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D-Addict Graduates, What's Next?

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D-Addict Graduates, What's Next?

Post by jholic » Jun 6th, '06, 03:33

to our young aspiring DA members, i know many of you are graduating (high school, college, graduate degree, doctorate, etc.)

i'm just posing the question, "what's next?"

and i don't mean 5-10yrs down the line. just in the next few months or so. headed for a university? relaxing/taking it easy? applying for a job? what kind of job?

just wondering what the DA class of '06 has in store for the future....

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Post by allredndizzy » Jun 6th, '06, 03:39

I'll start... here's mine!

First: Find work!! hopefully it's a high-paying one... and related to my career path :lol [Computers, Programming, Database admin...]

Second: Enroll in my Masters Degree :D

Third: Extreme Wardrobe Makeover :P

Fourth: Get on with my Yoga & Pilates fitness routine :thumleft:

Fifth: Find Someone to love lol :wub: :lol

Hopefully before the year ends.. i'll be able to check them off my list :lol

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Post by lilswtangel » Jun 6th, '06, 03:44

excellent thread jholic-sama~ :)

hopefully, I'll be done with school by this December.

the steps are:
1) gather all references and information - and prepare new resume
2) job search for good firms
3) go on interviews
4) after I get a head start on my career, apply for night school (for my Masters)

hopefully, I'll get all these steps completed within a year from now. :lol

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Post by siu-k » Jun 6th, '06, 05:21

attend science at ubc ;p

get a haircut.. (my hair is horrible at the moment)

buy new clothes ;p

get a gf >< :wub:

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Post by pinkapple » Jun 6th, '06, 07:05

siu-k wrote:attend science at ubc ;p

get a haircut.. (my hair is horrible at the moment)

buy new clothes ;p

get a gf >< :wub:
ha! ur hair is prettyyy siu k haha, and its not horrible.
back to the question... "what's next...?"
hrms, finnish year 12 and get into rmit uni.

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Post by fluid » Jun 6th, '06, 09:54

siu-k wrote:attend science at ubc ;p

get a haircut.. (my hair is horrible at the moment)

buy new clothes ;p

get a gf >< :wub:
hey, i go to ubc too :P...but im going into third year sciences :cry:
good luck in first year man..its gonna be hella hard

hmm...since i didn't take summer school im currently looking for a job ...wanna earn some spending money so i can buy myself some new clothes and stuff hehe

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Post by rocket12 » Jun 6th, '06, 10:13

good thread makes this place feel all nice and friendly.

anyways, keeping on topic...

1) finished the last quarter of my sophmore year at UCLA
2) book my airplane ticket to HK
3) come september start my junior year of classes at CUHK as a study abroad student
4) last but not least on my list find a really great girlfriend < been working on this one for a while now :lol

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Post by KoreanMania » Jun 6th, '06, 11:15

Completed my BSc degree in Computer Science a year ago, worked for a while, then decided to persue Law as a 2nd degree, just completed the Finals and Law's practically driving me insane so I decided to withdraw before I waste more money and time, so right now...

1) I'm finally putting my foot down on taking up what I really want to do - Linguistics
2) Besides working hard in learning Korean, planning to take up a Diploma (or maybe higher) in TESOL which stands for 'Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages"
3) Gain some experience
4) Migrate and try getting a citizenship in Canada
5) From there on, go to Corea and try getting a job as an English teacher there, wouldn't trade this for anything else in the world :-)

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Post by deathviasatellite » Jun 6th, '06, 11:30

i am... going to MMU to do study film & media.
if i get the grades of course

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Post by the_secret » Jun 7th, '06, 05:46

i just graduate from highschool...

1. go to college
2. hopefully find a job
<go to japan for vacation>
3. finish college on time

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Post by Kayiaxo » Jun 7th, '06, 06:59

Doing 2 year supplemental study in computers to become: "Adviser system builder and networks"
Currently I am system builder and network builder.
Adviser is like the one making choices in the company over certain stuff while a regular builder has nothing to say and just makes the PCs and server networks.
I did a 1 year pause because I went to the army (volunteer) but that didn't worked out well. (I don't think I will stay sane becoming a para commando soldier as job).

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Post by kotaeshiranaihito » Jun 8th, '06, 13:39

Just graduated from college and got back about a week ago.

I found a job working for a search engine company and I have a few more interviews to go to in order to get a second job-hopefully I'll get the one with a diamond company.

Met a hot japanese girl, played around with her, then she went back to japan. Met another hot japanese girl, still seeing her-we'll see what the future holds with that one.

Hopefully I'll end up starting my own company, or go to business school and start my company after that.

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Post by neme_chan » Jun 8th, '06, 13:59

... really nice idea for a thread :)

I just finished college last March... and these are my plans for now:

1) finding a job - seeing how hard it is to do that here, I'll be ok with an average paying job, as long as it's not something i dislike doing.

2) looking for an opportunity to take a Masters abroad. Countries of choice would be English-speaking places (especially UK and Canada) or Japan, and I'll definitely need either a high paying job in the place or scholarship funding - yes, it sucks to live where I live.. paying for schooling abroad borders the impossible

3) deciding on which area exactly I'll continue my studies - do I go on with Media Studies and Journalism, or do I want to change to something like Linguistics? I suppose this has to be done at the same time as I do number 2... :D

Anyone else planning to continue studies in another country?

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Post by AmCo » Jun 12th, '06, 23:00

1) Graduate in Fall
2) Go back to school for another year
3) Apply for Med. School
4) Move :)
5) Meet the love of my life ;)

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Post by fairytwix » Jun 12th, '06, 23:13

hmmm....good one..heheeh..i juz finished year 13... currently...

1. I am on my Gap Year..w/c means..i get a year off from uni.. ^^ im getting a break from all that studying..and a breather before i get another hellish year..hahaha..
2. Find a JOB....agh..so dat i can save up money for my placement fee..to go to China and teach english..hehehe..
3.Workout..to keep fit for the summer..hahahah..
4.hopefulii...get to go on a hols to the philippines...*sniff*..i sooo miss my hubby.. ~ XD
and 5. come september next year..start uni at Oxford Brookes Uni..doin Double Major Molecular Bio and Japanese..and then work in Japan as a scientist..wh00pee.. bliss.. hahaahh..

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Post by MEME(-_-) » Jun 14th, '06, 08:57

I hope all of you reach your plans and goals. :thumleft:
:w00t: I will graduate from university next semester with Bachelor of Science in Technology and Education.

1. I will search for a job.
2. I will search for university to continue my studies and I will work in the morning.
3. :scratch: I don't know what I will do next, but I will try to reach these plans then I will think what to do next. :thumright:

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Post by niki112 » Jun 14th, '06, 09:21

I will start studying Chinese (Sinology) at university in October... Everbody tells me it'll be very hard but I know if I don't try it, I definitely will regret it later!

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Post by jieshi » Jun 14th, '06, 09:27

I'm heading to University in Japan to study Law hopefully

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Post by airicka » Jun 14th, '06, 10:17

for me... I just graduated from UCB (University of Cal Berkeley) and have been bumming around my house the past month....

My current goals are:
-staying healthy by running 2 hours everyday as well as doing pilates and yoga.
-Since I'm taking a year off before entering grad school or law school, I would like to spend my time with my family and friends. My friend and I have been taking korean the past couple of years and finally going to South Korea in the winter (I know... too COLD! BUT I would love to see snow!!)
-go to Taiwan and Japan with my family. I plan on staying in Taiwan for a few months and go to chinese school (need to improve my mandarin, and catch up on my hokkenese/ taiwanese --> getting kind of rusty >__<)
-study for the LSATs so i can apply for law school.
- and thats about it for now. =P

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