before I voted I thought the distribution would be about equal. (Because most of the fansubbers posts I see are from females) Anyway that's cool it's equal.

Wonder what the gender distribution is for fansubbers! :whistling:

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Post by em_pangit » Dec 10th, '05, 07:17

woah... this is one easy question that i can answer :-)

female, that i am ( just trying out that yoda thing :P )

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Post by Halko » Dec 10th, '05, 07:20

I'm a girl. ^__^;

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Post by drama_freak » Dec 10th, '05, 07:33

female here also =) ..computer engineering and definitely not a computer geek..ahaha :P

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Post by milleu87 » Dec 10th, '05, 07:33

i'm a girl. most of my friends like to watch drama but they are just too lazy to dl.so usually i am the one who dl for them.

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Post by xKiMix » Dec 10th, '05, 07:48

milleu87 wrote:i'm a girl. most of my friends like to watch drama but they are just too lazy to dl.so usually i am the one who dl for them.
Female! Same here I'm like the blockbuster of asian dramas for my friends and relatives, except that its free. Hmmm...maybe i should start charging them?? :lol :P

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Post by SHiNB0 » Dec 10th, '05, 08:06

Boy POWER!! :thumright:

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Post by draco » Dec 10th, '05, 08:18


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Post by avexdevil » Dec 10th, '05, 08:29

surpisingly there are more guys than girls lol ^_^. in fact I think most of the girls who watch dramas hardly participate in forums, its majority of the guys who watch dramas and participate in forums. Afterall, it's always the guy that does all that computer related stuff (downloading and the likes) and the gf gets to enjoy the product without knowing how it came about :P.

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Post by apinseattle » Dec 10th, '05, 18:41

I'm a guy, but I burn a lot of kdrama onto DVDs for my Korean female friends and their moms. :lol They think it is "cute" :w00t: (It's ok they are all at least 10 years older) that an Anglo guy likes to watch Asian Dramas. :D So I still think more women watch dramas.

BTW, if you think bittorrent is hard, clubbox is impossible; it took me 2 hours the first time because I don't know Korean! :cry:

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Post by easy » Dec 11th, '05, 14:22

Female ..
I wouldn't have thought that here are more men than weman :blink

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Post by blizzard » Dec 13th, '05, 09:10

men RULEZ!!! 8)

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Post by autumnleaves » Dec 13th, '05, 21:45


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Post by tiepyon » Dec 15th, '05, 09:24

I'm man, 30 years old , and new of this forum!
Hello everybody! :cheers:

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Post by Oliverspike » Dec 15th, '05, 09:35

i'm a man :D

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Post by dinkimoo » Dec 15th, '05, 19:41

It's almost 50/50! (I'm a female)

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Tomboyish but can be a gurly-gurl

Post by usagineko-chan » Dec 15th, '05, 19:55

Well I'm proud to be a 5' 4'' almost woman of 17 years (I'll be 18 in March!)
Yea check out my profile (hey, I'm geeky but sexy :dance: XD)
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Post by lavender880327 » Dec 15th, '05, 20:03

haha!! same as me...
im also a female.....
age 17.... (turning 18) in March

Mira Inazuma
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Post by Mira Inazuma » Dec 16th, '05, 03:34

I'm a 21 year old college girl. 8)

Nice to meet you all. ^_^ :dance:

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Post by himenajima » Dec 16th, '05, 03:40

I am of the female persuasion but i guess thats obvious. :whistling:

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Post by ironicwave » Dec 16th, '05, 03:51

vote 474 and nicely splitting the pool to 50/50 % :P
girl here... :lol

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Post by weirdo90 » Dec 22nd, '05, 03:43

whoa, the poll is even. well, im a girl

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Post by BokuWaShinigami » Dec 22nd, '05, 03:52

Interesting! Every forum that I've ever joined sans this one has been overwhelmingly female dominated. :-) I think it's great that d-addicts is pretty much evenly split (as the poll indicates nicely)! ^_^ Awesomeness.

Just for the record, if you couldn't tell by my profile or signature or anything, I'm a girl. :D

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Post by Rupugus » Dec 23rd, '05, 19:53

Male, and the poll is even once again

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Post by NoWoRRieS » Dec 28th, '05, 02:35


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Post by splur » Dec 28th, '05, 02:44

male O. o

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Post by bangkok_devious » Dec 28th, '05, 02:50

even poll 0.o

I'm a girl :D

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Post by Express Girl » Dec 30th, '05, 13:50

Dangerous femme here. I'm a girl.

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Post by mooiced » Jan 21st, '06, 04:00

Ruroshin wrote:Its mostly guys because guys tend to be more technically orientated and you need some technical knowledge to download torrented files. Guy computer geeks outnumber girl computer geeks :P
hahah look again!

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Post by whisperss_57 » Jan 21st, '06, 04:02

女孩 ^^

or girl if you dont read chinese

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Post by ademala » Jan 23rd, '06, 22:23

i'm a girl.. my vote result is
Male 48%
Female 51%
hmm... pretty even..

shimy bimy
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Post by shimy bimy » Jan 24th, '06, 22:43

i'm a female, girl, women....etc.!!

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Post by goketsu » Feb 6th, '06, 12:57

I' m a Cowboy (but I haven't any cows)

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