How do you reACT? Am I too MEAN?

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How do you reACT? Am I too MEAN?

Post by cesothao » Dec 9th, '08, 21:25

thought I start this thread and see what kind of reaction you folks will have b/c I feel too MEAN!!!

Here's the rule:
1) Read the question and answer it,
2) Then take a look at the fact and again, write your answers. Are they different? same?
3) Read my reaction and give me your thoughts.

Have FUN. Your THoughts and reaction will really help! THanks!

IF someone tells you he feels SO uncomfortable around you b/c you're REALLY BEAUTIFULLLL~ not b/c you have lost all that weight ... you were beautiful even when you were meatier back then. How do you react?

**Take to account these facts and see if your answers would have changed from the above:

1) You and HIM went to high school together 7 years ago but never had a conversation nor in the hallway greet each other.
2) Today you guys are friends b/c he had always been your sister's friend.
3) Back then, you were a fat, underaverage looking girl with no sense of fashion. (Old Hag)As for HIM, he had always had a decent look. He's very playful. He had lots of friend. He has had many crushes on your HOT cousins.
4) Now, you slimmed down and trendy with style... even in sweats and t-shirts. As for HIM, he is still the same as always up-to-date with fashion and still so childish.
5) He has a crush on every one of your current friend...

NOW, how do you react?


[My reaction: I was happy, for the FIRST time someone told me they liked me (in all my 21 years I've been living)... and for the FIRST time because I am PRETTY... but soon enough I start to feel DISGUSTED... due to the fact that I ONLY see him as a little BROTHER (even thou he is 2-3 years older than me). Everytime we meet up again, I cant help but feel ANGER. Is that even normal? I can't treat him the same anymore because Im afraid to mislead him... Am I doing the right thing? I haven't confonted him.. should I? He calls you SEXY.. how do you respond? I just feel physically eye-ball molested... is it too much?]

IF your friend intoduce you to one of their relative and that relative starts to have a crush on you but you have no interest, how do you react? Thou, he has never confronted you, you knew he has a "thing" for you and so, he tries really hard to be funny. How do you react?


**Again, here are the FACTS:
1) He dated your younger sister's friend. Amature kids. (Age difference: approx. 7 years)
2) HIM and his gf picked up your sister. Your dad approve and stood in front of the car but he got the GUTS to swerve right pass your dad.
3) He denies the incident and MOST of all denies of even knowing his ex.
4) He only talks about drinking.
5) He looks drug addict and perverted!
6) You and HIM were introduced to one another 7 years ago but he of course don't remember b/c you were not even close to be considered HOT to talk to.. besides, he had a crush on your HOT cousin!


[My reaction: DISGUSTED. ANGRY. Now I'm good enough to talk to you..? How disgusting to know that he was the one that I had to call the cops on when he swerve right pass my dad. BASTARD (excuse my language.) I help feel STUPID and EMBARRASS for him whenever he tries so hard (its not even CUTE... just plain disgusting). Most of all, I HATE the fact he denies to know his EX! if she is still waiting for hiim, I'm so going to destroy him...!!!!]

WHat would you have done?

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Post by rossier » Dec 21st, '08, 20:00

huh... amazingly my respond are exactly just like how u answered it..

1. happy at first.. then disgusted later
2. ignore his stupidity... disgusted later..

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Post by artalicous » Dec 21st, '08, 20:33

1. A bit nice at the beginning, Disgusted and angry for all the situation ...its like they do not see you

2. Ignore him ...

[some weeks ago I had someone telling me that they like me, because I am fat...I have heart many excuses
but that was the worst... before a year we hang out with friends, I never thought him otherwise beside some friend of a friend ...and just then my friend told that he liked me one year now, and the reason was that he likes fat women....I was really disgusted...and the situation was a bit funny, I am in my way to lose those now I am not suitable...:) thanx good it was not someone I liked]

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Post by ackirom » Dec 25th, '08, 06:35

knowing all the facts helps. I'd feel how you feel. Angry. Then again, I'm bitter a lot these days. In terms of the reaction, I'd plain ignore them. They wouldn't deserve a second of my time.

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Post by blackpinkadder » Dec 25th, '08, 07:09

Question1 and question 2 : My reaction, It was pretty delighted, knowing someone appreciate you and admire you....but then look at the brought out reality that the guy is simply another jerk. So, my opinion...You are not mean...they deserve it, and you are making a right decision.

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Post by graycious » Feb 20th, '09, 06:32

maybe this person really had a mental issue bi polar and down right mean
your job is protect you heart head and mind
this you must do with due diligence

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Post by ethidda » Feb 20th, '09, 10:34

Question one:

I would think that it's nice of him to say so, and take it as a compliment. However, I would doubt the sincerity of it, because if it's true, why has he never mentioned it before the weightloss?

After knowing the facts, I would say that he's a liar and extremely shallow.

Question two:

If I actually like him as a friend, I would try to be nice, but drop hints that we're friends only. Otherwise, I would do my best to ignore him and only do the minimum to be polite.

And he doesn't sound like an interesting person after the facts, so I would just ignore him.

One last note, I'd like to point out that it's okay for a guy (especially in this age range) to like a girl for her hotness 7 years ago. All men used to be boys at one time or another. It's what he thinks now that matters.

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Post by shiningstarss » Feb 22nd, '09, 15:29

1) feel somewhat condescending at first, and really pissed off at the 2nd. its so see-through!

2) feel kind of sad of him. then disgusted and not amused at all!

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Post by Superkyle » Apr 15th, '09, 09:58

you dont need these men in your life, really >__> we live once, lets live it happy :D and with someone we truly love :wub: or at least like LOL

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Post by Medousa » Apr 30th, '09, 12:10

Question 1
Before the facts: That dude is full of talk, I dont believe it....
After the facts: I knew it... just stay away from him

Question 2
Before facts: Make sure u show him that u are not interested
After the facts: Why even bother?


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