which star would be the best for you to go out with...

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which star would be the best for you to go out with...

Post by S@GDI@N@:-) » Jul 21st, '06, 19:49

just some simple questions which are unrealistic (for fun!!!)


1. ..the disco

2...to the cinema

3.. go shopping

4...spend the night with :wub:

5...go swimming with....

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Post by chiyuffie » Jul 21st, '06, 20:10

disco...Se7en <-he can dance!
cinema...Lee Dong Wook<-idk why
shopping...Daniel Henney<-prince charming
spend the night with....TAKESHI KANESHIRO! HOT HOT HOT!
go swimming with...Tsumabuki Satoshi<-ehehe Waterboys...got to love them speedos.

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Post by S@GDI@N@:-) » Jul 21st, '06, 20:20

well, for me, those are

disco- Rain (too! Great moves )
cinema- maybe Edison Chen ?
shopping-I guess, it´s Takashi Tsukamoto
spend the night with- Ando Masanobu
go swimming with - maybe Vanness

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Post by Kakihara » Jul 21st, '06, 20:39

1. Misaki Youko
2. Oka Hiromi
3. Kotani Nobuko
4. Takamori Hanako
5. Ayuhara Kozue

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Re: which star would be the best for you to go out with...

Post by nikochanr3 » Jul 21st, '06, 20:51


1. ..the disco NAMIE AMURO! =)

2...to the cinema. ITOH MISAKI. I'd just feel privleged being near her.

3.. go shopping KATORI SHINGO. He'd attract attention, and it would be so surreal and strange it would be a blast.

4...spend the night with :wub: I'm in love with Koda Kumi. :wub: Slam me, i can take it!

5...go swimming with...um, Sonim. She looks fun, and she'd be cute in bathing suit.
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Post by Kaito5 » Jul 21st, '06, 21:30

1. Lee Jung Hyun
2. Kang Jeong-hwa
3. Jung Ryo-won
4. Kim So-yeon
5. Kato Natsuki

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Post by razberrymeringue » Jul 21st, '06, 21:58

woo this looks fun!


2..ummm...changmin from dbsk? that was random, i just picked someone lol.

3..lee junki? haha i dunno..

4..haha se7en!! (can i say him more than once? lol)

5..idk, taebin? he would be nice to look at. :D
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Post by ryo.saeba » Jul 21st, '06, 22:04

very difficult choice

1 : Yui Ichikawa or Aya Ueto (so cute

2...Yui Akagaki She's so great ^^

3.. Erika Toda or Aya Ueto they look so funny and kawaiii :D

4...Kou Shibasaki or Yui Ichikawa or Akagaki Yui (they are both so sexy) :wub:

5...Itoh Misaki (be nice to see her in swimsuit ^^) :wub:

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Post by fluid » Jul 22nd, '06, 18:07

1.) BoA !
2.)Satomi Ishihara..such a cutee
3.)Maki Hirokita... nobuta power enter~
4.)Song Hye Kyo... i have a feeling she'd be great in bed :)
5.)Itoh Misaki

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Post by zaechi » Jul 29th, '06, 09:26

1. ..the disco - i dont go to discos

2...to the cinema - jun ki (i'd like to rest on his shoulders while watching hehe )

3.. go shopping - in sung( he can buy me a celphone. haha)

4...spend the night with - jun ki (oh.. i think it'll be great chatting the whole night)

5...go swimming with.... - i cant swim!!

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Post by whowhatme » Jul 29th, '06, 09:34

1 clubbing: DINNER instead :P hirosue ryoko

2 shopping: takeuchi yuko~

3 movies: matsu takako :wub:

4 spend the night with: matsu takako :wub: :wub:

5 swimming: ishihara satomi!

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Post by NenePi » Aug 3rd, '06, 02:19

I have a very slim choice of stars I'm actually attracted to...but here we go. XD;

1. ..the disco: Nariyama Hiroki! That would be so much fun. -(^ ^)-

2...to the cinema: Furuya Keita

3.. go shopping: Nariyama Hiroki again, I love his style. :)

4...spend the night with: Yamashita Tomohisa! Ah, dream night. XD

5...go swimming with....: Izaki Yusuke, he seems athletic.

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Post by Catinka » Aug 3rd, '06, 02:31

all 5 dates Kim Rae-Won!!


his fashion style is awesome,he is a real good dancer and his lips are to die for hehe

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Post by Kimmy07 » Aug 3rd, '06, 02:57

1. the disco.. Rain. Definitely ^_^

2. to the cinema.. Tsumabuki Satoshi

3. go shopping.. Yasuda Shota :lol He'd be so much fun

4. spend the night with.. Nishikido Ryo! Without a doubt

5. go swimming with... Kim Rae Won

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Post by keiko001 » Aug 3rd, '06, 10:29

1. disco : Satoshi Tsumabuki _________such a pretty guy!!!
2. cinema : Kang DongWon _____________his shy and quiet character !!!!
3. shopping : Yamashita Tomohisa _______ cute boy with an innocent appearance and cool clothes!!!!
4. spend the night : Ando Masanobu _________ with his fanatical and agressive character in Battle
Royale as Kazuo Kiriyama
5. swimming : Shun Oguri ___________ would be great if he could to teach me how to swim!!!

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Post by lissamae » Aug 3rd, '06, 10:46

I have to say Tsumabuki-kun is the one i would like to answer for all of the above. Never seen him dance, but don't really care! except shopping, because from how he dresses on the dramas I would love to shop with Nariyama Hiroki and see what he would buy!

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Post by dead_cute » Aug 3rd, '06, 19:14

1-disco - raIN
2- ACTUALLY ya know what I would do everything with Rain lol =^-^=

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Post by AngelicLayer » Aug 4th, '06, 21:41

1. disco : Se7en (his new style is great!)
2. movie : Kim KiBum ( Sweet! And only 18!)
3. shopping : Hiroki Narimiya ( I don´t really know what really attracts me but I like his style..just dunno why!)
4. night with : TaeBin of 1tym ( this guy is perfect 4 it! )
5. swimming : Yamapi ( since he has a great body now, I think it would be great to go swimming with him!)

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Post by sargaborso » Aug 18th, '06, 23:18

- the disco: Rain, simply because he's awesome
- to the cinema: Ariel Lin, 'cause girls night out with her couldn't be boring
- go shopping: Vic Zhou (I can't see him telling bad things about my size :D )
- spend the night with: Rain :wub:
- go swimming: Rain again, just to see him in speedo :heart: :heart:

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Post by BOGCHI » Aug 18th, '06, 23:31


2 movies.. NAKAMA YUKIE

3 shopping... KIM TAE HEE

4 spendthenight.. TAKEUCHI YUKO

5 swimming.. HAN CHAE YOUNG - would love to see her in a bikini

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Re: which star would be the best for you to go out with...

Post by groink » Aug 18th, '06, 23:34

I'm bored, so here goes...

1. Koda Kumi. She dances NASTY!!!!! groink likes nasty.

2. Kikukawa Rei. A date to the movies would require intelligence so that we can enjoy a stimulating discussion. Rei is quite intelligent.

3. Kimura Yoshino. She just seems to be a package of fun. Plus, having myself being seen with her in the mall is a bonus.

4. Sakai Noriko. No doubt about it!

5. Yoshioka Miho. She makes any swimsuit.

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Post by Ruka707 » Jun 27th, '08, 22:38

1. disco: Kamenashi Kazuya... he dances sexy~ :wub:
2. movies: Taguchi Junnosuke... he is very funny :mrgreen:
3. shopping: I don't really know... Somebody who has good fashion sense. I usually go shopping alone, so... I'm not used to go shopping with guys. XD
4. spend the night with: Kame again, without doubt. :wub:
5. swimming: YamaPi, I want to see him wet! XD
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