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GirlsForgivesButNeverForgets; GuysForgetsButNeverForgives?

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GirlsForgivesButNeverForgets; GuysForgetsButNeverForgives?

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GirlsForgivesButNeverForgets; GuysForgetsButNeverForgives?

Post by Chabasse » Dec 2nd, '07, 22:48

just want to know what people thinks about this phrase:

Girls Forgives But Never Forgets
Guys Forgets But Never Forgives

ill start yea i think a girl would never forget about things a guy does and would most of the time forgive them, but hey girls shouldn't think of guys as stupid like we'll forget everything. i think guys are the ones out there that spends the most time thinking about stuff and guys do forgive people. not trying to stereotype but if a guy doesn't like someone we just ignore them (in my opinion) we're not like girls that try to get back in the sneaky way but mayb we would beat the person tho *coughcough* :whistling: but yea...

ANYWAYS...people tell me about your thoughts on this phrase...

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Post by angelcoolz » Dec 2nd, '07, 23:02

very very interesting indeed :roll :roll :roll

i think the phrase

Girl forgives but never forget is true b'cos even tho how much we hate or loathe that someone, we still wanna forgive them..like an urge deep inside...and sometimes reminiscing bout those time...'try to forget' thats what they always say but they never did...this is based on someone i knew...cant tell u the story or she will be mad....

but the phrase

Guy forgets but never forgive is not entirely true...i knew this from someone as well....they shows their manly,'not bother' face outside but they hurting inside...they should show their feeling more...but i know guys took a lot of time to forgive someone...
why?? can someone answer me...

i think it depend on the certain someone...on their sensitivity and feeling...some people take every matter to the heart and some people just didnt bother...

but generally, the phrase is


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Post by Egg-chan » Dec 2nd, '07, 23:20

For the most part I feel this is true..

except for one little thing..

Girls forgive but never forget <- true

Guys forget but never forgive <- I think they pretend they forgive or forget.... because they would rather not show their true emotions... most of the time this is true, but sometimes some things can truly hurt them.

I voted "agree"

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Post by Chabasse » Dec 3rd, '07, 00:17

hmm interesting i thought the guy part was not very true for every guy but just some, but yea the forgetting part i was saying for things like little things that a girl would remember like dates *ahem* but yea this phrase was just something a friend said once said i dunno what it ranges from but i guess it does depend on the person which it implies to :lol

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Post by xox-Beautifully-Broken-xo » Dec 3rd, '07, 23:51

I know and believe that the girls part is very true!
But not sure about the guys, haha. ^^a

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Post by mimmi » Dec 5th, '07, 21:06

I agree with the girls part, but I disagree with the boys part though I'm not a guy; but from experiences from those I mostly around....boys also forgive and never forgets too....but they are generous at heart that's why they said "oh, I forgot all about that, don't worry"; well maybe it just applied to some :P :D....

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Post by jigenbakuda » Dec 6th, '07, 21:38

I fully agree with the man part. And women always forgive, thats why its easier for their heart to be broken, IMO.

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Post by ackirom » Dec 7th, '07, 09:04

Hmm, I'm a girl and I say I forgive them, but... I don't really mean it most of the time. I usually say that just to move on already. But it's quite obvious I haven't forgiven them when I bring up the very same subject every now and again. I think guys forgive more because they don't bring things up again and again. It seems like they've forgotten but probably not. They probably just don't bring things up again because they've really forgiven and want to forget about it already. :scratch:

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Post by jO_O » Dec 7th, '07, 10:09

I agree with ackirom :

Why do Girls/Women - at least those i know personally or not - often (always ?) bring back memories of past mistakes ?
Did they really forgive but just not forget ?

And why do i often do the same.... :scratch: :D

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Post by Yorokobi » Dec 27th, '07, 16:30

i think if you can't forget it you can't forgive it
on the other hand if you forget it forgiving doesn't really matter anymore

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Post by cesothao » Dec 5th, '08, 23:00

i guess you can say the majority of girls cant forget but forgives and vice versa for boys..but ..me as a girl... I tend to forget but never forgive... i guess thats why my dad said if i was a boy he wouldn't have to worry..lol.

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Post by nankasento » Dec 27th, '08, 17:43

and people never forget and never forgive (wars anyone?)

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Post by Morphin » Dec 29th, '08, 13:33

I disagree in my case, i always forget right, but always forgive too :p

But, generally, the sentence is true i think :p

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Post by zyrene » Jan 13th, '09, 03:23

How can you forgive someone if you can't forget what his done? i think the statement: Girls Forgives But Never Forgets
Guys Forgets But Never Forgives

is a fallacy.. :)

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