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If you had three wishes, what would they be?

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Post by noawesome » Apr 10th, '08, 17:26

this is a fun topic~

if this were to ever happen, i would wish for:

1) Wisdom
2) The ability to fly quickly
3) a house in every country/state/city

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Post by MsDeath » Apr 12th, '08, 19:16

Geez i have too many wishes but i'll try to choose 3 :roll

1- Be happy with the one i love :wub:
2- Be a successful manager 8)
3- Master more languages ex. Japanese and Korean :whistling:

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Post by Ruka707 » Jul 9th, '08, 12:34

1.) Marry the one I love and be happy forever~ :wub:
2.) Be successful in my work, whatever it would be.
3.) Speak all languages of the world!

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Post by dabogy » Jul 15th, '09, 03:49


1.) turn back time to be able to avoid those mistakes ive done or maybe asked apologies for all the people ive done wrong.
2.) Good Health
3.) Lots of money =)

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Post by merou1 » Jul 30th, '09, 03:15

this is easy:

1: eternal life for everyone
2: great standards of living for everyone
2: and this one is for me, :) to find a great relationship! hahahahaha :wub:

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Post by morserachel » Jul 30th, '09, 04:10

No, I do not want eternal life. When my time is up I want to go peacefully but before then I want to be wise, healthy and wealthy in that order.

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Post by crazzycat » Aug 4th, '09, 12:49

to ead thoughts, to find real love, peaceful lving for everyone
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Post by tunix_2008 » Aug 4th, '09, 12:55

That people won't have to wish anymore.

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Post by Tetsuz » Oct 19th, '09, 09:01

1) Wealth
2) bravery-not stupid bravery like let's go flash some random people
3) mastery of all languages

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Post by JenniferDies » Oct 31st, '09, 07:29

Everyone I love to be happy (family, friends and him).
Myself to be happy (I really doubt this one).
Ability to teleport and/or fly.

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Post by toenail » Dec 19th, '09, 07:00

- The ability to exude happiness for everyone, especially my parents + sister + myself
- Health for my parents + sister + myself
- Everyone to be more thoughtful and treat animals better

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Post by Peggy » Dec 19th, '09, 08:33

What a lovely questiion. so much fun to even think about it.
Well I obviously would love to be able to understand properly, and speak, and write Japanese. Maybe then I could get up close and personal with Takuya Kimura.. 8) .. sigh.

Self transportation anywhere anytime...'wouldn't it be loverly??!! '

Third..I'd like to be thirtyfive years old again. Then my darling husband would be 37. That was a very good year. The second time around I'd like to have all the knowledge and experience for life enjoyment that has been given to me in the ensuing fifty -odd years.
And I would have someone to share it with all the time.

Sweet dreams tonight :-)


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Post by sweetie? » Dec 23rd, '09, 10:19

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Post by ricks003 » Dec 24th, '09, 07:45

my wishes are

1. health
2. love
3. a nice job


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Post by doram » Oct 24th, '10, 10:32

1. Happiness
2. I hope I become smarter
3. 3 wishes more please... :p

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Post by Katschoo » Oct 26th, '10, 09:12

set that ist has to be egoistical wishes for me (so nothing like "peace on earth" etc.)

1The ability to master every language just by hearing it
2 the background to travel as much as i want, without having to worry for money
3 me amd my familiy staying healthy

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Post by JaJe » Oct 31st, '10, 18:55

My wishes: simple, but hard to make it happen
1) just like most of the people here: To master Japanese and Korean!
2) tomorrow morning when I wake up it would be the year 2017
3) that my dreams would all come true.

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Post by fictionalistic » Feb 9th, '14, 01:20

Neverending supply of money, good health for me and mine, lasting happiness.

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Post by vivant » Apr 1st, '14, 13:06

1. I can become a successful person that can make my parents proud.
2. Everybody in my family stay healthy and live peacefully. (peacefully, I really mean it)
3. 3 more wishes please~ XDDD

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