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Penpals thread

Posted: Aug 13th, '06, 00:10
by carpe_noctem
OK, I searched the forum and I found one relevant thread which got closed some time ago... so I thought i'd try and make my own one..

Would love to have some drama- (and possibly anime..) watching penpals... Havent really had any penpals from Asia so that would be cool too..^^

Hope somebody out there likes writing letters! ;d

Posted: Aug 13th, '06, 00:15
by Pee
Im in! this sounds very fun ^^ well lets so how poplar this will get first...

Posted: Aug 13th, '06, 00:19
by carpe_noctem
Yeah hopefully more popular than the previous thread on it.. :P

There are tremendous amounts of people here on d-a so I suppose there must be some who will be interesting in making new friends and writing letters! ^_^

Posted: Aug 13th, '06, 00:22
by Pee
well i have d-a people on msn but its not the same as writing letters so thats what got me on this penpal project * wieeeee*

Posted: Aug 13th, '06, 05:13
by Crono
Im interested in this idea.
Sounds like alot of fun. Getting letters in the mail for you would be rly nice to see.

Posted: Aug 13th, '06, 05:29
by prismatic_star
I'm interested too~
Wait.. would anyone want a penpal in Canada? :unsure:
*feels left out*

Posted: Aug 13th, '06, 08:24
by mallorn
Me! I'd like a penpal! Would be nice to receive letters from fellow d-addicts in other parts of the world. :D

Posted: Aug 13th, '06, 08:36
by simplycheen
oh..!! :w00t: me too..!! :D especially koreans and japanese, but anyone will do as long as u r nice and cool..! :thumright: :dance:

Posted: Aug 13th, '06, 08:38
by hkgirl
I like the idea of penpals. Is this going to be of the email variety? I'd feel a bit uncomfortable randomly giving out my address to strangers, you never know what weirdo's are on the internet or this messageboard.

Posted: Aug 13th, '06, 09:49
by Pee
lol i guess its all abt trusting, i mean at first i thought like u hkgirl but now im joining coz i trust u guys...
well then..lets see if there are more interested?

Posted: Aug 13th, '06, 10:34
by TIticamara
How is this supposed to work?

Posted: Aug 13th, '06, 10:39
by bugsie
Pee wrote:lol i guess its all abt trusting, i mean at first i thought like u hkgirl but now im joining coz i trust u guys...
well then..lets see if there are more interested?
Let me give you an advice, don't trust just anyone on the Internet.

Posted: Aug 13th, '06, 10:45
by carpe_noctem
TIticamara wrote:How is this supposed to work?
well my idea is that we write a bit about ourselves (interests and whatnot) and then you can see if there's anyoe you'd like to write with...
that's how it works most of the time, i's like that basically in the most of penpal theads or communities i've seen.. ;)
Unless somebody has a different idea that they think would be better??

as to the question is it email or snail mail, i prefer letters but other people may be content with email... doesnt matter^^

Posted: Aug 13th, '06, 11:10
by AngelicLayer
I would write to everybody who would write to me! I prefer letters, too, so if sb is interested to write to Germany, pm me and ask after my address!
Well, my hobbies are dramas! My favourite ones are those about school/pupils/love/frendship/kinda comedy like my boss my hero or stand up.
I used to watch animes, but since there´s no good tv channel 4 this in Germany/my location it got worse!
I´m looking to hearing from sb and it would be great if sb would be able to come visit me here in Germany later on, when we become closer -- as friends, I mean!

Posted: Aug 13th, '06, 14:38
by Pee
bugsie wrote: Let me give you an advice, don't trust just anyone on the Internet.
well i dont trust everyone .but i cant untrust all ^^.. but anyways im careful with things i say to people on the internet . thanks for the advice ^______^

this idea is perfect since im a stamp collector wieee***

Posted: Aug 13th, '06, 14:55
by z85z89
Wow..a pen pal..I used to have one in Australia but we kinda lost contact..
It will be nice to have a pen pal again..

Posted: Aug 13th, '06, 17:25
by simplycheen
weee..!! :cheers: lets make friendz now.. :D anyone care to be my friend here??? :whistling: :wink:

Posted: Aug 13th, '06, 19:54
by carpe_noctem
^--^ PMing you in a while, AngelicLayer!! ^_^

Posted: Aug 13th, '06, 20:20
by Pee
Ahh i live near germany !!!! would be cool to write as u live near me Angeliclayer :lol

well i thought i would be easier if i introduce myself
My nickname is Pee im looking forward to meet people from allover the world.
I love letters and stamps. And im also a big fan of asian entertainment. And i love languages, i speak 5 and plus i wanna learn korean and japanese ^^
Looking forward to get to know ya people here ^_^

Posted: Aug 13th, '06, 20:45
by Japan Otaku
Penpals are a good way to meet new people, and find out things about yourself. I remember when we had penpals in spanish class. How would this work though, actual letters, or some form of internet communication?

Posted: Aug 13th, '06, 21:38
by carpe_noctem
Japan Otaku > I wrote about it on the first page of the thread...;p basically it depends on you and your penpal whether you prefer snail mail or electronic mail;]

Pee > O______O||| 5 languages!?!? Which ones???? I'm so jealous of your knowledge now!!^^

Posted: Aug 13th, '06, 21:45
by Pee
carpe_noctem wrote:Japan Otaku > I wrote about it on the first page of the thread...;p basically it depends on you and your penpal whether you prefer snail mail or electronic mail;]

Pee > O______O||| 5 languages!?!? Which ones???? I'm so jealous of your knowledge now!!^^
LoL ^^ I speak 2 asian languages and swedish, and english of course and last spanish. how abt you? lol maybe we should pm eacother haha ^^

Posted: Aug 13th, '06, 21:46
by Japan Otaku
snail mail is fun because you have the suspense of waiting for it :P

wow....5 languages, i'd have trouble remembering it all... i only speak 3

Posted: Aug 13th, '06, 21:48
by carpe_noctem
Japan Otaku wrote:snail mail is fun because you have the suspense of waiting for it :P
and you can use cuuuute letter paper....XDDD

Pee > whoa! I only speak two besides my mother tongue (which is Polish) - English and German. But i Looooooooooooove foreign languages and I hope I will learn more of them!
Why not ..XD *PMs you*

Posted: Aug 13th, '06, 21:58
by Pee
Japan Otaku wrote:snail mail is fun because you have the suspense of waiting for it :P

wow....5 languages, i'd have trouble remembering it all... i only speak 3
lol cool tell me what languages ur speaking^^ yey snail mail rox!

YEY carpe^^ i love cute letter papers ^^ polish sounds cool^^

*waiting for the pm*

Posted: Aug 13th, '06, 22:06
by Junfan21
Penpals sounds fun!!! I can only do it though if it's through e-mail though. I come from a very safe family :-) So if anybody's interested in an e-mail penpal from America just pm me!

Posted: Aug 14th, '06, 03:47
by Japan Otaku
Pee wrote:
Japan Otaku wrote:snail mail is fun because you have the suspense of waiting for it :P

wow....5 languages, i'd have trouble remembering it all... i only speak 3
lol cool tell me what languages ur speaking^^ yey snail mail rox!

YEY carpe^^ i love cute letter papers ^^ polish sounds cool^^

*waiting for the pm*

i speak english (of course), german, and a fair amount of spanish


Posted: Aug 14th, '06, 07:11
by Agweyre
Anyone want a cute viet guy penpal?
PM me!

Posted: Aug 14th, '06, 07:40
by Tatsuki
@Agweyre:I want to be your penpal :mrgreen:

I'm also looking for pals all over the matter if by letter or mail!
I'm an 18-year-old german girl! Looking forward to your answers :roll

Posted: Aug 14th, '06, 10:54
by simplycheen
:-( why is it everybody is ignorin me?? :cry: it seems that noone wants to be my friend here... :cry: :cry: :cry:

Posted: Aug 14th, '06, 13:09
by carpe_noctem
simplycheen wrote::-( why is it everybody is ignorin me?? :cry: it seems that noone wants to be my friend here... :cry: :cry: :cry:
maybe you should write more about yourself! your hobbies or favourite doramas etc.. *suggests* :thumright:

Posted: Aug 14th, '06, 14:49
by AngelicLayer
So, I´ve sent you a PM, carpe_noctem!!!
I also will send one to all of you guys!!!

Posted: Aug 14th, '06, 15:05
by angeizahoy
this seems interesting. i read the entire thread, i wonder how this will work out. will it actually be successful?! personally, i love writing letters and whatnots, but such old-fashioned ways seems to be going out of style. no one writes letters anymore, it's all email, aim, phone, etc. so not fun. half the fun (and torture) of snail-mail is the waiting. and now, through the internet, everything is more dangerous, because you never know who could be behind the other computer... you know, like some old perverted guy, serial killer, etc. so yeah. if it were me, i wouldn't be giving out my street address! but just my two cents.

anyhoots, wouldn't mind being a email/PM pen-pal with you guys. honestly, i want to have a pen-pal with someone not from the US, or at least if they can speak another language. LOLs. i wanna learn about other cultures and languages. i'm a .. somewhat everywhere kinda person. i do a little of this, a little of that. LOL. love to swim and play handball (my primary sports). i also play some tennis, soccer, track, and baseball. i love to read books, write (in my journal), listen to music, and sleeping. my favourite animals are pigs, monkeys, and hippos. caught the drama bug almost a year ago, cos at the time, Mars was my favourite manga, and when i heard there was a live-action, i just had to watch it. and it went on from there =) i was downloading originally from MiniNova, but then i stumbled onto this site, where the files were originally coming from, and here i am today! lol.

Posted: Aug 14th, '06, 15:12
by z85z89
simplycheen - Don't say what carpe_noctem says,maybe you should tell everyone here more about yourself..
Now,let me tell you guys more about me..
I am 20 years old from Singapore.I love listening to music,singing,making new friends,
reading and writing.I can speak about 5 languages too..haha..
English and Malay - which is basic since i am a malay and a bit of Japanese,Chinese and Hindi*too much bollywood movies*
My favourite artists - NewS,Kanjani8,Kis-My-Ft2,J.J.Express,Question?,Ya-ya-yah,Arashi*A bit*,Lead,Super Junior,TVXQ*A bit*,183club,K One,7Flowers,Sweety
My Favourite Dramas - 15 Sai No Blues,Gachi-Baka,My Boss My Hero,1 Litre Of Tears,
The Magician Of Love,Wei Xiao Pasta,Mr Fighting,Top On Forbidden City.

At least that's all I can say for now..haha..I am open to both snail mail and email so PM me!I hope to hear from someone,at least soon!

Posted: Aug 14th, '06, 16:08
by mallorn
simplycheen, I'd write you, but we're from the same city so it wouldn't be that thrilling. :D

Well, what can I say about myself? I'm a college student and a girl, and I come from the Philippines. I like reading, and like watching (not playing) basketball, tennis, and even golf sometimes on TV. :P This is sounding too much like a personals ad! Hahaha....

Posted: Aug 14th, '06, 16:08
by Ashes-Wishes
This is kinda interesting threat. I've been writing letters to penpals with old-fashioned way since forever but because people has gotten too lazy, all people that wrote like that with me, wanted to change to e-mails, which I didn't find interesting or funny in any ways. With old-fashioned way I can draw something and write with my own handwriting, when mail is just boring look-alike letters with white background.

So I'm searching penpals too, but I'm not too interested in e-mail -system, so that prepare to write the letters, not type with the keyboard.

I'm 18 -years old and will take any aged pals; no matter if you're 50 or 8 years old. Just please write english that anyone could understand. I don't like people that writes like "I luv u. R u my?". It's like trying to translate something from Swedish to my own language.
I live in Finland and am studying marketing communications(, which may sound like I'm in some kind of smart-y school). As like with age, it doesn't matter where you live [though the chances of here being Finnish people is kinda low, I think. ö___ö] or what you do.
I'll speak 6 different languages where I can surely understand, talk and write only 3 of them. Those 3 are Finnish, english and japanese. Other three aren't important since I'm only learning them little by little. :3

Hobbies are kendo, jodo, drawing and cosplay.
Music: I listen pretty much everything that I find good [most of them are japanese music]. Fav. artist is T.M.Revolution but I like NewS and Kanjani8 too. I'm pretty informed about different kind of bands in Japan [so-and-so with other music. >___>] so I'm pretty sure music is good topic to talk about with me.
Fav dramas: I've seen only about 10 dramas so I shouldn't talk much, but let's say Ichi Rittoru no Namida.
Anime: Candy Candy, Berubara (Rose of Versailles) and Gankutsuou

I'm supporter of SLASH/YAOI/BL/BOYxBOY -pairings! So please, no homophobics. And I would be happy to have other slash -fans as my friends~ *3* [especially PiKame -pairers]

whee~ There's something about me. I hope to get PM from someone, because I really would like to get penpal. n___n

Posted: Aug 14th, '06, 16:48
by Atie
I'm Atie, I really love to write letters to penpals all over the world. You can meet different people from different country.

If some of you like penfriend using snailmail, u can write me an email at, then we swap stamps or something that we can agree at. How's that? OK.

Hope to hear from u guys soon.


Posted: Aug 14th, '06, 18:43
by Agweyre
haha awww i'll be your friend.. :-p

Posted: Aug 14th, '06, 20:32
by carpe_noctem
angeizahoy wrote: personally, i love writing letters and whatnots, but such old-fashioned ways seems to be going out of style. no one writes letters anymore, it's all email, aim, phone, etc. so not fun. half the fun (and torture) of snail-mail is the waiting.
Actually it's interesting how many people say that ("snail-mail has died out already") and at the same time how many people actually DO write letters (and communicate over the net a lot at the same time) ... I've had, well, maybe not a LOT (I've heard of people who had many MORE than I'll probably ever meet) but a fair amount of penpals, some of them come and go but some of them stay... ^_^ Also, quite a lot of my friends like writing letters... so I really really dont think snail mail is so old fashioned and dying out as it might seem!

As for trusting people over the net ---well, maybe I was just immensely lucky, or maybe I went to the right places on the net but I have given my address lots of times and it only brought me good things (friends ...or drama trades.. *lol* etc) I'm also doing the bookcrossing thing (--> ) which involves giving out my address a lot (maybe I should set up a PO box?) and well.. Nothing bad happened to me!! I hope you dont think I'm naive, because I'm not.. I think I'm quite wary... as somebody said earlier, you cant TOTALLY trust people you meet over the net, but you cant "UNTRUST" them all, either, right?

For those of you who are wary of giving out their address, but would still like to write letters, I'd suggest first getting to know the person online, chatting, maybe voice chat(always something different) and then you might at some point feel that you can trust the person on the other side!

Haha I've written a bit and I STILL havent written any info about myself, even though it was me who opened the thread...Lol I'll do that soon, now I really have to get back to translating !!!!!

I'm glad that you guys like my thread and the idea! :wub:

Posted: Aug 14th, '06, 20:46
by kotaeshiranaihito
It's actually a very good idea.

With email/messaging, all you see is cold lifeless text, which you can interpret anyway you want-and some people got in a lot of trouble because of it, like the who nevada-tan thing-but with a letter you see a person put a little of him/herself into it, and you can tell what they really meant and what their attitudes were like based on their writing. One of the biggest problems with the internet is that when people talk on it, they can't tell whether the person is being cruel or just joking around, so a lot of times easily avoidable skirmishes get started (like nevada-tan). But with letters, people are usually able to only see what they read as positive. It was a very good idea.

Posted: Aug 14th, '06, 21:27
by superlarki
Yeah i like this idea too - i love letters.

I would love to have penpals - but i think i will start off slowly and start with emails because of the security issue.I really do hope to graduate to letters though.

This is just a quick HeLLO.
I really like this idea and want to get involved but i wasn't sure if i should leave a message now because i'm quite busy for the next 2weeks- am visiting family and can't access PC there - so i will not be able to really be very attentive until then. But i couldn't resist and hope the potential 'penpal list' grows.
So i thought i'd say hi and if anyone wants to be an email penpal then you can PM me either now, or in 2weeks when i will have more free time!! I'll prob repost anyways!

I live in the UK and am completing my studies. The REAL world beckons...what a scary thought! I love reading, watching dramas (!) and am an infrequent journal writer. I am bilingual but can only read English. I also love shopping and going to the cinema with my friends. My drama favourites are hard to choose but i will always love MISA.

That's it for now folks!

Posted: Aug 14th, '06, 22:27
by Japan Otaku
people are so nice here :lol

anyone want to be my penpal buddy?

Posted: Aug 15th, '06, 01:35
by z85z89
Okay..I have pmed some of you..hope you guys don't mind..hehe..
Sorry if you guys mind..

Posted: Aug 15th, '06, 01:51
by Japan Otaku
hehehe :whistling:

Posted: Aug 15th, '06, 01:55
by ohcrapimonfire

I'm a female college student from the US (NJ) and I'd love to have a pen-pal! Letters are all kinds of wonderful :)

I recently got into dramas, but I'm not much of a hardcore fangirl. My favorites include Hana Yori Dango/Meteor Garden (though that's a carry over from a manga obsession of long ago), Tokyo Wankei, Beautiful Life, Orange Days, and Mars.

I'm a musical person; I sing and play guitar and I write music. I love Indie pop/rock, singer-songwriters, neo-folk, and I secretly love really bad rap (shhh don't tell anyone!). I'm not very familliar with J-pop or other popular music from Asia, though I'm open to anything (except for Country, which I have respect for but not much love...). Other likes include travel, reading, sushi, keeping track of global issues and current events, and procrastinating. Dislikes include people who refuse to type properly, arrogance, fig newtons, licorice jelly beans, and knuckle-cracking.

I can only speak one language though :( Two, if you count badly broken high school level French.

Anyway, if anyone is interested with communicating with someone in the US, feel free to PM me! I'd love to write you.

- Janelle

Posted: Aug 15th, '06, 03:42
by wai_muna
penpal sounds really fun..i have 2..and they`re from belgium and romania and we still in contact now..its been 6 yrs already...:D
im a fun and cute friend..:P

so if anyone wants a cute and fun pen friend...just pm me..

Posted: Aug 15th, '06, 04:28
by froggy
Normally don't engage in this sort of stuff (for safety reasons of course), but a new friend is always welcomed. I have many interests which includes dramas so I hope to meet interesting and nice people. I am a student planning to do something with international studies. I would prefer to start off with e-mailing rather than snail mail. . . . just PM me. Wow. . . . this really sounds like a personal ad. . . . hahaha.

Posted: Aug 15th, '06, 04:42
by hmm_yeh
This is a really interesting thread. I'm sure there are a lot of people who'd love pen pals but can't really find the right place to look [I know I'm one of them]. I used to have two penpals when I was 14 but that didn't really last long.. more like 5 or 6 months. Maybe it was because we didn't really have anything in common. :blink

I understand that you shouldn't automatically trust people you meet online, but you should trust your instinct after getting to know them. E-mails and other forms of communication online are a great way to start getting to know a person before giving out you address. I've met one person online some 3 years ago and we swamped numbers and addresses and until now we're still good friends. I'd like to find more of those. Besides writing a letter seems more worthwhile than just an email. It's always nice to come home and get letter out of all those bills. :lol

I think I've babbled enough. Here's a little about me..
I'm 20 years old and reside in Jersey City, NJ. I love all sorts of anime and dramas. I got into dramas last year when I went back to Philippines for vacation and now I'm hooked. Among my favorites are Hana Yori Dango (and anything related to it.. I was obsessed with the manga!), Green Rose, and Princess Hours. I'm really outgoing and open-minded so if anyone wants to be friends.. e-mail me at :D

Posted: Aug 17th, '06, 23:13
by sweetdreams1891
yay...penpals!! i never had one hopefully i can get one for the first time!! a 15 year old girl living in New York, USA. I'm chinese and can speak cantonese, mandarin, english, and a lil bit of spanish. I love music and i've been playing the piano for about 10 years now. I love asian music and rock music and i dislike rap (well i like songs with a little rap in them :-) ) I also love reading mangas and watching jdramas. I love watching and reading Loveless, which means i am a fan of yaoi and shounen ai. :P I have not watched a lot of dramas since Ive only recently started watching....but so far i like Kurosagi, Nobuta wo Produce, Gokusen1and2, 1Litre of Tears, and HanaYori Dango. I dont play a lot of sports, but one sport i do play and am very passionate about is volleyball. I am shy at first, but once i get to no somebody, i get pretty outgoing. I hope i have some things in common with some of you here and im really looking foward to recieving a PM or two =)

Posted: Aug 19th, '06, 18:05
by besanioo
This sounds great! If there are still people wanting penpals, PM me and I'll send you my address.

I live in Seattle and am a grad student working towards my masters in Japanese Studies. My hobbies include photography, playing the piano, studying languages (so far Spanish and Japanese and I'm hoping to learn Korean and German as well), and of course dramas. My favorites so far have been Goong, Full House, Kim Sam Soon, ??????? (Orange Days), Friends, and ???????? (Last Christmas).

Thanks for (re-)starting this project, Carpe_Noctem!

Posted: Aug 19th, '06, 19:46
by Agweyre
To besanioo and hmmm_yeh as well as anyone else.... i think it would be awesome to have penpals and recieve letters :-). So hopefully i can get to know you guys better and then be able to write to each other.

A little bit about me:
A junior in college studying finance/bus admin
21 years
I live in Kansas...yes the middle of nowhere.

Posted: Aug 19th, '06, 20:58
by bah-tons
i've never had a pen pal before..and now that i think about would be cool to have and keep in touch with one..

high school student
i live in winnipeg, manitoba, canada
currently learning japanese
first drama ever watched: 1 litre of tears
watched dramas: nobuta wo produce, kurosagi, attention please, friends
favourite movies: the classic, old boy, shutter, see you after school

so if u like the same stuff i me :)

Posted: Aug 20th, '06, 16:57
by carpe_noctem
besanioo wrote:Thanks for (re-)starting this project, Carpe_Noctem!
My pleasure! ;)
I'm a bit short of time recently but it seems I'm gonna have to send out some PMs here :w00t:

Anyway I said I would finally write more about myself... so here it comes!
I am a 20 yr old girl from Poland (wll be 21 this yr)
I love foreign languages, I speak Polish (obviously), English and German and basic Italian. I'd love to learn MANY MORE!
Interests: anime, mangas, literature, fashion, music ^^, computers, web design, theatre and SO on. I'm a total beginner to dramas. I already got/downloaded quite a few of them but it's always taking me so long to start watching something new! So far I managed to watch Tokyo Friends and Nobuta wo Produce and I loved 'em both!!! :wub:

So, if anyone would like to get to know me better and be my penpal, then my inbox is waiting!! ^_^ :w00t:

Posted: Aug 21st, '06, 23:30
by gohan127
i'm wondering how does this penpal thing go? i imagine starting of by asking what drama's he/she's watched and hobbies and lots more, but after some time you stop writing, how do you stop?
adn what if i talk to much and he/she's not intrested in my blabering?
omg sweetdreams1891 that Loveles is it the same as the anime? with the gay dudes?
oh boy when i was watching it my brother and sis kept staring at my monitor everytime they walked past

Posted: Aug 22nd, '06, 05:11
by KingHussien
I like this idea. I haven't done this sort of thing before, so heres a bit about myself:

I'm a 23 male from US (PA). I listen to hard trance, hard dance, german trance/techno, classical, epic orchestral and soundtrack music. (I'm looking for some good japanese/korean/chinese hard trance/dance, so if you know of any PM me pls). I play a lot of FPS and I am part-owner of a startup company that is developing an MMORPG. I have a fetish for asian girls..

I dont care where your from as long as your cool! :D

Posted: Aug 23rd, '06, 23:43
by AngelGurl6
carpe_noctem wrote: ... I've had, well, maybe not a LOT (I've heard of people who had many MORE than I'll probably ever meet) but a fair amount of penpals, some of them come and go but some of them stay... ^_^
Wow, so how do you remember each person's characteristics, their likes/dislikes, and whatnot? For me, personally, I'd probably have to reread the letters that they send me to refresh my memory if I hadn't talked to them that often. *sweatdrop*

Anyways, I want to give this penpal a try since I've never had one. Let's see...I love anime (ones with great storyline, art, and leaves some kind of impact on me), asian movies/dramas (that's why I'm here! :P ), ice skating, hiking, drawing, photoshop, and if you want to know more about me, please feel free to pm me (hopefully, someone who share some similar interests with me). I guess I don't mind if it's snail mail or e-mail (though I feel much safer if it's the lattar), as long as I've seen your name pop up frequently on d-addict . I prefer someone who lives outside of the U.S. and Taiwan because I want to learn about other people's culture and whatnot. [/quote]

Posted: Aug 24th, '06, 02:41
by pwner4once
i kept thinking about this thread and how real address will be based on mutual agreement and it can turn to a diaster since address are private after all. therefore i've come to the conclusion why don't we just use emails instead of real mail since email doesn't cost anything and faster to get across continents

Posted: Aug 25th, '06, 19:00
by carpe_noctem
To each their own - apparently i'm a person who only visits communities where people dont hesitate too much b efore giving out their address... Well if somebody feels too wary about givin' out their address then as I said it's fine to communicate through email. ^_^ After all it's all about meeting new people and learning about them and not about being constantly nervous over one's privacy...!!

AngelGurl> Yes, I reread the letters and If I write with a person long enough then I feel I know them very well.. as if they were my friends who live next to me, you know? Then its not that difficult to remember things about them.

Posted: Aug 27th, '06, 03:32
by bajinay
wow this sounds like a lot of fun. i've never really had much of a penpal. it would be nice to do snail mail. handwriting can't replace typing. it shows so much of a person's character. but i do think it is probably better to start off e-mailing first =] i'm a college student studying biology in southern california. hmm...i love all kinds of music....i speak english, spent four years learning french but i must admit i doubt it has amounted to much V_V and i am currently studying japanese. i would definitely like to learn tagalog though~ my mother is bit disappointed in that respect lol. <3

Posted: Aug 27th, '06, 14:52
by ohlovelyy
I love the idea of this. I also love the idea of getting a letter in the mailbox. It makes life all the more interesting.

I'm 18 and from Los Angeles, California. I will be starting college in a month. I have short lived aspirations. I like chapstick and indie rock (The Elected, Copeland). My favorite dramas are Bad Family and Nobuta wo Produce. My favorite movies are Hello Brother, ...Ing, My Boss My Hero, and Taiyo No Uta. I can read and write very little Chinese.

PM me if you're interested. :)

Posted: Aug 28th, '06, 01:27
by naviro
I think this is a great idea, meeting new people is always fun.

I'm a 19 year old asian male from california. I enjoy all kinds of music including soundtrack, I find other languages very interesting. I like to watch korean and japanese drama and am a big fan of anime. I speak english and cambodian, although cambodian doesn't really help since most people in my area speak spanish.

If your interested pm me :D

Posted: Aug 28th, '06, 02:07
by Bodhi
I'd love to chat with other people that watch drama's. I don't know anyone in my area that likes Asian dramas, many anime and manga fans but none to talk about drama with.

PM me to exchange email addresses, I live in NY love Japanese drama's, manga and anime. I actually started watching drama then got sucked into anime and finally manga my latest obsession.

Posted: Aug 29th, '06, 00:10
by juxvi3t
Kyahhhh sounds fun. I'm willing w/ anyone from anywhere. Asia or London would be cool though since I've actually been to those places. But uhhhh e-mail first before I'm giving anyone my address...

Posted: Aug 29th, '06, 17:52
by freerose
Pen pal is great for everyone that looking for friendship first that other relationship, Pen pal is like Hidden bubby able to chat with you about life. It’s nice to have a Pen pal.

Posted: Aug 29th, '06, 18:38
by PopGilligan
Eee! This is great guys^^

I haven't had a penpal since...elementary school, I think. Hm. But, anways, I'm a 19 female from the US (WA), and I'm really only fluent in English. I've been studying Japanese for 6 years, so I can communicate fairly well and understand a lot, but I just don't know very many kanji. I'm studying Korean in my free time, and I'm starting Norwegian in the fall.

Other than languages, and dramas, I'm big into music and politics. I'm studying political science in school, and I mostly listen to indie rock/pop. I do adore foreign music, I'm just not as educated about it as I should be.

I'd love to have a penpal to snailmail. I'm moving into my first place in a couple of weeks, and it would be REALLY exciting to recieve mail that isn't a bill,...or from my parents. Where you're from doesn't matter, although it might be nice to have a penpal that spoke a language I didn't so we teach each other simple phrases...But. Yes. PM me^^ I won't bite.

Posted: Aug 29th, '06, 22:48
by Elanora
I only know French and English, I also studied Spanish for a while... but I really want to learn how to speak Korean as well as Japanese >_<''

I'm from Quebec, Canada. I really like to watch jdramas, twdramas and kdramas XD My two favorites might be... Kurosagi and Wonderful Life... I also really like 1 litre of tears so sad though .. I like to cross stitch XD So if you need help for finding some patterns I can help loll.. I like cross stitching forever friends <3 The bears are so cute =3

Anyways, I can only be an email penpal though... XD But if you're still interested please PM me =D

Posted: Aug 30th, '06, 00:26
by pwner4once
just checking on the status of this thread.

btw my msn is linux886 at hotmail dot com and my email would be li dot flint at gmail dot com

Posted: Sep 2nd, '06, 01:34
by cool_kickin_dude
I like to have a few penpals myself. :-) .

Posted: Sep 8th, '06, 20:51
by Grc733
Kool I want a penpal...... I'm still in contact with my penpals from germany.....
Hey if anyone wants a cuban friend living in Florida, US pm me I'm a college student and I like anime, TWDramas so far cuz I haven't seen any others, I like Japanese movies apart from american movies..... ummm lets see I like JPOP, CPOP, and Rock........ ummm I'm really good with languages I pick them up real fast........ I speak English, Spanish, Wishy-washy Japanese and Hindi and hope to learn Mandarin next semester....

If you wanna be friends pm, and we'll sort it out later

Posted: Sep 15th, '06, 16:27
by cool_kickin_dude
I forgot to say if anybody wants me as a penpal, don't forget to PM me

Posted: Sep 22nd, '06, 22:17
by KaoruNiikura
HI, never posted before, but I'm always looking in here, seeding what I can and downloading stuff, so...
I'd love to start a friendship through the mail (star with email, and move to snail mail if you wish).
I'm a Spanish girl, 26 years old, studying and working (my first major was aeronautical engineering, and then i moved to languages with Translation)
I can speak: Spanish, English, German, French (although it's been 8 years since I last spoke it fluently I can understand and try to communicate), a little bit of Italian, Japanese, Chinese and can read Korean (but I don't know many words yet, although I watch all Korean dramas ><).
I don't mean to be rude to anyone, but I'd prefer Chinese, Korean or Japanese friends (since these are the three languages I'm more interested in :D). Anyway, all people is welcome ^^.
Uhm... next year I'll move to the US or Japan to continue my studies, so I'll let you know.
I like everything XD I'm a huge geek. I love anime/manga, tv series (asian and american - yay for Lost), I love sports (basketball, tennis, golf... judo, karate... don't like soccer that much although Real MAdrid an Barcelona are well known out there XD), I like writing, listening to music (Korean/Japanese/Chinese mostly, and then R&B, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Hard Rock/Heavy Metal, Classical... everything but dance/trance/techno... and things like that, sorry).
I don't know what to say... so feel free to send me a PM asking whatever you want to ask.
My email is kaoruniikura at gmail dot com.
Bye ^^

PenPals from Japan?

Posted: Oct 23rd, '06, 00:05
by daite045
hey i was just wondering if anyone from japan would like to be penpals? im very interested in the japanese culture and would like to learn more about it. males or females.. either one should be fine . ages between 17 to 26 .. if you are interested please PM me. i'm looking forward to getting to know you!

Posted: Oct 26th, '06, 17:17
by AngelicLayer
cool_kickin_dude wrote:I forgot to say if anybody wants me as a penpal, don't forget to PM me
why don´t you pm some pipl here urself? :-) Don´t guys usually do the first move??Try it!! :-)

Posted: Oct 26th, '06, 17:22
by AngelicLayer
oh, I forgot! Wai_muna, thank you a lot for your letter! I´m gonna write you as soon as possible!
PS: carpe_notcem and pee, I´m awating your answers!!!! :-)

Posted: Oct 27th, '06, 09:07
by jellybeano