Making the impossible possible. Just how far would you go?

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Making the impossible possible. Just how far would you go?

Post by KurosakiKaien » Jun 2nd, '08, 08:32

Hello everyone. Long time no see. For those of you who do remember me, I posted here nearly a year ago with regards to an impossible (drama-esque) story. If you're really curious as to know about it, you can find the original thread way back somewhere in the previous pages.

Basically to give the edited version: Last year I fell (very quickly and very hard) for a TA at my school who went back to her home country. To put things as clear as possible, she more or less cut ties with me from then, but I neither am regretful of what transpired nor have I forgotten about her. To me she'll always have a spot in my heart, like an unwavering candle in a desert which rains nightly. What I would like to say now though is that since then I have learned alot, and despite my disposition have come to another crossroad. Another girl has come along and picked up what pieces of me lie on the uneven pavement.

Although it would be fair to say here that the heart (or mine in this situation) bounces from situation to situation, but I assure any skeptics that the TA still crosses my mind frequently, despite any reinforcement whatsoever. Seems like I always have a tendency to fall for those who are subtle yet never show any affection towards me.

This situation with this girl is no different, any interest she has shown me is minute at best; our situations are not entirely different, nor are our interests, but what can I say, things always look pretty far when you sit at the bottom.

Has anyone had experiences whereby their continued efforts have turned out for the better? Or I should say, I would be incredibly grateful (once again) to embrace any and all inspiration anyone can offer.

Thank you d-addicts, everyone has always been very kind to me. I know that everyone has problems, and I apologize in advance if this feels like nothing more than a venting device.

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