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Posted: Nov 3rd, '06, 04:28
by albertoavena
NIce pic LuNTwaRDinE :-)
Great pics everyone..

Posted: Nov 5th, '06, 03:54
by faerielandx3
wow everyone is so cute and pretty <3<3

Posted: Nov 5th, '06, 04:23
by donna8157
My picture is in my icon.

Posted: Nov 5th, '06, 04:31
by sexeebaboon
wow everyones so awesomely gorgeous in here! WAHH! haha...

well...heres meeeee.... *im on the right by the way...*

Posted: Nov 5th, '06, 04:38
by Agweyre
you have bright cute puppy eyes!

Posted: Nov 5th, '06, 22:44
by junizastud
sexeebaboon lets take a pic together! haha

You are pretty cute.

Posted: Nov 11th, '06, 20:57
by iits knockkngoc
Shinigami wrote:
SunStar wrote:P-star... not too bad yourself... i do like your hair though... 8)
err .. is that not Eric from Shinwa ? :P
lmao thats BI RAIN

Posted: Nov 11th, '06, 20:58
by iits knockkngoc
keaixia0jie wrote:
P-Star wrote:
Shinigami wrote: err .. is that not Eric from Shinwa ? :P
höö?? who's that?
Eric from the Korean Boy Band Shinhwa


llmaooo NO,
thats bi rain

Posted: Nov 11th, '06, 21:09
by iits knockkngoc

Posted: Nov 11th, '06, 21:29
by sakura87
here i am!! don't tell my eyes are strange I know there's one bigger than the other one!!!! that's scary!!!!! lol

Posted: Nov 14th, '06, 18:03
by yieebo
sakura87^, you look just like my little sister Sonja... your hair is just like her's and she wears glasses almost just like yours, kind of weird how that happens. don't worry about your eyes, they are fine. my right eye is kind of lazy and droopier than my left also, but what can a person do?

Posted: Nov 15th, '06, 21:09
by sakura87
oh yieebo send me a photo of her i want to see her!!!!

Posted: Nov 19th, '06, 11:20
by Tassadar
Well - that's me! :salut:

This summer before going to the barber:
After the haircut:
For the record - I'm not taking drugs or smoking **** ... And I'm not an alcoholic after all, but see for yourself:

Well and that's my profile @ Last.FM
I hope someone has a Last.FM-profile - such a great site! :)

Posted: Nov 24th, '06, 04:50
by Gir
I just found this "old" picture of me and "my" bird, (I didn't own it, but I flew and maintained it, so it was "mine"), now I feel nostalgic.

Posted: Nov 24th, '06, 07:39
by Mitani
this is me this summer at the Roskilde Festival in Roskilde, Denmark! :3
[img] ... yfaces.jpg[/img]

Posted: Nov 24th, '06, 08:12
by zippyflu

Posted: Nov 24th, '06, 22:50
by Neji-sama
iits knockkngoc wrote:[img][/img]
Really cute

Posted: Nov 25th, '06, 04:43
by Soulja187
picture of me and my mom in hong kong last year

[img] ... 2_1719.jpg[/img]

and a pic of me takin in class

[img] ... 0_2605.jpg[/img][/img]

Posted: Nov 29th, '06, 08:29
by Poohbee
OOoh I Knowwwwww You~~~~~~~~~ But you don't know meeeee =) hehehehe Here's an easy Hint.. SF.
beldaran wrote:after cutting off 2 feet of hair

[img] ... 0488c-.jpg[/img]
:whistling: :w00t:

Posted: Nov 30th, '06, 18:50
by john_h

Posted: Dec 3rd, '06, 19:11
by gbbaker
Ok here is a picture from my lousy 3.2 mega pixel camera. I'll be getting my 12 mp camera from Taiwan any day now (The Megxon M500).

Posted: Dec 4th, '06, 02:26
by kookieazn
so its been awhile since i last posted so here you go... its me so be nice!!!

me at anizona (anime convention) for a shinkendo demo!!
[img] ... ge0003.jpg[/img]

Posted: Dec 5th, '06, 00:15
by The Duke of Deer Mountain

Posted: Dec 7th, '06, 18:45
by KuroRyu
here a recent pic of me after 3hrs of studying vector algebra

[img] ... 004sr6.jpg[/img]

where is my holiday !!!?? :pale:

Posted: Dec 7th, '06, 18:47
by Néa Vanille
I can SO sympathize. I need to study Integral Calculus this week. :cry: It's a tragedy.

Posted: Dec 7th, '06, 18:52
by KuroRyu
that sounds like fun ... looking forward to that next year :cheers:

Im so gonna :party: when this all is over :dance:

Gambaro !

Posted: Dec 7th, '06, 18:53
by newersumm
kookieazn wrote:so its been awhile since i last posted so here you go... its me so be nice!!!

me at anizona (anime convention) for a shinkendo demo!!
[img] ... ge0003.jpg[/img]
wow kawaii :wub:

Posted: Dec 7th, '06, 20:04
by Néa Vanille
I've been thinking about turning religious when I finally graduate and never have to look at this math crappola again.

As in, "God, I never believed in you before, but now I do - I was freed of math!!!! It must have been you!!! How I worship thee!"

Posted: Dec 8th, '06, 06:07
by blamvitaburst
These are my eyes after watching Lavender. DAMN THOSE SAD ENDINGS.
[... and with makeup for effect. :P]

Posted: Dec 8th, '06, 13:14
by 214641
Hi , I am Shan, 15 & Chinese girl. I have been on this site for some days. nice to meet you all. I speak Chinese and Japanese *my mom is a Japanese *, I lived in Seoul quite a while, also I speak Korean but not good at writing. Now I live in Shanghai and try my best learning English because I’ll go to America for my study next year. Just hope I can overcome the language barrier as soon as possible. :cheers:

This is my pic

Posted: Dec 8th, '06, 14:30
by kobe23
LuNTwaRDinE wrote:Hi... i'm new here. Nice to meet u all :D
[img][/img] look a lot like Song Hye Kyo in that picture ... very nice :wub:

Posted: Dec 8th, '06, 16:58
by newersumm
Damn you asian girls, you're all so hot :wub: :D


Posted: Dec 8th, '06, 17:16
by Ayulyn
taken two days ago with my camera phone. ^^


this one was taken 2-3 years ago.

[img] ... es0016.jpg[/img]

i use to have a billion pictures of me, and my friends but they were deleted when my computer crashed. >_> i like taking photos and being in them. =)

Posted: Dec 8th, '06, 17:27
by sillykid
Here's a picture of me rockin it with a pink shirt.

Posted: Dec 9th, '06, 13:28
by furious
Hey people I need someone to host pictures for me can anyone help out ?

Posted: Dec 9th, '06, 14:04
by Blacky
Tres mignone :wub: really cute :thumright:

Posted: Dec 9th, '06, 14:17
by Tassadar
furious wrote:Hey people I need someone to host pictures for me can anyone help out ?
Use a free hoster like ImageShack:

Posted: Dec 9th, '06, 14:51
by furious
Here's a pic of me sorry for being messy its nearly bed time so yeah.


Yes yes I know I look a bit strange in this but I had a hair cut so yeah before this I used to have much longer hair but yeah. I'll post more if people want.

Posted: Dec 9th, '06, 15:13
by wai_muna
hey furious...u know what?
u have a..ermmm..Aaron Kwok look..serious..:P~

Posted: Dec 9th, '06, 15:26
by wai_muna
this is me during window shopping with my friends

[img] ... 30lmf8.jpg[/img]

Posted: Dec 9th, '06, 23:55
by furious
wai_muna wrote:hey furious...u know what?
u have a..ermmm..Aaron Kwok look..serious..:P~
haha well is that something good or bad ? because I rather be myself lol.


Posted: Dec 10th, '06, 01:38
by Ayulyn

Posted: Dec 10th, '06, 01:58
by kookieazn
so *newersumm* when are we going to see your picture?? *wink wink* lol

Posted: Dec 10th, '06, 02:41
by Néa Vanille
furious, you're just all sorts of handsome!!! I like!!1 ^^

wai_muna, you have really gorgeous smoky eyes. :wub: Reminds me of Shakira a little. Very nice.

Posted: Dec 10th, '06, 03:11
by kookieazn
i agree... i think furious kinda looks like the actor from 1% of anything... hmmm....

Posted: Dec 10th, '06, 03:20
by Rosita
me.. quite bored.. jeje

Posted: Dec 10th, '06, 09:02
by furious
Thanks for the kind comments people. Will post more pics later on.

Posted: Dec 10th, '06, 10:15
by wai_muna
hey Néa Vanille...thank you very much... :P

i did it just to cover my eyeback prob..hahahahha..seems its really work... saying it for good..i like aaron kwok..hihihihi :D

Posted: Dec 10th, '06, 14:07
by furious
Thanks for the complement.

Posted: Dec 10th, '06, 15:01
by TrevorGod

Posted: Dec 10th, '06, 15:16
by Romance

Posted: Dec 10th, '06, 16:10
by miedzyslowami

KimiWaPet2150~. ^__^'

Posted: Dec 10th, '06, 16:40
by KimiWaPet2150
Here are some handfuls of pictures of me. From Graduation a few months back to a few days ago for an update on my myspace/facebook pics~.

- Rachel
[img] ... jj7mb8.png[/img]
Taken a few days ago. ^__^' I was bored, so my friend and I took pictures from our houses and posted them up on our facebooks/myspaces. ^^'

[img] ... 556iv7.jpg[/img]
Prom~. I'm in the orange dress. Friends in order from left to right~.
Leif, Kristin, Craig, Jenn, Katy, Ryan, myself, and Hunter.

Haa~. Just happens that both pictures have an orange theme to them! XD

- Rachel

Posted: Dec 10th, '06, 16:47
by gbbaker
Some shots with the new camera by the mens bathroom mirror at work on Saturday night. I'm doing lots of overtime work so that I'll have extra money for that paid vacation time 21st Dec to 1st Jan. I figure I'm probably going to have the urge to spend money on myself during that time. Oh by the way...friendly warning...don't do crunches wrong or you'll get a "under chin muscle" that will look like a double chin when you lean your head back. That's a muscle really. If someone would try and force their thumb up into the bottom of my jaw, they can't do it.
[img] ... C00053.jpg[/img]
Ohhhh. Hmmmmm. Maybe I'll go outside everyday to get a tan and also apply that tanning lotion. Hmmm, I can come back on the 2nd 4 shades darker. It's still sunny in winter here.
[img] ... C00054.jpg[/img]
Love my new 12mp camera/MP3/MP4/Web Cam/Cam Corder/Mic/Game player/etc., etc., device but obviously I need to practice more cuz I took these with the shutter on the little mountain symbol instead of the people symbol (scenery/portrait I am assuming).
[img] ... C00056.jpg[/img]
All of these have been severely downsized from 1.6 megabytes. Right now I am drinking a Jewish cherry wine mixed with fruit punch that had Sobe No Fear drink added to it. Funny I can't taste any alcohol even though I poured a lot of Cherry wine in it. I'm listening to Sade "Bullet Proof Soul." Man.... that chick can lay down a sexy jazz song - "Hit me like a slow bullet."

Posted: Dec 11th, '06, 12:43
by furious
Here's another pic of me with my older one.



Posted: Dec 11th, '06, 15:30
by miedzyslowami
furious wrote:Here's another pic of me with my older one.


....ha ha....maybe I'm not proff but you look pretty much the same on both of them
...... :cheers:

Posted: Dec 11th, '06, 15:31
by miedzyslowami
no wait!!!!
I think red one suits you better!!!!!
:P :cheers: :wub:

Posted: Dec 11th, '06, 20:38
by Rosita
well picture about me now... :-)

Posted: Dec 12th, '06, 12:38
by newersumm
kookieazn wrote:so *newersumm* when are we going to see your picture?? *wink wink* lol
Soon soon quite soon :lol
Ill post it today probably . )


here i am.. I look kind of strange here :sweat:

[img] ... ani%20.jpg[/img]

Posted: Dec 12th, '06, 15:02
by furious
Nice pictures Rosita and Newersumm at least the post your picture threads is coming to life again or maybe I am a late comer haha. Since I only started actively posting this past 1 week before this I never had the time Uni and stuff was always occupied.

Posted: Dec 12th, '06, 20:00
by Rosita
Thanks furious.. I'm kinda new here.. so where are u from? :-)

Posted: Dec 13th, '06, 03:07
by furious
Rosita wrote:Thanks furious.. I'm kinda new here.. so where are u from? :-)
Take a guess based on the pictures its not hard ha ha.

Posted: Dec 13th, '06, 04:56
by Néa Vanille
fruious looks Chinese. :-)

Posted: Dec 13th, '06, 08:23
by wai_muna
furious ...i like the new you... :P

Posted: Dec 13th, '06, 08:43
by furious
Well Nea good guess and your spot on :) and Muna thx for the comment however this is not the normal me ha ha. The normal me = long hair and recently in this pictures it's short because at one point I got busy and could not be bothered maintaining the long hair so I cut it short and pretty much had a mohawk and this is the results after a few months of cutting the hair real short haha but will post again when my hair gets long.

Posted: Dec 13th, '06, 08:43
by wai_muna
newersumm...what happen to that other buddies....

Posted: Dec 13th, '06, 09:02
by wai_muna
this me and my friend in the toilet..hahahahhha

[img] ... 358lw9.jpg[/img]

Posted: Dec 13th, '06, 10:33
by newersumm
Its not ok if you post other people pictures without their permission ne???

Posted: Dec 13th, '06, 18:50
by wai_muna
newersumm...hehheeh.. :D..thats nice and cool..ur good..

Posted: Dec 13th, '06, 22:32
by AnimeLocoChika

Posted: Dec 13th, '06, 23:28
by newersumm
chinese eh?

Posted: Dec 14th, '06, 09:25
by KuroRyu
kawaiii :wub: AnimeLocoChika :w00t:

Posted: Dec 14th, '06, 11:13
by 8thSin
AnimeLocoChika wrote:hehe.. i guess it's my turn...

[img] ... esmile.jpg[/img]

[img] ... ressup.jpg[/img]

Hot :wub:

Posted: Dec 14th, '06, 22:41
by newersumm
yeah i agree, t3h sex :wub:

Posted: Dec 15th, '06, 03:03
by furious
Haha heres a new picture someone in another forum told me to smile a little so here it is feel free to comment.