Do you feel lonely?

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Are you lonely?

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Do you feel lonely?

Post by J-zavislak » Jun 13th, '14, 23:23

Konnichiwa minasan. Now, I'd like to ask you something private.

Are you lonely? No girlfriend/boyfriend? No wife/husband?
Do you know why?
Do you wish to change this situation? ...

Yes, as you probably guess, I am lonely now... :cry:
Yes, I know why: after some unsuccessful relationship I became concentrated on my work (I love it! It's all about Japanese culture!! :wub: ) ... but time really flies...
Yes, now I wish to change it, but ...

... still, instead I watch Japanese drama ○| ̄|_

What about you?

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Post by antspace » Jun 13th, '14, 23:58

Sometimes I am. J-dorama is a bit of a help there :-)

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Post by Keiko1981 » Jun 14th, '14, 01:41

I have no boyfriend right now, but I don't feel especially lonely in life. I kept to myself almost all my life. Mostly because I lived a distance from from where all other classmates lived. (I haven't been able to get a driver's license due to poor eyesight.)
I didn't want to bother family members with driving me back-and-forth to different activities, so I ended up staying at home drawing, reading, surfing online etc.

My cousins were my friends when I was little.
I have never been a party girl, always thanked no to parties in school. I don't like being around drunk people. I would end up feeling uncomfortable and leave.

I go to work, enjoy the work and do, come home, make subtitles/watch dramas.

I have two older sisters and love them dearly.
Getting children have never been something I've longed for, I just don't have the wish. But someday I'd love to have dog with a future partner. :)
To get children just so they can take care of you when you get older would be selfish.

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