May 2008's CSoTM: Corner With Love

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May 2008's CSoTM: Corner With Love

Post by habukie » May 5th, '08, 03:01

Corner With Love is Chinese Series of the Month for May 2008

May's CSoTM:

Corner With Love
Episodes :: 16
Seeders :: AkumaX & Sublimes Team
:: WIKI ::

We are in need of seeders, if you would like to volunteer, click here. Please make nominations for next month in this thread. Thanks!

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Post by Zealousy » May 5th, '08, 03:16

Great drama, I'm on Episode 11.

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Post by julicar23 » May 5th, '08, 14:51

i would like to nominate for Chinese ghost story starring barbie hsu
:thumright: Maraming Salamat Po! :cheers:

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Post by Jaja » May 7th, '08, 02:37

I love Corner With Love, it open my eyes regarding a persons perspective in a relationship and it taught me that if the person means a lot to you, you should know how she/he look like when you close your eyes.

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My 1st Chinese drama

Post by pixelex » May 26th, '08, 17:21

All I've ever watched were Korean and Japanese dramas...this is my first Chinese drama. Loved it.


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Post by lovenyc52 » Jun 2nd, '08, 23:43

yea i totally loved this series - really cute and fun drama without being too heavy on the melodramatics. plus, Show is adorable and such a cute leading man. can't wait till his new drama with wu chun comes out :)

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Post by shukumei86 » Jun 4th, '08, 05:59

i just watched this series and i have to say it was awesome. i really enjoyed it a lot. this was my first cdrama for me and i started to dl more because this was such a great introductory series. for the most part it was a romance comedy but then in ep 10 it became mainly a tear jerker with some comedy. this is by no mean a negative. thankyou very much for letting me get to see it.

i have been watching jdramas for a long time now and i watch few kdramas but im now also going to start looking into cdramas as well. i also loved the music in this show. is there any way to get the romaji (sorry i don't know what it is called for chinese) for the opeing song. i have it on my laptop but it is written in chinese. this song is truely awesome.

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Corner With Love

Post by ayashindaiga » Jun 7th, '08, 00:43

:wub: I just want to say that I love this drama. Thank you so much for uploading and sharing this drama. It has definitely changed my thought of shorter episodes in a drama.

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