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Vote for September's KSOTM

Posted: Aug 10th, '04, 15:58
by iceberri
Next month's ksotm will run from September 6th to October 3rd; the winner will be announced on September 5th. All of the candidates are subtitled in English and are located either on the d-addicts tracker, Jem's tracker, or aznv's tracker.
How Korean Series of the Month Works

IMPORTANT: If you want series like Sweet 18 or The Sandglass which have recently been completed to be added to the polls, we will need volunteer seeders (at least 3-4). We would also appreciate it if 1-2 more seeders came forward for Let's Go to School, Sangdoo. If you're willing to seed for any of these series (or any series in general) please PM me or Puccakiss79, or post in the "Seeders wanted for a new Korean sotm..." thread in the Korean Entertainment Section. Thanks guys! =)

As always, thanks to the wonderful seeders who help spread the looove. :D If you signed up for a series and know that you cannot seed for September, please let puccakiss79 or I know.

Anyways, without further adieu... this month's candidates:
Beware: Reviews may contain spoilers!

Attic Cat: Info; Review
Seeders: Puccakiss79, Scyth3r, kumukurukuk, chisin, miriko, sjinhan, hakurey, In-sung, o0Tsukushi0o, aznkoodies, leeunit, Ang3lHart, indierock_kid

Bright Girl's Success Story: Info; Review I; Review II
Seeders: aznkoodies, iceberri, in-sung, nanda, seirin, leeunit

Let's Go to School, Sangdoo!: Info I; Info II
Seeders: iceberri, puccakiss79, seirin, cofeemee, leeunit, aznkoodies, MCr3ative, tokatu, yoda
Thanks to all the wonderful people who volunteered. =)

My Love Patzzi: Info; Review I; Review II; Review III
Seeders: aznkoodies, iceberri, kboy107, leeunit, nanda, seirin, tai8318, leeunit, CtrlV, indierock_kid

Summer Scent: Info; Review I; Review II
Seeders: Puccakiss79, Scyth3r, mangosteen, in-sung, leeunit, nanda, aznkoodies, ph3412, kboy107, CtrlV

Winter Sonata: Info; Review I; Review II; Review III
Seeders: aznkoodies, Frank, gfngfgf, hakurey, iceberri, kboy107, leeunit, miriko, o0Tsukishi0o, ph3412, puccakiss79

Posted: Aug 10th, '04, 17:17
by puccakiss79
great job on the banners iceberri :thumright:

added: my favorite is the SS one, oh wait, maybe it's because SSH is talking up almost half of it ^^ thank you :P

Posted: Aug 10th, '04, 17:21
by lindaatje
Yeah! The banners really look great!
Let's go to school Sang Doo please :D

Posted: Aug 11th, '04, 15:31
by iceberri
puccakiss79 wrote:added: my favorite is the SS one, oh wait, maybe it's because SSH is talking up almost half of it ^^ thank you :P
my personal favorite is the Sangdoo one, but that's probably because I spent the most time on that one. I had to cut and paste their heads from three different pictures, plus drawing that stupid little heart took me forever! :x

SS comes in second though. =D

Posted: Aug 11th, '04, 15:49
by r4z0r3cK
Yah I vote for Sang Doo also. Good way to end the summer with a good comedy.

Posted: Aug 11th, '04, 15:55
by babyguh
hahaha tru tru pucca i like summer scent banner also! and im votin fo it too cuz i dunt have that one yet but i neva kno how to work the ogm files so i stopped at 6 so i pro wont continue...and sangdoo was a comedy? i thought it was sad..

and good job wit the banners ice!

Posted: Aug 13th, '04, 17:35
by habukie
i agree! the banners are great and i love the sangdoo one the most. it's so pretty and it really reflects the characters' personalities. :D i also like the ss one, but that's cause of the flowers.

as for sangdoo, i don't know that i would call it a comedy. it certainly starts out that way but kinda morphs into something else. if you read the torrent comments for the episodes near the end, there is a lot of "can it get any worse" and "how sad"-type comments. i don't know what to call it because it's not really what i'd consider a "drama" and it's not really a "comedy" so maybe it's a "dramedy"? :)

Posted: Aug 13th, '04, 17:37
by acettea7
i vote for Let's Go to School, Sangdoo!

Posted: Aug 13th, '04, 18:13
by rooter
its already time for voting on september series of the month? :cry: ..i feel jipped that i didn't even get one ep of beautiful days..oh well..i have 17 more days to get it before the month ends :crazy:

i voted for sangdoo..everyone likes it or something..and seed requests are always on the i am sure its a good series... :lol

oh i was attic the girl from romance and the guy from my little bride??...they look so familiar :glare:

Posted: Aug 13th, '04, 18:38
by r4z0r3cK
rooter wrote:
oh i was attic the girl from romance and the guy from my little bride??...they look so familiar :glare:
actually the actress is jung dabin not kim haneul from new nonstop 3, and the recently new series my 19 year old sister in law. and yah the actor is kim rae won from little bride/

Posted: Aug 13th, '04, 20:29
by audr3yz
i would vote for summer scent and attic cat.. i watched my love patzzi already.. its fun.. but i cant vote yet :cry:

Posted: Aug 14th, '04, 15:42
by iceberri
rooter wrote:i feel jipped that i didn't even get one ep of beautiful days..oh well..i have 17 more days to get it before the month ends :crazy:
haha yeah, Beautiful Days must be jinxed or something @______@ Lost for 3 consecutive times, and when it does win, the site's temporarily down! But fortunately, the tracker is up now, so you can always grab the torrent files from Jem's IRC channel or the zip file provided here.

Posted: Aug 20th, '04, 16:05
by SaNine
:( i vote for winter sonata.. and it only had 2 VOTES! :( how can i change my vote? :)

Posted: Aug 20th, '04, 16:18
by Frank
I vote for Attic Cat.

oh and I can seed Winter Sonata so can you add my name to the list please ^_^

Posted: Aug 20th, '04, 16:42
by puccakiss79
Thanks Frank :D

Posted: Aug 20th, '04, 16:45
by babyxdorkii
i voted for let's go to school, sangdoo hope that wins

Posted: Aug 22nd, '04, 10:29
by bludawn
aww cute piccies ^_^

i didn't even see this poll.. hm i'll vote at the last minute =)

Posted: Aug 22nd, '04, 10:38
by kood
bludawn wrote:hm i'll vote at the last minute =)
Same, since I have all the series, which is sad because I have only completed one series: Summer Scent. So add me to Sang-doo as a seeder, but I don't have any of the series currently with me, except Summer Scent, aznV's version.

And yes, Summer Scent's banner is looking good because of Son Ye Jin.

Posted: Aug 22nd, '04, 20:59
by leeunit
You can count me in for Sweet 18 and Sandglass and any other completed series for that matter.

Posted: Aug 22nd, '04, 21:16
by iceberri
thanks leeunit & aznkoodies.. ^_^

Posted: Aug 24th, '04, 15:43
by jlove1831
This was tough @_@ The only drama I haven't seen every episode of is Sangdoo and I only want the 300 MB version to decide whether or not I want to buy it..but I guess I'll have to download 700 MB unless I get raws elsewhere (and the subtitles work with them). :P

Posted: Aug 25th, '04, 05:44
by friendofminsukschick
oh sad, i've seen all of those except for my love patzi and i really like those 3 people, jang nara, kim jae won, and kim rae won. =(

Posted: Aug 25th, '04, 15:02
by ajewell
I vote for My Love Patzzi, since I've seen most of the others... :D

Posted: Aug 26th, '04, 02:16
by SouLeSSOnE
any drama with jang nara in it :P

Posted: Aug 26th, '04, 03:47
by kazuki
i've seen all those series but Let's Go to School, Sangdoo was one of my favourites so i'm voting for it to win.... :roll

Posted: Aug 26th, '04, 05:42
by Magion
I voted for "My Love Patzzi", because I have already seen all the others.

My Love Patzzi

Posted: Aug 27th, '04, 01:08
by Rizzaritz
I guess Sangdoo will win for September. I just hope My Love Patzzi will get the chance for October. I've been looking for seeders for a looong looong time for that series ;)

Posted: Aug 28th, '04, 15:18
by indierock_kid
I can seed My love Patzzi and I can seed half of Attic Cat

Let's Go to School sang-doo is my vote :mrgreen:

Posted: Aug 28th, '04, 17:14
by rypinxloser
i vote for my love patzzi come on jang nara!

Posted: Aug 30th, '04, 14:37
by Jannah
Out of the candidates, I've only watched Winter Sonata. I can't decide! I want to watch all of them. :P

Posted: Aug 30th, '04, 15:34
by hippiez
I vote for let's Go to School Sangdo! Because Bi and Lee Dong Geun are in it :wub: keke... And for sweet 18, I can help you seeding it except for eps. 12 because I can't seem to download it :-(


Posted: Aug 31st, '04, 08:58
by mindeela
Im voting for my love patzzi because I haven't seen this series yet.


Posted: Aug 31st, '04, 16:28
by meow
i vote for let's go to school sangdoo


Posted: Aug 31st, '04, 21:02
by shizniz00
sangdoo lets go to skewl!!!!!

Posted: Aug 31st, '04, 21:24
by DarkAngelAyu
Just voted for "Let's go to school, Sang-doo". It seems it has a good chance to become the next series of the month :D if not suddenly 20 people vote for "My love Patzzi" or "Attic Cat".

Posted: Sep 2nd, '04, 03:21
by shayla
I vote for my love patzzi. I really like Kim Jae Won and Kim Rae Won, Jang Nara isn't bad either.

Posted: Sep 2nd, '04, 05:56
I vote for My Love Patzzi

Posted: Sep 2nd, '04, 17:45
by redhawk
i VOTE For My Love Patzzi

next series for september

Posted: Sep 3rd, '04, 03:47
by emaildanhco
Let's go to school Sang Doo please

Posted: Sep 3rd, '04, 07:04
by dhkimboa
i voted for Bright Girl's Success Story :w00t:

Posted: Sep 3rd, '04, 18:33
by chinwah23
sang doo, let`s go to school! i only saw the first few episodes and i got addicted!