Ever had a teacher from hell? Share your stories

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Ever had a teacher from hell? Share your stories

Post by kotaeshiranaihito » Jul 27th, '06, 19:19

I recently saw the drama Joou no kyoshitsu (queen's classroom). It's definitely recommended for anyone. This drama is nothing like the other "teacher dramas" I've seen before. I definitely like this drama more than many others.

So anyway, see the drama, and come here and share any horror stories you've ever had with a teacher from hell. Did you end up liking the teacher at the end? Or did you hate/him her more than ever? Let's hear.

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Post by nikochanr3 » Jul 28th, '06, 12:36

We had a teacher in grad school who was real quirky. He only taught summer session business english, so it was 3 days a week, 2 hours a day. His things...

1) You could NEVER be right unless you said what HE though, and worded how HE wanted it. Thus, you could not be right. When you were wrong, he would berate you. Bad, yes. But worse because the ENTIRE class was him asking questions about the case you read the night before.
2) You could not be late or miss class more than once. This was more than the school rule. During the semester, my friend's grandma died and she had to fly out and miss 2 classes. He actually lectured her about responxiblity and told her he would be NICE this one time and overlook it. She was legitimately going to punch him when i was pushing her away.
3) His tests were incoherent, and everyone did very poorly.
4) His grading of papers was incoherent and everyone did very poorly.

The only thing is, he was an intensely easy final grader. He'd tell you YOU ARE A MORON for the whole time, you'd fail the tests, fail the papers, and get an A. Just a total tool....

And no, i never liked him. I wanted to go back and whack him one for my friend. :cussing:

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Post by zaechi » Jul 29th, '06, 09:22

oh yeah i had that teacher in my sophomore year in highschool

she is so used to throwing noetbooks and you have to get it on school grounds!

our calls is being held at 3rd floor that time. i hate to see her and she never gives high grades to anyone!

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Post by S@GDI@N@:-) » Jul 29th, '06, 11:53

oh my god! Teachers!!! Well, there was a sensei who thaught English in my class! She was old and really annoying. Everytime we had much homework to do and we learnd about 30-50 new english words every time we had english! I still remember her...she always said: "Sagdiana, you have to do your homework as well as you speak English!" She bothered me all the time and although I got 1s for my tests ( 1 is the most highest grade in Germany!) I still got a 2 on my last school report....I hated her more and more..but now I´m just thankful to her because got this pressure to learn English!
The second one was our perverted PE teacher, Herr Carl was his name. Everytime when girls were in their restroom, he came in....you imagine girls only in underwear and his looking and shouting....yuck!

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Post by bugsie » Jul 29th, '06, 12:14

Ah memories..

I've always had trouble with teachers who are flapless fagots. I remember my chemistry teacher when i was in high school, he graded me incomplete in my chemistry class and i had to work on it the whole summer by attending classes to pass. I challenged the flapless fagot to a duel outside school and he threatened me that he'll fail me totally. Good thing is, my mom came to school and talked to the school authorities about the abuse that idiot of a teacher i had. I guess that can be called an "extra-judicial" approach in the part of my mom.

Anyway, I saw that teacher outside school when I was in college and apparently he is taking his major in the same school (oh hells yeah! the coincidence), but I guess I matured a lot when I entered college and greeted him like nothing happened.

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Post by Karo » Jul 29th, '06, 15:24

Had a physics teacher... Who really was evil... and this guy hated me...
We had oral exams two or three times a year...
I had one together with a friend who was a genius (she really was!!) and whenever I had somethng wrong, or didn't know it... he asked her. But she didn't know it either...
Whenever she didn't know something... he never asked me... NEVER... I was sooo angry. I would have known nearly everything he asked her. And he gave her such easy questions... >.<
I hated him...

One day... he told me not to chat wth my classmate... I had to tell him then that I bviously am really nearsighted and can't read what he had written down. I had to ask my classmate because of it...
Damn, he was so angry... He kept staring at me for the whole lesson... >.>

Had another "funny" teacher...
German teacher... she was sooo evikl. She had this oral exams too and she asked questions till the people didn't know the answer to it... Then you failed. Because of one question. She laughed while wrting it into her red book...
She laughed quite often when she could do something bad to her pupils. Her exams were pretty hard...

Now that's been 10 years back... But I still can remember her evil laughter, when failing someone... >.< If devil was married, she would be his wife...

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Post by Neji-sama » Jul 29th, '06, 21:32

Ain't seen that show but i'll share how angry some teachers can be.

My first teacher, a female slapped me when I was 6 years old because I made my classmate cry.

My second teacher, she'd allways shout at me, kick me out of class or take strong grip around my hands/body(dunno how to explain it -_-).

My third teacher, now finally a kind one... She never did something bad psychicly to me(only once but wasn't that hard and I pretty damn desirved it).

When I got to high-school my teachers were ok except for this german leather-wearing b*tch who made me want to quit school, her breath was killing me, her dandruff would fall on my head/books etc... Now this one actually gave me a small bruise on my hand(fkr!.)

But my worst encouter with a teacher is this dude who takes care of people that are born with diseases(CP etc), this guy grasps me and slams me on the wall and kinda hits me on my chest, I got scared like **** and said "it wasn't me"...

Now finally, at the age 17 i've grown up...

I won't say what I did because i'm ashamed of all the **** I did... I will someday make up for the **** I did to some people(no teachers!!!)

Oh and I still hate the teachers.

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Post by toxicity » Aug 1st, '06, 15:56

A teacher from Hell???

Yep!!! My economic teacher during my last year of High school!!!
He yelled, he screamed!!! There was no class like his class. Sometimes, during the lectures, he began to speak English or German. So nice in a French school lol!!!
My classmates could not understand German and the teacher said sometimes :
"Jabol? Verstehen Sie?"
Fortunatly, I learnt German and I answersed "Ja, mein Herr!"
And he was happy!!

One day, he took a table and shaked it. The students were afraid of him.
He always acted crazy and mad but he was very nice!! My best teacher during high school. The class had the best grades of the school because of him!!

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Post by FruitChaat » Aug 1st, '06, 16:19

haha, i've had way to many teachers from hell

in 3rd grade i had this evil old woman who would always tell us we were stupid, and if u made a mistake she would start grinning at you evilly

this last year for AP english[ college level course taken in high school] one of our teachers left b/c she was pregnant, and her replacement was a female nigerian immigrant who used to teach english in nigeria.... i woman who taught english in a foreign country was teaching a course she had nvr taught b4, and college level at tht. i have nvr hated a teacher like i hated her. she graded unfairly, when u tried to discuss it she wouldn't listen. she would nvr ask for things to be turned in, so if you didn't know she collected it and handed it in later you would be penalized. she made us do so much work which in turn nvr got graded because she "didn't have time" to grade it after all. and her class was just a waste of time...most of the time we just read things out loud...in a college level class, sighh
thank god tht year is over, b/c tht class and tht teacher were just a waste of time

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Post by asianblondgirl » Aug 1st, '06, 19:07

OMGSH YES!!! my mom o.0 j,k i was homeschooled half of my life though,
But yeah i had a teacher from hell, she was my first grade teacher, and she always liked yelling, and then when we had to stick confety on a big letter, i just put the glue on and sprincled the conffety on, and she got all mad, threw it away and said i had to put each conffety on one by one.....i cried and cried ran out of the class room and climbed onto the roof of the school and didnt come down.....

to tell the truth...my dad changed me schools that week and i had a nice teacher after that...

But yeah having your mom as a teacher can be scary sometimes too.

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Post by kotaeshiranaihito » Aug 2nd, '06, 20:08

Well, since I started the topic might as well share one of mine (I'll share more later).

My first teacher from hell was in the fourth grade. She was strict as hell. She would force us to walk in lines, gave hard as hell tests, etc etc.

Every night she had us memorize some texts that were in a completely different language and in the morning in front of everyone she had us stand up and recite them and if you couldn't do it, you had to stay in during recess and do assignments and anything else.

And worse, during the year she got pregnant. So for the rest of the year she would spend days just eating pizza, chinese food etc right in front of us while we were taking tests (and all we had to look forward to was crap ass grade F school food). And sometimes her moods would just flip flop around and she'd start screaming and throwing students out of class.

I hated her.

But little did I know that she was nothing compared to my next teacher from hell.

Also she came back as our science teacher during the 6th grade and even though she was just as strict, we did learn a lot during that year. So I ended up liking her in the 6th grade (but HATED her in the 4th).

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Post by JC » Aug 2nd, '06, 20:20

My film studies teacher was an ****. (Excuse my language).

It's like every piece of work I did, he just slated it. Someone would go up, present their work and they'd get praised and positive feedback - even when it wasn't all that good. I'd go up and present my work, I get told it's awful, it's rubbish with no positive or constructive feedback. It used to upset me, because I'd work hard on a piece of work just for him to criticize it in a nasty way and make me feel dumb. It was horrible 'cos no one had made me feel this way before. I'd always thought I was capable, but he made me doubt that. It hit a point (though it took me a while) where I just realised that he plain hated me and that the problem wasn't my academic ability, it was me: he just didn't like me.

He always used to single me out and shout and make a scene - I don't know what the hell he had against me! I couldn't even put it down to racism 'cos another dude in my class was black and he loved him! :lol He couldn't do no wrong in his eyes.

(Bastard teacher! :cussing: )[/spoiler]

Ann ^-^
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Post by Ann ^-^ » Oct 8th, '06, 14:21

Yes i have a teacher that i hate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shes so freaking annoying.
She allways says: Run 10 more laps, you are too slow......I JUST WANT TO SAY: WHAT ABOUT YOU! YOU SHOULD RUN TOO YOU PIG! ARGHHHH sorry but everytime i talk about her, then i gets really mad.
And when we asked her about something, she dont answer she just ignore us or she says: Didnt you listen to what i said! Are you death? Man i just hate her....... :cussing: And the worst thing is i still have her!

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Post by pwner4once » Oct 8th, '06, 15:25

for some reason, the whole drama on the teacher just scares me since she looks totally scary comparing to Gougusen. anyhow I had a teacher who didn't know how to teach. She was trying to teach PreCalc which is the easiest thing ever. First class, she had trouble showing us how to work out some example. I had to help her. After about a month, she started screwing me over with all these grade crap. For some odd reason, she looked into my transcript and saw that I skipped the class for Algebra II by credit by exam. however i didn't finish the second portion of the exam. A&B. so she started to the head of the department and she was saying I am making a bad example in her class even though I am the best( no im not a narcissist >_<) out of all those students. So instead of taking the B portion as i planned already. i had to take it during school year. i still had a 95 and got the credit. stupid teacher...

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Post by ikya_06 » Feb 5th, '07, 15:26

i had a horrible math teacher.. She always wants us to look at her while she discuss.. but i really can't take it.. i get so scared just looking at her scary eyes.. hehe..

She doesn't care if her students are being embarassed in front of the class.. and if your answers are incomplete... hala.. boom!..you better get ready!!hehe..

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Post by Enki » Feb 6th, '07, 08:10

My 9th grade Maths teacher...he was universally hated by ALL the students, no exception.

He was an obnoxious ass who would go on in class about what a genius he was. He could NOT teach at all. His explanations were always incomplete and his math problems in exams made no sense and were completely beyond us.

Of all the classes he taught, no one passed the finals. I'm serious. They had to give everyone a passing grade based on their year's average cause it was too much of a humiliation for the school.

And that fat disgusting pig actually belly flopped me in class! Getting his big stomach to the head...yuck :glare:

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Post by lilangryaznangel » Feb 6th, '07, 08:19

okay i didnt really had a teacher form hell, expect for my sophomore math teacher who's accent was so damn thick that i could bearly understand her. I had the sub from hell. He would ramble on and on about something and tell a student to stick to the topic of econ. my god. when ever he talked, he would switch the subject to his crayfish. another sub i had last semester was tottally delusional. he would always look over your shoulder just to see what you were doing and interupt you while you were working. At Milipitas High, the teachers are great; the subs are horrible.

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Post by strawberrie1210 » Feb 6th, '07, 09:10

the most annoying teacher goes to... my history teacher, approximately a year ago. at first, she seemed really nice. i thought she was sweet, demure and caring. and heck, my guesses were totally opposite. sigh, my precognition skills really suck. my history teacher was podgy and she walks like penguin (due to her weight). every single day, she would pester us and pressure us to get a perfect A for History in our major exams. she would say this every single day! freaking long-winded! and one faithful day, she shouted at my class :scratch: for no particular reason. she assumed that the walls are the only ones listening to her. look, she assumed. Grahh! seems like she's exaggerating =.=" we tried explaining everything to her and she said we're denying, blah blah! ever since that day, we began to..... detest history and the history teacher. bleH! she was lazy. no doubt about that. sometimes, she wouldnt even come to our class to teach us because she was 'too busy' with her group of singers. nonetheless, they bagged the national champion. frankly speaking, she didnt care about us. first, when she steps into our class, she grabs her text book and blabbers everything out in front (more like she's reading straight from the book). then, she sits back at her seat and does her own stuff. she would do that almost every lesson of history. she would ask us to do our own notes mainly because 'we're older enough and we should know what to do and we do not need teachers to ask us to do our own notes'. honestly, she didnt even mark any of our history books, regardless of note book or even our exercise book. to sum up, she just doesnt give a damn about our class. she expected us to respect her, and yet she doesnt respect us. what? this should be a 2-way respect and yet she's doing this to us. and oh yeah, she adoresssssss one particular class (they're bunch of study freaks) because they bootlick her all the time. and..she would smile slyly. more like she's smirking or frowning. goshd, thank God i dont have to face her this year. 2006 was enough... :glare:

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Post by wai_muna » Feb 6th, '07, 10:50

i had this buss. lec...he used to scold me for no reason..saying if i want to talk..i do so outside the class...but only god knows..i never said any words...gosh..since that day..i never wanted to be in his class

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Post by phramc » Feb 7th, '07, 05:26

Well yesterday I looked at a boy and my teacher sent me to the principal's office. :blink it was totally insane. I hate that teacher.

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Post by mimmi » Feb 7th, '07, 07:46

Ah memory....summer, english composition II; 2 days a week and 2 and a half hour each day....just because I started one week late, he had to tell me to "drop the class, not to take it, you won't make it, you already missed one week, I won't tell you what you missed because I'm not accepting late work."...told him I already paid for my class in cold cash, so let me take the class, I'll still pass it....two weeks later, he couldn't resist my charm, started talking to me like an old friend or an old acquaintance, even complaining to me about his frustration with some of my class mates....at the end of the summer season, he ate out of the palm of my hand :lol....ok, that's rude of me....still says hi to me whenever we run into each other :-)....

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Post by nikochanr3 » Feb 8th, '07, 17:59

mimmi wrote:Ah memory....summer, english composition II; 2 days a week and 2 and a half hour each day....just because I started one week late, he had to tell me to "drop the class, not to take it, you won't make it, you already missed one week, I won't tell you what you missed because I'm not accepting late work."...told him I already paid for my class in cold cash, so let me take the class, I'll still pass it....two weeks later, he couldn't resist my charm, started talking to me like an old friend or an old acquaintance, even complaining to me about his frustration with some of my class mates....at the end of the summer season, he ate out of the palm of my hand :lol....ok, that's rude of me....still says hi to me whenever we run into each other :-)....
:lol thats the worst teacher from hell story EVER.

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Post by melica37 » Feb 8th, '07, 18:17

My teacher from hell story sounds almost unbelievable but it is a true story.

In my ethics class (of all classes) in community college my instructor began asking me out. When i told him that it didn't seem like a good idea with us being teacher and student he told me that he was sorry I had such limited thinking and when we got our next paper back he proceeded to take mine and dissect it apart in front of the class. I know I should have complained but I was young then and just took it

I was going to be a philosophy major but he was teaching the next course so I switched to math. :cry:

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Post by mimmi » Feb 8th, '07, 19:26

@ niko: well, it was a true story and it wasn't funny at the time....he made one girl cried and quit, he made another girl (I'll say in her 30's cried, but she stuck to her gun and stayed), all the boys in the class hated him and called him names when he's not in the class room....as for me, just because he called me outside the class room and talked to me in his loud voice with the door wide open, I wasn't gonna coward away from that class and not taking it....didn't felt embarrassed at the time, I stood in the doorway with my head high and deliberately stared at each student whom looked at me and held their gaze till they looked away, and walked confidently with my nose up in the air to the seat where I left my books and sat down....I heard he's still very hard with students in his class room (poor kids)....just glad my son didn't have him as a teacher this semester :lol....

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Post by uisforYOUandME » Feb 10th, '07, 21:30

gosh. i have a teacher from hell right now. ><;
she's my math teacher and she's so MEAN.
and always embarassing me in class -.-;
i do all my work and stuff. but she thinks im' quiet .
there's noone to talk to & nothing to talk about anyways.
and if we talk, she yells at us -__-;;

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Post by hisa » Feb 12th, '07, 06:00

melica37: oO That's nuts. What a creepy teacher *shivers*

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Post by snorky2k » Apr 23rd, '09, 17:59

I had a college teacher where you had to attend his bible study class to pass (engineering class in a state school). The members of his cult had to leave paper bags filled with cash on his porch and most of the other grad students were members of his cult also.

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Post by akinoame27 » Apr 23rd, '09, 18:40

I´m doing my school-leaving exams next month (I don´t know how it is in other countries but in Slovakia there are oral exams from four subjects we have been learning for four years in high school).
Well, as one of them, I have chosen the history of arts... And that was the biggest mistake in my life!! ==; The teacher is sooooo unsuatable for a teacher!! He is quite young (about 27) but is very weird... For example, he has a real problem with telling and writing names (I have to check spelling of every name in my notes because of him....). Ok, but that is not the worst.... But let me say I had almost heart attack when I found out that he was telling us wrong facts!! I mean... For example, he was telling us about someone´s painting - he told us the name of the picture, he showed it to us and was talking about the meanings of the picture...... Only later on I found out (by chance!!), that he was describing a wrong painting!! I was so terrified I started chceking my whole notes from him and found at least one mistake in EVERY few pages...
And the worst part is still coming - as I already said, I´m doing the graduating exams next month. However, he never told us, what EXACTLY should we learn from our notes in detail... And he told us only yesterday - I thought i would kill him o.O About 70% of it we don´t have in our notes...
AAAARGH................ I only think of him and want to hit him!!

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Post by regregreg » Apr 23rd, '09, 19:31

Waaah.. teachers from hell! I've had many, but one of them was so bad that I still have nightmares about her. She taught Economics at my secondary school and I already left that school five years ago... but I can't forget this teacher, she was so scary! She was always talking very loudly and spoke in a way like she is the best person in the world... If you read Harry Potter, you know what kind of person Professor Umbridge is... Now that's EXACTLY how "nice" my Economics teacher was to us! And it's not just that she was a terrible person, she always made us write tests of things that she taught us AFTER we wrote the test! So you can imagine: everyone got bad grades. And when we told about the terrible things she say and do to the other teachers, they told us that they can't do anything because they are afraid of her too! Surprisingly this teacher was the nicest teacher when I had the oral parts of my school-leaving exams (we have the same system here like akinoame27 has in Slovakia). I was so nervous that I started to cry in front of the examiners even though I knew the answers to the questions... and this teacher got up and brought me a tissue!!! I was so schocked!!! That was so nice of her even though she freaking hated me for four years for some unknown reason. O.o There was a day when I was sitting in her class, doing nothing except listening to the things she said, and suddenly she stepped in front of my desk, lifted up the notes that were before me and tore it up!! Then she started screaming about how I don't pay attention! WTF!? And then she took the remains of my notes and handed it to another teacher, who was nice enough to give it back to me later that day.

Btw, I have another teacher of hell now! He's just simply scary and he makes everyone talk a lot in his class. And I'm not the type who talk a lot, so he hates me. :cry: He wants to fail me because I wasn't attending his class for I'm too afraid of him. I wasn't skipping all of the time but I skipped half of the classes, I think. And the worst thing is that I'll have to convince him next week not to fail me, or otherwise I'm not allowed to take the final exams this year and I'll have to pay a lot of money and repeat the whole school year next year! :cry: And I got the best grades of every other subject! Except his class, because he doesn't do tests, he just talks and talks and talks and makes us talk, and says the creepiest things about man-woman relationship and sexist things I don't even want to write here.

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Post by Katschoo » Apr 25th, '09, 16:38

i had one, she was not evil but god damn stupid and weak.

once she cut her finger during a lesson, and came to my desk (it was the first next to her) an her blood dropped on my things. i asked her to hold her hand up an use an tissue... she was surprised by me being angry "oh i´m not ill or so" (was a class with all grown ups, so we were quite free in speech to Our teachers) gross

same person, my English is really bad, so i deserved a lower mark (maybe -4) but i had good marks in all other classes, so she did not dare to stand up to the other teachers so i got a 2. because it was easier for her. i won´t complain.

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Post by gauri92 » Apr 25th, '09, 17:59

Gahh...this topic is very close to my heart since i was very recently kicked out of my advertising course in college (which is a diploma, optional, u get selected fer it after tests, separate from ur degree..)

Alrite...the first day of the class she tells us "you have to be available any time, anywhere....I can call you for work whenevr i need to..."..
and boy did she follow this.....I'm a hostel student and my hostel doesnot allow students to be out past 9:00 at night....i get a call from her at 9:30 to come to the college ASAP since there was some official work to be done.....I tell her that my hostel doesnot allow it, and she threatened me by throwing me out of the course, so I begged my warden to let me go....and wen i reach college, the other few students who were there along with me.....we had to sit and do her stupid filing work!!! and she gave it to us and left..!!!!

She made us give more importance to a diploma course than our actual degree.....and our degree is wayyy more important b'cuz its actually recognized.....this diploma sourse is ****...

And why was i recently kicked out?? Well....since i am an out-station student, it is but obvious that I would go home after xams end. We do internships in this course (for which we have to look for ourselves...). I was going ot mine in Canada (m currently in india) since i am a Canadian resident an dI had to go there for 2 months to retain my residency.....and guess what??? She clls us all to college yesterday so that we can identify our xam papers which she messed up while decoding!!! and she doesn't even admit her mistake!!! She still blames us for 'not knowing our roll numbers..' We can't help it if she reverts bak to the old roll numbers widout telling us.....
And she told me tht I should have told her that i'm not doing my internship in India and that I can't make decisions like this without telling her.....but an internship is an internship, dammit!!!! It doesn't matter where I do it from...or it should have been specified by her that we have to inform her about the place we are doing it from. And then she tells me that i haven't done it till now...and I tell her that there are still 2 months left for summer break to get over...and she tells me that she is kicking me out of the course b'cuz i wasn't in college to identify my paper....and that she isn't correcting the papers not identified and tht i won't even get my certificate for completing one year of this hellish but completely useless course...!!! M gonna do my internship, and if she doesn;t gimme the crtificate, im gonna approach teh principal to handle the matter.......

Whew....she's hell personified i tell u....

Kagimoto Y.y
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Post by Kagimoto Y.y » Apr 26th, '09, 21:23


when I was in highschool,I'm a freshmen and a transfer student from another junior-high and most of my classmates studied there since junior-high. so I'm the newbie there. Then the teacher that I am talking about she is my home room teacher and she's teaching a chemistry.

At first about the fisrt month she asked the all new student that came from another junior-high to meet her. When I went to meet her she asked me a lot of question such as what's your family do for a living.what is your junior-high,why you have to change your school.... But that's OK It's not the ploblem.
But the ploblem is she knew that my mom is a single mom and she always asked about this like "Did your mom have a new boyfriend?,Did your dad remarried?.Did your dad have a kid with his new wife?
(These question are very rude in my country)

That's not enough...
Sometimes when she's teaching in her class she'll stare at me then ask me the "rude" question infront of all my classmates and asked me to the front of the class and answer the question in that chem. lesson. If I answer something wrong she'll said to me "Are you that much stupid?" or "I think you must quit studying!" ( my others subject don't bad at all just only chemistry!!! I always get a top score in math and bio )

more than that
She asked everybody in my class to seperate in groups and have a duty to clean some classrooms and the "unfortunate" me have to go cleaning the room that store a chemical (that she in charge that room directly)for the chem. lab. and you know...in this room have a hundred of bottle of chemical and she didn't allow us to go home until she go there and check everything so that's about 5-6 pmTTATT

Once, She knew that my mom open the grocery store and she asked me for bringing one kind of dried mushroom for her.FOR FREE!!

She also is the reason that I hate chemistry! Right now when I'm studying chemist, It's always remind me about her. That's SUCKS!! so my grade in chemistry always about F.D or maybe C+ (That's my best chem. grade)

Still... have a lot stories
I think if I write about her it maybe a whole one book!!
Thanks for reading my story^3^

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Post by merou1 » Jul 3rd, '09, 06:59

oh yeah, i had a college professor who was emotionally unstable, because of that I think my grade was pretty low, what a bad teacher, she was really quite and looked like she was going to cry, I dont have time for that... > : /

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I had 2 of those teacher's from hell at the same time (with the same horrible first name), but they were much worse than the one from Joou no kyoshitsu.
They found me so stupid and couldn't teach me anything, the best solution was to put me outside the class door with table and chair and all and continuously let me write tables and paragraphs of text and after graduating from that school it was best for me to go to a school for children with learning disabilities.
They were furious at my parents when my folks told the school they were going to transfer me to another school, best thing that happened to me because I managed to finish that school pretty well and eventually getting my master degree, so screw you teachers from hell, it was never my learning disability but your lack in teaching, I hope they fired you both.

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