My buddy's breakup

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Post by Britishk » Apr 28th, '08, 16:50

I just can't sit here and watch you Halfass and co. throwing punches at Adrijana.

If there's one thing men are great at, it's not listening. Let me rephrase that. They are great at ignoring things they don't want to hear. To be even more precise, they don't like listening to women. Women -- for better or for worse -- tends to speak in code. When they ask for things, they ask indirectly because it's the easiest way to gauge the true intentions of men. You and buddies often commit wrongful acts unknowingly and then naively ask "what did I do?" when we get upset. I'll tell you what you're doing wrong: you and your buddies don't actually hear what we're really saying!

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Post by Jscorpio » Apr 28th, '08, 16:56

Britishk wrote:I just can't sit here and watch you Halfass and co. throwing punches at Adrijana.
Uhm.. Kris, I think Halfass was only messing around..
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Its called experience...they dont call it PMS for nothing...and how is this considered an attack? It was a mere warning based on common knowledge and if anything a very common joke made about the female species...

Uhm.. mate, can you provide empirical evidence to support your assertion without resorting to sexist attacks?
this is exactly what happens when you try to argue with a girl... especially if they are ticked off and if you are unfortunate enough to have this happen during the wrong time of the month...

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Post by InTr4nceWeTrust » Apr 28th, '08, 17:30

nani kore?


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