Vote For April 2008's KSoTM!

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What should be April 2008's KSoTM?

1% Of Anything
Great Inheritance
I'm Sorry, I Love You
Wonderful Life
Total votes: 112

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Vote For April 2008's KSoTM!

Post by habukie » Apr 4th, '08, 05:01

Welcome to April 2008's KSOTM. The poll will end on April 7th.

I really apologize for the lateness of the poll. To make it easier to choose a winner, I am just keeping the same series from last month. However, next month we will return to the usual of adding new nominees to the poll. Hope you're having a great spring!

The KSOTM procedure is explained in the How KSOTM Works thread

Thanks to our :heart: seeders :heart:! Without you the KSOTM wouldn't work. :notworthy:

All candidates have English Subtitles and are available on our tracker.
Please follow the given "DramaWiki" links to look up information about each drama. Happy voting everybody!

Here are the candidates:

1% Of Anything (700MB) .::. 26 episodes .::. DramaWiki
Seeders: Jannah, ladyroake, leeunit, rabbit0900, sabriyahm, yendao, mannymo

Fireworks .::. 17 episodes .::. DramaWiki
Seeders: kikuesan, lucypcng, rabbit0900, sabriyahm

Great Inheritance .::. 17 episodes .::. DramaWiki
Seeders: Jairick, martha, rabbit0900, sabriyahm, SCBet, Suzumi

I'm Sorry, I Love You (700MB) .::. 16 episodes .::. DramaWiki
Seeders: Access, apples, Chynkinese, darb, gEkO, ilovebinderclips, Jannah, kalau, lilswtangel, MajidB, Misa, NineTails, ookamiki, rabbit0900, rlynxen, SCBet, scy, Shinigami, Silvestre, terrancelam, mannymo, dima

Wonderful Life (700MB) .::. 16 episodes .::. DramaWiki
Seeders: Access, apples, ashitakka, bLaCkNbLuE, dawawa, gEkO, Jannah, leeunit, milleu87, rabbit0900, sabriyahm, SCBet, snowangel414, TragicKingdom
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Post by K_Holic » Apr 4th, '08, 15:47

I voted for Fireworks!!

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Post by leenzy » Apr 4th, '08, 16:28

i vote for FIREWORKS :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: !!!...KAng JI Hwan :wub: :wub: :wub: D Best!!...ehehe :wub: :wub: :salut: :salut: :salut:

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Post by Kallista » Apr 4th, '08, 16:32

I voted for Kang JI Hwan... errrr FIREWORKS :lol

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Post by shayla » Apr 4th, '08, 18:42

I voted for Fireworks too!
It's the only drama from this list I've yet too see so hope it wins.
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Post by Rosegirl » Apr 4th, '08, 18:52

:cheers: :cheers: yessssssssss me too voted for Fireworks :P more of my Kang JI Hwan :wub: opps I lov u :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: oh please vote for firework :mrgreen:

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Post by nysophia » Apr 4th, '08, 19:09

it's a great drama :lol

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Post by quotie » Apr 4th, '08, 21:21

Hasn't "I'm sorry I love you" just been a KSOTM a few months ago?

Well, I vote for fireworks

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Post by VietBaka » Apr 4th, '08, 21:38

come on fireworks! so close last month...hopefully it'll be this month.

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Post by xmiyax » Apr 4th, '08, 21:44

I voted for Fireworks :thumleft:

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Post by ali4s » Apr 5th, '08, 20:46

maybe this month i'll win ! i voted for fireworks :cheers:

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Post by Kimy07 » Apr 5th, '08, 22:17

ive seen 1% of anything, :glare:
hum, i liked it.. but... it is kinda boring for about 10 eps. seriously :cry:
they FIGHT all the time, and it ISNT funny at all
and the love between them.. isnt rly intense... its weird...
i just watched this because of Kang Dong Won :wub: but i was truly disapointed

i hope fireworks is good, i voted for that !! :D

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Post by Raspberry Latte » Apr 7th, '08, 01:34

Fireworks was a disappointment for me :unsure:
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Post by farha » Apr 7th, '08, 13:59

from all the above i would say I'm Sorry I love you is the best. so my vote goes to that

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Post by habukie » Apr 8th, '08, 10:32

thanks for all the votes. it looks like the winner is...Fireworks!

seeders, please start today and thank you so much for your continued support of the KSoTM.

= as to whether MISA was a previous KSoTM, i'll check on that. i thought it hadn't been one before, despite it being quite a popular drama...


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