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Post by LoganVirusX » Oct 20th, '08, 03:52

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Post by zyrene » Oct 20th, '08, 14:47

well cant help you with that cause i'm still a student like you. anyway, just wanna say good luck bro. at least you have a purpose in life. me, i'm still trying to find one. cause i'm really sick in this game called life...

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Post by AboutDrama » Oct 28th, '08, 19:43

First, don't overwhelm yourself by wanting so bad to make all your dreams come true. It takes time to realize your dreams.
Simple. Ask those who are currently working in Japan/Korea. They will help you how to get a job there, including living expenses, what to expect, a place to stay, etc.. While working on that, you should start saving money until you have enough to buy plane tickets and stay in Japan/Korea. Also, take Korean/Japanese language classes if you're not doing now.
Make sure also you're excellent in English (including writing, grammers, and speaking).
Take some teaching clasess to learn more about teaching techniques, how to communicate with kids/students, and how to organize the topics/thoughts. Being a teacher, good communication skills are important.
Also, volunteer yourself to teach or tutor students when you have a chance (ask your professor if there are any job vacancies) while you're in college to gain more teaching experiences.

I heard that working as a teacher is Korea is very popular but don't know how to get a job there. I believe, if you learn Korean, you should be able to visit websites or forums to find out more info.

BTW, if you work hard, study hard, and have determination, you will do fine.
Don't think too much, just do it!

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Post by milochel » Nov 5th, '08, 07:27


*salute* you for having such a detailed dream.

I don't have any good advice but just my best wishes for your dream to come true!

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Re: Future Life Help

Post by shiningstarss » Nov 30th, '08, 05:16

LoganVirusX wrote:Hello

i would really love to go to seoul or japan to teach kids english..

what should i do guys?
Hey.. if you have not heard of JET, please goto http://www.jetprogramme.org/ . It could be very useful for you!

and i a feeling AboutDrama replied to the wrong person..

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Post by LoganVirusX » Dec 8th, '08, 03:33

thanks alot everybody really..

it sbeen about a month or two and i no longer have a job..
i quit due to the disorganization of my workplace..

christmas is around the corner.. and all i really want is a gf..
which people say is easy for me.. but im really picky so idk.
i think i want a girls whos older than me so idk..

i also took my SAT for the first time this past weekend.. and i also tend to party more..

maybe my lifes falling apart -_-

im even having more suicidal thoughts -_-

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Post by SSJSubgeta » Dec 21st, '08, 08:15


First and foremost, I hope you and every one here have a wonderful and safe holiday season.

Let me tell you a little bit about my success story, I wont go to much in detail but I'll give you some thing to
think about. I was born in Mexico, Raised in the USA and Imported myself to Japan. I love video games, robots, comic books, drawing, computer, manga etc. (aka OTAKU!) Graduated High School, Entered college and majored in Game Art and Design. During my senior year in college I self taught myself Japanese. I stumbled into this astonishing website community by clicking on a drama link. I watched many Jdramas learning Japanese here and people here are very friendly. Now fast forward to the present, I am now in Japan living it to the fullest!

I have even subtitled some dramas here too.

Many people never took me seriously when I talked to them about going overseas and living there even when I was little. Friends and family too, now they look at me and are proud that they seen someone that can accomplish his dreams with hard work and effort. Being able to speak 3 different languages and having worked overseas says a lot in a resume. I guarantee you that. I read your post and it just looks like you need some guidance and advice.

1. You are still young you got a lot more road to cover before you can come overseas.
2. Concentrate on Graduating HS
3. If you are planning to go to Korea/Japan you will need to have a Bachelor's Degree in whatever field.
So therefor you need to Graduate college.
4. Start figuring out what profession you would like to have.
5. Start saving every penny, nickle, dime, quarter and dollars you have. Everything you save from this point on will benefit you in the long run. Try finding a bank and open up a saving only account and start saving.
So get out there and look for a part time.

If I were 17yrs old(26 now) again I would have been way ahead of my game and a million steps ahead for whatever came my way. As far as coming overseas, Living in Japan is wonderful and sometimes crazy. It's not expensive as everyone says, this is just based of off your life style. Of course you can save a lot of money if you know how to manage your expenses and savings you will be well off. But If you like to go out and party/drinks every night then you will be broke.

On a side note LoganVirusX, stop bitching about what you don't have, look at what you have and move on. Don't worry about the girls and parting those thing will always be there. With hard work and effort you will get there.

がんばって!!! (Gambatte = Do your best!!!)

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Post by theuncontactable » Dec 21st, '08, 08:45

You're still young, don't be in such a hurry to get a gf.

I think you should get involve in some Asian culture like traditional martial arts not the MacDojo type. Since you are interested in Korea or Japan, I would suggest traditional martial arts from those countries and you will have a philosophy to live by. You will meet new people and hopefully have new directions. This will also help you in the future in understanding the mindset of the people when you move over there.

I would also suggest staying away from parties where you would get bad influences from people and if you need to be alone, go for a long run.

You're fortunate, you know what you want at a young age.

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Post by LoganVirusX » Dec 29th, '08, 08:08


I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for being so helpful and for supporting me :X
im making better grades and ive stopped all the drugs and partying ..
i no longer have suicidal thoughts and im not depressed anymore..
i tend to get things done early and use my free time to play Persona 4 and catch up and dramas..
im going to get a new job at the start of the new year.. im also going to try and save all the money i can :D
i recently found out that my grandma has a college fund for me so im sure i can do this :)
haha but i just know what to do after i take my basics..
after i graduate this June i was going to take my basics at a community college ( basically located in my backyard) and after that i really dunno what to do D:

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Post by nankasento » Dec 29th, '08, 15:41

"OPEN YOUR EYES!" by Amami Yuki as Akutsu Maya-sensei

I suggest by watching: "Joou no Kyoushitsu" to start with, I think all the grade schoolers in class 6.3 are ahead of you.
2nd I suggest working on your attitude, being this emo will hardly get you across the street, and your dreaming to go overseas, good luck.
As for a girlfriend, can you picture it?
Why does she want an emo like you? Why does she want someone who gets discouraged so easily? Why does she want someone who is only alive because of a though to go teach English in Korea or Japan? What do you have to offer? When your young some of this might seem unimportant, some is at your age but you won't stay young forever. Do you really want a girlfriend or do you just lust for sex?

You shouldn't ask other people so easy about these questions but think about it yourself, find "the third option", life ain't fair and you might never be able to go to Korea or Japan depending on the changing circumstances, for example, some country might go ballistic and have a nuclear war with Korea and Japan and they can't be visited in your life time, there goes your dream and thoughts up into smoke, your dream can now never be achieved, will you commit suicide just because of that?

I don't think you even want to teach, it's just a shortcut to go and spend time in Korea and Japan for a long stay, because they are in need of teachers for English, if your real intentions are teaching children then it doesn't matter where!

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