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What's on your mind right now?

Posted: Nov 17th, '05, 08:36
by pRincEton giRL
Just kind of nosy bout so many things but we tend to forget 'em… :roll
to refresh.. allow me to ask ya..., what’s on your mind right now?? what are you thinkin as of the moment guys??
:scratchchin: :cheers:

thinking over something?? GIVE US A SHOUT!!! only here on this thread. :salut: :heart:

Posted: Jan 1st, '07, 08:49
by anglvue
it is officially forty five minutes into the new year. i'm spending time with someone that i wanted to spend my life with but it seems that when i'm with him i feel more alone than i've ever been. the world keeps turning. it won't stand still for me, and my heart just keeps hurting.

Posted: Jan 1st, '07, 08:51
by Phearsome
ahhhhhhhhhhhh i want to go some place for my new years but this life of mine is forever chained into serving my family!

Hanging around in D-addicts is the only thing im doing right now :crazy:

Posted: Jan 1st, '07, 09:19
by cutekid
i'm watching forbidden love/ nine tailed fox right now. and i'm thinking that Kim Tae hee is really beautiful. she's so pretty. :roll :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

Posted: Jan 1st, '07, 13:19
by Chewyr
the thing im thinking right now is...
- feeling abit tired
- hungry in the middle of the night
- what pressie i should get my friend for her b'day

Posted: Jan 1st, '07, 22:08
by gabbypalacios
School starts on wednesday for me. Ugh. I'd rather sit on my butt and watch all these new dramas i'm downloading..

Posted: Jan 1st, '07, 22:12
by eternalstar
Why do Fergie and Gwen Stefani suck so much???
Everytime I hear one of their songs, I want burst into a mad rage and destroy!!!!

Posted: Jan 2nd, '07, 05:48
by mimmi
hmm, it will be so nice just to stay in this state of serenity all the way through eternity :-)

Posted: Jan 2nd, '07, 21:01
by bestletdown
i miss my boyfriend :-(

oh and i want morning musume to! :x

Posted: Jan 2nd, '07, 21:06
by cool_drama
Oh man..almost back to school again!..time flies! :goggle:

Posted: Jan 2nd, '07, 21:12
by korean_foreva
a guy ....

Posted: Jan 3rd, '07, 01:02
by Cub
I wanna get my blood test over FAST! But I'm still home and am waiting for my dad to get here.

Because I've been fasting since last night and I'm VERY hungry now... :P

(I can only eat after the blood test.)

Posted: Jan 3rd, '07, 03:42
by cutekid
currently watching my girl and i on youtube. i'm thinking song hye kyo is really beautiful and cha tae young does'nt look that nice at all. they should have chosen other more decent looking lead guy for her. :D still she's pretty!

Posted: Jan 3rd, '07, 04:52
by Xeoul
Man, can't get enough of JoJo at the moment....

Stupid sickness, why me!!!? ><

Do I really need a haircut? It ain't that bad.... I can probably wait it till Chinese Near Year comes....

Posted: Jan 3rd, '07, 04:56
by badgirl
school sucks
My boss my hero and Tomoya Nagase is so cute

Posted: Jan 3rd, '07, 05:11
by kobe23
Right now? Kim Eugene.

Actually, I was thinking about her 5 minutes ago, this morning, last night and get the idea. :lol


Posted: Jan 3rd, '07, 10:01
by xbabygmonsterx
THE boyfriend

Posted: Jan 10th, '07, 13:48
by baka_maki
oh and i want morning musume to!
??? may i ask y u want Momusu to disappear?
Is there something evil about them or something u found....

Posted: Jan 13th, '07, 20:36
by gummonster
i HATE goong1

Posted: Jan 20th, '07, 12:51
by junizastud
I hate going to school on a Saturday.

Its my nephew's 1st birthday party too. Sucks.

Posted: Jan 20th, '07, 13:26
by strawberrie1210
I have a one week break during Chinese New year. :) :mrgreen: But there's replacement on this Saturday. BooHoo~

Posted: Jan 21st, '07, 01:17
by MatsuJunlover
mine is...happy i asked for the weekend off from work...but now I'm bored. I really need to find a different movie to watch because it's sad I know all the lines to 'French Kiss' even the ones in French and don't even have to be looking at the screen.

I really need to wash the styling product out of my hair from when I got it cut this afternoon...

It's horrid that I have to wait till next friday for a new english subbed episode of HYD2

Whats on my mind

Posted: Jan 21st, '07, 01:28
by haruhi-san
Im wondering whats going to happen on the next HYD episode and whats for lunch?

Posted: Jan 21st, '07, 03:41
by MatsuJunlover
Jun has nice hair

not all guys in boy bands are hot....

Posted: Jan 25th, '07, 00:36
by mimmi
what's on my mind at this time....hmm, I'm gonna log out, go out to eat, then go shopping, then go to gym.... it's a 24 hrs. gym so it's so fine....can go any time of the day or night :lol....everybody have a nice evening :-)....

Posted: Jan 25th, '07, 00:51
by khmai_kandi22
What's on mind? Hmm.....

how the hell am I going to get all my credit cards paid off?

haha that's whats on my mind :P

Posted: Jan 25th, '07, 06:22
by wai_muna
i got backache..i want to eat laksa after this...hihihihih

Posted: Jan 25th, '07, 07:03
by cutekid
wai_muna wrote:i got backache..i want to eat laksa after this...hihihihih
what is a laksa? sorry for asking no idea what it is.

anyways what i'm thinking right now? i'm thinking of going to sleep. i'm quite sleepy now. its time for me to have an afternoon nap. :lol

Posted: Jan 25th, '07, 07:38
by thtlam
my bio quiz and wondering if I should even study for it
but HYD2 is distracting me keep thinking about the next ep

Posted: Jan 26th, '07, 01:56
by phramc
The fact that I have this major report due tomorrow and I lost it and that leads to my death. :whistling:

Posted: Jan 26th, '07, 02:04
by thislove
I'm currently thinking of Jun and Nino=D

Posted: Jan 26th, '07, 02:15
by luvergurl
what i'm think about right now?
well i got a test tommo i'm think of studying but the same time i'm watching goong s and i don't know wish one to pick. oh yeah and the show i love new york in vh1 is f***ing funny :tv: . Oh JUn is so cute in HYD2 :wub:

Posted: Jan 26th, '07, 09:03
by cutepiekiss
i'm thinking to buy a birthday cake and to watch goong s tonight. :D

Posted: Jan 26th, '07, 10:15
by getsuga
I want to buy a private jet, so I can fly back and forth from Sydney to Surabaya on a whim. I also want to buy a mansion, a 100+ inch LCD and PS3.

Posted: Jan 26th, '07, 20:47
by mandy128
...thinking bout all the homework i have to do over the weekend.... :-(

Posted: Jan 29th, '07, 05:08
by MatsuJunlover

Posted: Jan 29th, '07, 05:15
by Oguri_Shun_fan
i'm thinking "should I go to bed now or in an hour or so" if I go to bed now I wont be able to see the guy I like, but if I wait an hour I'll see him, but I'm so tired lol

Posted: Jan 29th, '07, 05:30
by getsuga
I want to eat till my stomach explode!!!!!!!

Posted: Jan 29th, '07, 05:43
by mimmi
what's on my mind now? hmm, I got a sign off and go to the gym tonight, and what drama am I gonna watch when I get back, now that I finished watching all the available jumong episodes already :lol....hmm, I think I better go rent a scary movie first before going to the gym....hmm, not a bad idea :lol....

Posted: Jan 29th, '07, 06:21
by getsuga
1 Litre of Tears! Try it.

Posted: Jan 29th, '07, 07:14
by cutepiekiss
I want to go to sleep. Feeling very tired today..

Posted: Jan 29th, '07, 08:10
by MatsuJunlover
I need to sleep...but I can't seem to...*sighs*

Posted: Jan 30th, '07, 22:29
by short cake
My country has won and become the champoin of the gulf >>

,we are very happy and having fun all the day

and this is the first time we take the championship

and I hope we can share with you this celebration


Posted: Jan 30th, '07, 22:36
by Yul
short cake wrote:My country has won and become the champoin of the gulf >>

,we are very happy and having fun all the day

and this is the first time we take the championship

and I hope we can share with you this celebration


Same here......I can't sleep from excitement :goggle: it 2:30 am now....I can't help it...................... :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

Posted: Jan 30th, '07, 22:46
by kizuna
maybe i should learn to play guitar :crazy:
Erika Sawajiri is cute in Taiyou no Uta :D

Posted: Jan 30th, '07, 23:11
by phramc
hmm now all I can think about is Akanishi Jin.....geez I'm obsessed.

Posted: Jan 30th, '07, 23:58
by getsuga
kizuna wrote:maybe i should learn to play guitar :crazy:
Erika Sawajiri is cute in Taiyou no Uta :D
I want to watch her in Taiyou no Uta, too, but the torrent is poorly seeded, can't get it. T_T
Do you know any other way to get it?

Posted: Jan 31st, '07, 05:12
by cutepiekiss
Tomorrow holiday..It's Federal Territory Day.. yeehaaa..I'm soo happy..

Posted: Jan 31st, '07, 17:35
by DJ_Chopstix
I`m hungry. :unsure:

Posted: Feb 1st, '07, 04:37
by horent135
i hate hw!!!

Posted: Feb 1st, '07, 04:39
by getsuga
I want to obliterate OPTUSNET, my ISP for being slow in uncapping me.

Posted: Feb 1st, '07, 04:43
by Oguri_Shun_fan
why am I so freakin tired?

Posted: Feb 1st, '07, 06:24
by DJ_Chopstix
i need some roomates

Posted: Feb 1st, '07, 06:42
by thtlam
I'm stressing out for my two midterms :goggle:

Posted: Feb 1st, '07, 06:58
by sexeebaboon
i hope i get a call from the ladies that interviewed me today soon... and why is my bf's fever NOT GOING AWAY after all the medicine i gave him! goodness... and OH! how are you guys doing? ^_^

Posted: Feb 1st, '07, 08:49
by getsuga
I am hungry now..

Posted: Feb 1st, '07, 17:21
by mimmi
work....better get ready, got a go in early today (yawn) :-)

Posted: Feb 1st, '07, 17:25
by nikochanr3

but its only 12:15, ugh

Posted: Feb 1st, '07, 21:47
by Oguri_Shun_fan
anyone want to do my homework????

Posted: Feb 1st, '07, 21:52
by nikochanr3

id totally do your hw if you were in ny, but sorry, youre in michigan. (are you a pistons fan? i LOVE the pistons)


Posted: Feb 1st, '07, 22:32
by inochi
i want dumplings too!!!!!!!!

sorry, just happened to see this thread

Posted: Feb 1st, '07, 23:54
by Oguri_Shun_fan
i love the pistons too!

yay for dumpling, and I don't need anyone to do my homework anymore... I just finished it, ^_^

Posted: Feb 2nd, '07, 02:48
by DJ_Chopstix
:unsure: i better bring my bunnies inside before it rains :cry:

Posted: Feb 2nd, '07, 02:52
by princess_jime
the beach, I just got back from margarita island, boy oh boy what a blast!

Posted: Feb 2nd, '07, 03:02
by LemonDrive
been starring at gotfryrice's sig on for a couple of times now...

"cute." XD

Posted: Feb 7th, '07, 07:04
by mimmi
what's on my mind now....hmmm cream-puffs and a three layered German chocolate cake with a very thin vanilla frosting between the layers and double fudge chocolaty frosting on the outside....hmm yum! :lol....

Posted: Feb 7th, '07, 07:11
by cool_drama
Rice with soy sauce and banana...yum.

Posted: Feb 7th, '07, 07:42
by revolver
I'm thinking of this girl I met at work. Turns out she's also in two of my classes, she's really cute too.

Posted: Feb 7th, '07, 07:51
by Mitani
my mind shouts "f*** SCHOOL" right now.. @w@

Posted: Feb 7th, '07, 14:56
by nikochanr3
totally not into working right now but the OTHER person is not here so i have to cover all her crap. ARRGHH...

gigi leung's new cd is real good too, playing in background...

Posted: Feb 7th, '07, 14:57
by getsuga
I am loaded with my seminar presentation. I just want to hurry present it and get over with it!

Posted: Feb 7th, '07, 18:41
by nikochanr3
thinking that no one ever AIMS me even though i asked. wondering if no one has AIM anymore and everyone else has some cool device i do not have. or if its just me! haha..

wondering if the 8 degree tempatures will lift soon.

Posted: Feb 7th, '07, 18:48
by pokute
Wondering when all you people are going to download the TOTALLY ASS KICKING subs that Vulcan 300 is doing to go along with the sweet new dvd rips of HERO. Toss those Singapore TV rips and get the real thing!

Posted: Feb 7th, '07, 18:56
by nikochanr3
wondering what HERO is.... (preparing to have things thrown at me)

Posted: Feb 7th, '07, 18:59
by pokute
It's this, of course:

Or are you making fun of me because I once confused it (with tragic consequences) with H2?