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What Should Be March's KSoTM?

1% Of Anything
Great Inheritance
I'm Sorry, I Love You
The Water Bloom
Wonderful Life
Total votes: 152

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Vote For March 2008's KSoTM!

Post by habukie » Feb 27th, '08, 05:47

Welcome to March 2008's KSOTM. The poll will end on March 3rd.

As I stated last month, I dropped the two least popular series and added some more on. This time, I chose two older series. One is an insanely popular series while the other is less known. Also, I added in 2 more recent ones from 2006... So hopefully you see something you'd like to watch.

The KSOTM procedure is explained in the How KSOTM Works thread

Thanks to our :heart: seeders :heart:! Without you the KSOTM wouldn't work. :notworthy:

All candidates have English Subtitles and are available on our tracker.
Please follow the given "DramaWiki" links to look up information about each drama. Happy voting everybody!

Here are the candidates:

1% Of Anything (700MB) .::. 26 episodes .::. DramaWiki
Seeders: Jannah, ladyroake, leeunit, rabbit0900, sabriyahm, yendao, mannymo

Fireworks .::. 17 episodes .::. DramaWiki
Seeders: kikuesan, lucypcng, rabbit0900, sabriyahm

Great Inheritance .::. 17 episodes .::. DramaWiki
Seeders: Jairick, martha, rabbit0900, sabriyahm, SCBet, Suzumi

I'm Sorry, I Love You (700MB) .::. 16 episodes .::. DramaWiki
Seeders: Access, apples, Chynkinese, darb, gEkO, ilovebinderclips, Jannah, kalau, lilswtangel, MajidB, Misa, NineTails, ookamiki, rabbit0900, rlynxen, SCBet, scy, Shinigami, Silvestre, terrancelam, mannymo, dima

The Water Bloom (350MB) .::. 26 episodes .::. DramaWiki
Seeders: apples, Jannah, leeunit, habukie

Wonderful Life (700MB) .::. 16 episodes .::. DramaWiki
Seeders: Access, apples, ashitakka, bLaCkNbLuE, dawawa, gEkO, Jannah, leeunit, milleu87, rabbit0900, sabriyahm, SCBet, snowangel414, TragicKingdom
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Post by theonlyone » Feb 27th, '08, 08:34

The Water Bloom for me since there is Lee bo young in it and it a serie I haven't watched before. I will help upload when I got it done. ;) Thanks.


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Post by smiley6yrl » Feb 27th, '08, 09:05

same here, i'll vote for The Water Bloom since thats the only series that I havent have yet....

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Post by maria66 » Feb 27th, '08, 12:31

If I may ask a stupid question? How come the list remains the same for the past several months? No wonder there are only 13 votes so far. Is it possible to let members to nominate and shortlist it for voting? If that is not possible maybe may have new list every six month or something like that. Hope to see a better selection in future.

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Post by petemoooo » Feb 27th, '08, 14:06

i believe the new season of kdrama is starting right around this time, so new series should be poping up in the forrum for people to talk about soon....and next is for us to vote :)

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Post by Kallista » Feb 27th, '08, 14:58

1% of Anything, I've always wanted to watch it!

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Post by sabriyahm » Feb 27th, '08, 20:46

petemoooo wrote:i believe the new season of kdrama is starting right around this time, so new series should be poping up in the forrum for people to talk about soon....and next is for us to vote :)
KSOTM is always going to be old shows. The whole point is to make hard to get shows less difficult. Its not a popularity contest. New shows have plenty of seeders. Why would we need them to be KSOTM if everyones seeding them already? I dont think any show that is less the a year old ever gets nominated in this thread and with good reason.
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Post by mannymo » Feb 28th, '08, 04:04

Ill be picking Water bloom. Have no clue if it's a good show or not, but since the seeders are 0 i would love to see it back alive again. I do prefer though that it's batched up before it becomes a KSotM, makes seeding for me alot easier that way. (instead of 26 episodes killing my connection).

@sabriyahm u prolly mean: less difficult :P.

Anywayz she's totally right. KSotM has been there to promote series that have been posted long ago and could use a boost for the newer people among us. Even though almost all series posted here are ok seeded (5+) it goes way faster if there are 40 seeders en 200 leechers :D..yes we love bittorrent :salut: .


/endmessage from an uploadaddict :P.

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Post by shayla » Feb 29th, '08, 16:45

I voted for fireworks, I think water bloom sounds boring. I was wondering where the torrents for fireworks is?
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Post by Valentine_rose » Feb 29th, '08, 17:11

I voted for Water Bloom, synopsis looks interesting & Song Il-g**k is a great actor, I hope I can see it if it's the next korean drama on the month :wub:

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Post by reyoo » Feb 29th, '08, 21:31

shayla wrote:I voted for fireworks, I think water bloom sounds boring. I was wondering where the torrents for fireworks is?
there is no "s" in torrent name, so link in first post give you OST only.
Just type Firework in search box.

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Post by danchemistry » Mar 1st, '08, 01:49

Vote 1% Of Anything

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Post by Rosegirl » Mar 1st, '08, 03:37

:-) excuse me could some correct the torrents link 4r "Great Inheritance" cuz it link to another drama "A love to kill" sorry 4r the trouble :|

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Post by michca » Mar 1st, '08, 04:04

Fireworks! Sounds super cute. ^^

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Post by rcblue » Mar 1st, '08, 07:14

My vote goes to Firework :cheers:

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Post by VietBaka » Mar 3rd, '08, 00:29


Its the girl from delightful girl and the guy from hong gil dong...can't go wrong with that.

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Post by habukie » Mar 4th, '08, 02:31

and the winner is...The Water Bloom!

seeders please start now, and hopefully we can get through seeding the whole series by the end of this month. :-)

as for the questions asked earlier in the thread, i do realize that some of the same series will appear month after month. however, if you've been paying attention, you would've seen that i swapped out some of those "older" series that weren't getting enough votes and added in some other ones this month. and what sabriyahm said is right on the money: we don't need seeds for newer series, so all of the nominated ones will be old by comparison.

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