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Post by jholic » Mar 19th, '09, 05:37

guess they just stopped the superferry. hope no one's stranded.

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Post by groink » Mar 19th, '09, 05:59

I tried out the HSF this last Thanksgiving Day. I even took the groink-mobile along for the ride to Maui. I drove all over the place - even went to Hana! I would not have done that much driving if I had an el-cheapo rental car. I passionately hate the shipping industry here in Hawaii, with its monopoly on anything that is shipped via surface. I really thought the HSF would given companies like Matson and such some competition.

--- groink

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Post by kahuna808 » Mar 19th, '09, 06:29

I'm sure folks here in Hi know that MBC America stop broadcasting to Hi this past Mon. Sucks since folks who don't d/l will miss the last 12 episodes of EOE. Also the last 12 episodes of All About My Family which was being subbed. As well as Return to Iljimae which just started and also was being subbed.

MBC America has temporarily suspended its broadcast of the 24-hour channel MBC America in Hawaii (Oceanic Cable Ch.79) and San Francisco (KTSF DTV Ch.26.2) as of March 16, 2009.

This occurrence is due to the termination of the contract with KHMN/KSMN, our previous main channel provider in those areas. Broadcasts will resume once a new channel provider is contracted. This process is expected to take approximately 2 ~ 3 months. As soon as a date is confirmed, it will be posted at our website (www.mbc24tv.com).

We're immensely sorry for the inconvenience caused for our viewers. We will try to settle this matter as soon as possible.

MBC America

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Post by cocomonk22 » Feb 5th, '10, 01:00

Aloha e ka poʻe o Hawaiʻi!

Pehea KIKU a me KBS a me ʻē aʻe ʻĀkia kīwī i kēia manawa?

Ma mua, ua maikaʻi loa ia KIKU me ka "Kikaika" a ʻē. OC16 i maikaʻi hoʻi, no ka mea, "Hope loa Iāpana" a me "Koko Ka Kīwī".

ʻAe pololei?

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Post by ToroHime » Mar 27th, '10, 23:13

Anyone else have NHK world? I have it on digital channel 1682 (HD) or just reg. 682
Really great programs, mostly Japanese.

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Post by cocomonk22 » Mar 27th, '10, 23:30

On February 10, Oceanic Time Warner Cable added NHK World to Digital Variety Pak and NHK World HD to HD Entertainment Pak.

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