what do u think of Arab people???

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what do u think of Arab people???

Post by NO0O0RA » Jun 29th, '08, 20:12

hi to all..how r u?
from my subject you know what i meane....
i like to know what do you think or what character of arab do you know?? :roll
coz i'm arabian girl from (UAE) thats why i ask this question :D
i'd like to be active with me :thumright:

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Post by jholic » Jun 29th, '08, 20:56

i'm locking this before anything starts.

you just joined today, so i would prefer that you join in some of our ASIAN DRAMA discussions, since that's what this site is all about.

this is not a site where you solicit the opinions of how you feel about germans or russians or africans, etc. if you are interested in such a site, please search for a more appropriate forum.

thank you.
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