Japanese SoTW (11/22/2009) - Dare Yori mo Mama wo Aisu

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Which series should be the next JSoTW?

Poll ended at Nov 22nd, '09, 16:58

Ashita no Kita Yoshio - chibi_Estefy, gnossienneslent
Gonzo ~ Densetsu no Keiji - hakuharu
Lost Time Life - Nelly
Dare Yori mo Mama wo Aisu - gryzze
Total votes: 126

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Japanese SoTW (11/22/2009) - Dare Yori mo Mama wo Aisu

Post by mizune » Nov 8th, '09, 16:58

Where, oh where, have the seeders gone? ;_;
Still looking for volunteers to keep these polls going (actually, I'm always looking for more volunteers). Please check out the JSoTW Volunteer Seeders Thread to see if you can possibly help out. Nominees for the polls are pulled from this list, however, only series with volunteers are eligible. Series in red are not eligible for the polls because there are no volunteers. ;_;

This poll is an interesting assortment of relatively recent dramas that could use a seeding boost. Muri na Renai has gathered some seeders for all eps, so I'll drop it from the poll this week.

Oh, and I'm still looking for ppl to help on the other polls... ;_;

Many thanks go out to those seeding the last JSoTW ( Fugoh Keiji ). Thank you for your support! :salut:

VOTE for the next JSoTW above
(This poll will run for 2 weeks. Enjoy!)
This week's nominees are:
Ashita no Kita Yoshio - torrents
Gonzo ~ Densetsu no Keiji - torrents
Loss/Lost Time Life - torrents
Dare Yori mo Mama wo Aisu - torrent

NOMINATE future JSoTWs below *UPDATED 2/24/08*

Rules for nominating JSoTWs:
* Please nominate dramas found in the JSoTW Volunteer Seeders Thread
* Nominate only Japanese dramas with English subtitles
* Do not nominate a series that has already been nominated twice
* Only nominate a series if 1 or more episodes have zero seeds

Previous Japanese Series of the Week:
*Note: Repeat nominees will have an asterisk (*) next to the title for each additional nomination.

Koi ga Shitai x3 (Where is Love?)
Strawberry on the Shortcake (S.O.S.)
Cheap Love*
Big Wing
Sutaa no Koi
From the Heart
Love Generation
A Sleeping Forest*
Story of One Century
Younger Men
Merry Christmas in Summer
Shota no Sushi
Koibumi/Love Letter
Aoi Tori (Bluebird)*
Meguri Ai
Konna Koi no Hanashi
One Million Stars Falling From the Sky
News no Onna*
Mukodono/My Husband
Food Fight
Heaven's Coins/Hoshi no Kinka
Forbidden Love
My Little Chef
With Love
Shopping Hero
Stand Up!!
101st Marriage Proposal
Seija no Koushin
Asunaro Hakusho*
Summer Snow
Pretty Girls
Trick 1/2/3 (JSoTM)
Itsumo Futari De
Tokyo Wankei
Denchi ga kireru made
Koi ga shitai (DVD)
Wedding Planner
Suekko chonan ane sannin
Koi wo nan nen sundemasu ka/Dreams of Romance
Beach Boys*
News no Onna
Aoi Tori
Midnight Rain*
Chakushin Ari
Aishitteiru to itte kure (Say you love me)
Dekichatta Kekkon (Shotgun Marriage)
From the Heart
Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu
Princess Hiro
Double Kitchen
Joou no Kyoushitsu (Queen's Classroom)
Oishii Kankei
Five Spies
Tokyo Wankei
Narita Rikon
Cheap Love
Merry Christmas in Summer
Konya Hitori no Beddo de
Story of One Century
Searching for My Polestar
Flowers for Algernon
Yasashii Jikan
SP Pack (Hatsu Tsubomi / Chichi no Umi, Boku no Sora / Niji wo Kakeru Ouhi / Amagi Goe)
Love & Eros
Le Bel Homme
Mada Koi wa Hajimaranai
100 Tales of Horror
Meguri Ai
Toshishita no Otoko / Younger Men
Saigo no Koi
Suna no Utsuwa
Love Story (TBS)
Busu no Hitomi ni Koishiteru/Ns Aoi
Konna Koi no Hanashi
Suekko Chounan Ane Sannin
Ruri no Shima
Shiawase ni Naritai
Egao No Hosoku
Fukigen na Jiin
Ai wa Douda*
Oishii Puropozu
Psychometrer Eiji Season 1
Koi Seto Otome
Moto Kare
Kiken na Aneki
Warui Yatsura
First love
Kiraware Matsuko no Issho
Ame to Yume no Ato ni
Bus Stop
Hito ni Yasashiku / Be Nice to People
Watashitachi no Kyoukasho
Loss Time Life / Lost Time Life
Iguana no Musume / Daughter of an Iguana
Bengoshi no Kuzu
Kougen e Irasshai
Haikei, Chichiue-sama
Ashita no Kita Yoshio
Anna-san no Omame
Sailor Fuku to Kikanjuu
Oniyome Nikki
Houkago / Shimane no Bengoshi
Omiai Kekkon / Yakusha Damashii

What is the Japanese Series of the Week (SoTW)? More Info Here
Due to the substantial number of torrents on this site, we implemented a "Series of the Week," where we could dedicate bandwidth and seeding efforts to a specific series. This helps in several ways:
1. People will know which series was voted and will be seeded, rather than just waiting and hoping for them to be seeded at some later date.
2. For those seeders who have DVD burners and have already burnt their collections to DVD/CD, the series of the week gives them an opportunity to dust off those archives and help seed their favorites.
3. Constantly re-circulates older torrents back into view, and focuses bandwidth and demand toward specific torrents, rather than having people request series across the board.
Remember, D-Addicts was started for the community, and being a part of the community means sharing. If you don't share, then everyone loses (refer to JEM's dropping of cdramas). Bittorrent and DA works much better if you share as others have shared with you.


If you are willing to seed any of the series in the poll, please post a reply here or in the JSoTW: Looking For Volunteer Seeders thread or PM anyone of the mods or admins. There are still several series which do not have volunteer seeders, so any help would be greatly appreciated! The more seeders we have, the more variety we will have in future JSoTW polls!

Reminder: You must have at least 10 posts to vote. Don't start spamming the forum, but this encourages you to get involved in some of those drama discussions!
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Read the D-Addicts FAQ before asking questions.
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Post by UsagiYojimbo » Nov 8th, '09, 17:47

The "Loss:Time:Life" is very good, but as i already saw it, i voted for Gonzo, which also seems interesting.
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Post by noobee » Nov 8th, '09, 18:50

Ashita no Kita Yoshio - chibi_Estefy, gnossienneslent
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Post by Phillykat » Nov 8th, '09, 23:39

oh no all shows i've voted for previously! :crazy: You're make this hard on an addict. Voting Dare Yorimo since I think it's the hardest to obtain/buy via other means. :unsure:

I just realized I was watching Ashita and never finished. It's on one of my HD's someplace. The first 2 eps were pretty good.

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Post by otousanmaru » Nov 9th, '09, 01:50

I don't think LTL will win again (it already won a few months back, I think, maybe it's back in unseeded purgatory :lol) but here's my summary of LTL:

Loss Time Life was an excellent anthology series, but since it starred different players each episode, I felt this is why it never got a large following. This show while it has a dark theme, it's about as light-hearted as a show about death and second chances could be! Sports announcers give a running commentary, and whistle-blowing referees follow around a character urgently trying to accomplish something important, to close something unresolved in their life, in (usually) a short span of time.

Some of the guest stars - Ueno Juri plays a nurse in ep. 4, Eita is a photographer in ep. 1. Ito Atsushi (Densha Otoko) is in ep. 5, and Maki Yoko :wub: stars in ep. 8.

It should be noted Eps. 10 and 11 (really a 2-part SP) was never subbed by fansubbers. Ep. 9, staring Oizumi Yo as a hikikomori (socially withdrawn person), was a great finish for the regular series. IMHO, ep.9 should have been the very end of the series, so the SP not being subbed is regrettable, it's not a "yellow card" for enjoying the series.

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Post by henriquette » Nov 9th, '09, 10:58

hi, how do i nominate a drama for the next poll? or do i have to have a minimum of 10 posts before i can do that? actually, how do i check how many posts i have posted? ><"

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Post by plain_love » Nov 9th, '09, 14:34

oh... i'm kinda dissappointed with this JSOTW, can i nominate another series for the next JSOTW ? the one that never been nominated ? I nominate Aishiteru, Haken no Hinkaku, and Manhattan Love Story for the next JSOTW
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Post by popoycanton » Nov 10th, '09, 23:01

Gonzo is fantastic. Its a character drama. We are presented a broken man, a once glorious, admired by all, but now somewhat of a joker & he accepts himself for what he is, but something happened. Something significant enough that we see just a subtle hint or maybe an undertone of hope each episode. Piece by piece, little by little he seems to pick up where he left off. He is not perfect, he is flawed, but you will still root for him. You will feel his pain and feel his joy. His goofy dazed face, becomes that of a driven man, one who will stop at nothing, you better get out of his way.

Also, the production value is one to be admired, courageous if I may say so. The uber long shots makes it a lot engaging for anyone to lose track of time. Only true skilled actors, directors, production tea can pull this off. A lot of one long shots, no editing to make up for poor acting, just raw talent. If you appreciated "children of men" then you'll know what I'm talking about.

Gonzo lead actor also plays the Sakamoto Ryoma in Jin.

Kita Youshio is another one of my favorites. Not to mention, he's in every drama that has even been made :)

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Post by Raspberry Latte » Nov 12th, '09, 20:28

Voted for Gonzo,
haven't seen it, but the comments and the plot got me qute interested :)

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Post by Taido » Nov 13th, '09, 17:51

Downloaded long time ago Ashita no Kita Yoshio still haven't seen it :cussing:

But nevertheless my vote is for the above, since it seems pretty 8) one

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Post by gestur » Nov 15th, '09, 00:03

Ashita no Kita Yoshio is an excellent series, highly recommended.

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Post by haiii » Nov 17th, '09, 16:25

I hope Ashita no Kita Yoshio wins! I've been downloading it lately but there hasn't been that many seeds though. I personally think that the series is awesome ;D

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Post by Mune » Nov 18th, '09, 17:53

My vote goes to Ashita no Kita Yoshio. Dare Yori mo Mama wo Aisu was definitely great, but I'd love to see this dorama. :)

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Post by Phillykat » Nov 22nd, '09, 02:47

henriquette wrote:hi, how do i nominate a drama for the next poll? or do i have to have a minimum of 10 posts before i can do that? actually, how do i check how many posts i have posted? ><"
just look under your name. you have/had 6 at the time of your posting this

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