What languages do you know?

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What languages do you know proficiently?

Chinese & Japanese
Chinese & Korean
Japanese & Korean
All of Above
None of Above (must rely on subtitles)
Total votes: 933

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Post by SeraEris » Jan 15th, '10, 09:56

Native language: Greek
English quite fluently
learning Japanese

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Post by catissleepy » Jan 17th, '10, 01:37

I,m portuguese, so i know portuguese.
born in Switzerland, so i know german and italian.
and english

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Post by Mugatu » Jan 17th, '10, 02:24

Norwegian (very similar to Swedish)

want to learn Korean and French (studied French in middle school, but i don't remember much)

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Post by cariad » Jan 17th, '10, 02:26

I am german so I speak german fluently
had 9 years english in school and still using it everyday so quite good in it (at least I hope that^^)
had 7 years latin and 1,5 years spanish so I can understand the basics of spanish and italian but only when people are talking slowly
And I started learning japanese but since I am learning it by myself and not attending any course for it it will take some time for me to be good at it though I am always surprised at how much I can actually understand without subs :mrgreen:

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Post by yellowsky » Jan 17th, '10, 15:33

I can speak chinese, and can kind of understand some japanese dramas without subtitles despite of knowing really limited amount.xD
and I also speak german, too bad it doesn't help much when watching dramas..;__;

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Post by recca_cool » Feb 7th, '10, 19:02

I speak English & Arabic fluently, and learning Japanese at the moment :)

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Post by Canas » Feb 8th, '10, 22:41

I'm Chinese American and I pretty much am fluent only in English lol. My dad never tried to teach me Cantonese unfortunately.

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Post by Ethlenn » Feb 19th, '10, 23:54

Every language ever spoken.
But no wonder, I'm possessed, muahahaha!!!

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Post by hanekus » Feb 25th, '10, 20:24

Native: hungarian
I can speak romanian
I understand English, so I rely on subtitles

thanks to subbers for translations :)

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Post by xxGing » Feb 25th, '10, 20:34

I have a profound interest in languages, so I'm trying to pick up quite a few.

I natively speak Polish and English.
I can rather fluently speak Japanese.
I'm learning German and Cantonese at a rather slow pace right now.
If I ever get those 2 down and am still interested in learning languages I will pick up Korean (I know Hangul by heart, but don't know any actual Korean words other than like Annyeonghaseyo)

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Post by HongKongChick » Mar 26th, '10, 02:46

native cantonese, proficient in mandarin, a few phrases in japanese and korean. yup that's it. haha

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Post by caramelchampagne » Mar 26th, '10, 03:42

for me i speak arabic and fluent english and a good french if i wanna learn another language i will choose japanese

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Post by rejakes » Mar 26th, '10, 04:25

native english speaker, but i can understand/speak a decent amount on spanish (studied a couple years in high school, and live in LA), though it may take me a second to process what i heard! lol. been studying japanese on my own and can usually watch most doramas without subs, but i miss out a bit on the details, unless i'm attached to my dictionary, so i usually use the subs. i know the katakana and hiragana and a couple hundred kanji, so i can read a bit, but not too much, and not too fast...

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Post by Noraju » Apr 4th, '10, 07:54

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Post by kendricktamis » Apr 9th, '10, 07:01

Well I am from US and i speak US English but i am also speak Japanese and Korean because we are working on projects related to these both country. I speak only 10% Japanese and 15% Korean.

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Post by jubies33 » Feb 12th, '11, 02:52

i am from the U.S. and speak only English. I am currently trying to learn Korean (at a very slow pace) and would love to learn Japanese as well but I don't have much confidence. I have an auditory processing disorder which can make it difficult to discriminate similar sounds so learning foreign languages is a bit tricky for me. I even have trouble understanding someone speaking English sometimes. I will give it my best though. Fighting!

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Post by Kazu1582 » Feb 23rd, '11, 21:21

I'm still learning japanese, so I'm not fluent at all,
but I hope this will change after a year in Japan :D

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Post by loki88 » Feb 27th, '11, 22:20

I sooo want to learn KOREAN !! xD

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Post by Milkywaychen » May 10th, '11, 02:00

I´m still learning japanese, but I´m surprised how with the time it´s getting easier and easier. For average movies and dramas I don´t really need subs, but always for complicated movies. The problem is, if there are subtitles it´s too easy to rely on them. *lol*

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Post by MoonRaven » Jul 12th, '11, 01:21

I'm Canadian. I speak English and Portuguese because my parents are from Portugal.
Always had a fascination with Asian culture since I was a kid. Was too lazy to learn the language back then but now I want to learn Mandarin and Japanese.

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Post by hoshifansubs » Aug 1st, '11, 14:02

I speak fluent english and serbian and I know a lot of japanese ^_^.

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Post by moustachegai » Aug 8th, '11, 10:07

I can understand Cantonese [so HK Dramas are easier to digest, despite me not liking them as much as Korean or Japanese!]

I'm a very basic at Japanese, but I'm learning. Got a load of Rocket Japanese and Pimsleurs audio mp3s to help me out. Any tips anyone?


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Post by mushypotato » Aug 14th, '11, 12:57

Sometimes, I could easily understand japanese because I used to watch anime.
I could understand few Korean words although I couldn't speak myself.

But I still depend on the subtitle anyway. :))

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Post by KanashimiAngel » Dec 2nd, '11, 15:14

Want to learn Korean, Japanese or Chinese? then what are you waiting for?
for more details, you can find me on twitter: @KJCSweettheart
or check the photo

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Post by busytown » Nov 6th, '12, 12:39

I like Chinese and I can understand it little because I have a friend in china. But unfortunately I can’t read or write.

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Post by billr4g3 » Feb 25th, '13, 11:07

Urdu , Hindi , British English , sort of Arabic

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Post by jungi » Feb 25th, '13, 12:38

i know turkish and english. that's all :D

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Post by Chrono » Feb 25th, '13, 12:46

I can speak Portuguese (I'm brazilian) and English.. and also german, french and japanese, but I still need to improve those languages.

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Post by dani_pc » Feb 25th, '13, 20:51

I'm brazilian, so I speak portuguese, but I also know how to speak English. :-)

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Post by SummeryDreams » Jul 6th, '13, 13:27

I've been studying Japanese for about 3 months I guess... 2 months school studies, and been continuing to study at social media sites, knowing some japanese people, watching dramas and stuffs, and is playing Japanese learning game on my iOS..

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Post by Secret_Symphony » Aug 12th, '13, 15:47

I only know English and a bit of Spanish. I want to learn more Spanish as well as Korean.

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Post by JeffWall » Dec 9th, '13, 09:12

My native language is English.
Other languages? I know a little bit of Polish, as I was employed teaching Polish children English. I was literally thrown in at the deep end, no experience, but we got to understand each other through the universal language of football. No kidding. I'm a football fan and so were they.
I taught them some English, and they taught me some Polish.

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Post by fictionalistic » Feb 9th, '14, 00:49

I know Mandarin, but I can't read well enough to catch the subtitles as they speed past!

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Re: What languages do you know?

Post by taikosama » May 29th, '19, 22:55

Well, there's English, as you can tell by my typing. Raised in the States.
My mother is Peruvian, so I grew up speaking Spanish.
I learned Portuguese in my early 20s while living abroad in Brazil for a while.

I can't speak Italian or French, but I can pick up on a lot of if not most of what the words meanm if I read something thanks to my knowledge of Portuguese and Spanish.

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Re: What languages do you know?

Post by AmyRose » Sep 6th, '19, 11:29

English, Polish, German, a bit of French :)

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Re: What languages do you know?

Post by JoelSlayton » Jun 2nd, '20, 22:59

I would like to visit South Korea, so I want to know this languages

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