December 2008 KSOTM - Poll

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December 2008 KSOTM - Poll

Post by saigo_x » Nov 16th, '08, 02:41

Welcome to the December 2008 Korean Series Of The Month
The poll will end on December 1st.

For more information see the following threads: How SOTW/SOTM Works, About Voting for Series of the Week and Month, and Volunteer Seeding for KSOTM (outdated).

All candidates are available on the tracker and have complete English subtitles.
Please follow the "Dramawiki" links for information about each series.

The candidates are:

101st Proposal (700MB HDTVRip) .::. 15 episodes .::. DramaWiki
Seeders: leeunit, rabbit0900, saigo_x

Air City (700MB HDTVRip) .::. 16 episodes .::. DramaWiki
Seeders: rabbit0900

Crazy For You (700MB SUN HDTVRip RAW) .::. 16 episodes .::. DramaWiki
Seeders: melica37, rabbit0900, saigo_x

Rosemary (350MB KBFD TVRip) .::. 18 episodes .::. DramaWiki
Seeders: Jannah, leeunit, MoerkJ, saigo_x

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Post by knuckles » Nov 16th, '08, 12:44

If you like terminal illness stories, please vote for Rosemary.

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Post by ahireasu » Nov 16th, '08, 14:52

Rosemary and Crazy for you have such nice plot, it will be hard to chose what to vote

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Post by melica37 » Nov 16th, '08, 17:15

I'm voting for Rosemary, again! :cheers:

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Post by makito » Nov 17th, '08, 09:03

voting for Crazy for You! :D

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Post by ippanjin22 » Nov 18th, '08, 05:33

I'm voting for Air City.

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Post by dwr478 » Nov 22nd, '08, 12:22

I would like to recommend King of the Wind for January.

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Post by saigo_x » Nov 25th, '08, 04:41

Hmm, I wonder if I should make a batch torrent for the winner. :unsure:

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Post by Demonworldslayer » Nov 26th, '08, 07:01

I'm voting for Rosemary.

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vote for 101st Proposal

Post by kdrama2005 » Nov 26th, '08, 21:18

I vote for 101st proposal

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Post by saigo_x » Nov 30th, '08, 23:30

The poll is almost over and it looks like Crazy For You still has a sizeable lead. Keep the votes coming. I'll make a batch file for the winner and upload it tommorow. That'll make seeding a little bit easier and it's a good time to consolidate another series and lessen the strain on the tracker.

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Post by Haruno » Dec 1st, '08, 13:23

crazy for you!!!!!!!!! :)

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Post by saigo_x » Dec 1st, '08, 15:24

Ok, the poll is over and the winner is Crazy For You. Below are the results. I'll be uploading the batch torrent in a bit.

Crazy For You 38% [ 37 ]
101st Proposal 24% [ 24 ]
Rosemary 20% [ 20 ]
Air City 16% [ 16 ]

Total Votes : 97
Crazy For You
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