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Posted: Feb 2nd, '08, 09:01
by stellix
Hello, I dont know if i write at the right place, I need help. My english is not very good, so if any statement is not clear, please let me know.

I am from Malaysia and few days ago I went to Bali for holiday (alone :-( )
Then, by a chance a tour guide (with two Japaneses tourist mother and daughter) came over and ask my tour guide if we can fetch his tourists back to their hotel.

So... just like that, both of them follow my tour car, and the girl really pretty :-)
We went to Monkey Forrest and took picture together

Then... I ask for her email, so that i can send the photo to her. and so, she game me her email, its

Now the problem is, we in malaysia use handphone number to send SMS (short message system), and japanese use email to send SMS. And i think that email is for their SMS address.

So please, someone who understand japanese handphone system, or someone who can help me contact her will be much appreciated.

Posted: Feb 2nd, '08, 21:05
by XrayMind
Why don't you just use an email program on your computer to send her the photo? Her phone is an Internet phone.

Someone can correct me, if I am wrong. If cell phone in Japan is like my cell phone, SMS can sent to me using either my phone number or the email address of my cell phone.

Posted: Feb 3rd, '08, 10:22
by stellix
thx for the reply ^^
I already emailed her using hotmail account.
I attach few photos from monkey forest.
Been few days, but no reply yet... Maybe the email never get through.
So i really wonder if normal hotmail account cant get through to their handphone email address.