SOTW/SOTM - What Is It? How Does It Work?

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SOTW/SOTM - What Is It? How Does It Work?

Post by puccakiss79 » Jul 12th, '04, 22:46

** How SOTW/SOTM Works **
(edited by jholic, LGG)

As you probably know, many torrents are released on the D-Addicts' tracker. As different series of dramas were completed (and grew older), seeds for them eventually dropped off. Some individuals who completed these dramas were willing to seed older, completed dramas, but were not sure of which ones to seed. It was decided to allow the members of the D-Addicts' community pick and choose a series through a voting system.

What is SOTW / SOTM?
On D-Addicts, we have three types of "Series Of The...":
- Japanese Series Of The Week (JSOTW)
- Korean Series Of The Month (KSOTM)
- Chinese Series Of The Month (CSOTM)

Why have a SOTW / SOTM?
1. People will know what series is available and have seeds, rather than just waiting and hoping.
2. Seeders that have archived the winning series on DVD/CD's will know which series to pull off of DVD/CD, minimizing troublesome multiple DVD/CD loading.
3. Re-circulates older torrents back into view, and focuses bandwidth and demand toward those specific torrents, rather than having people request series across the board.

Who can vote?
You need to be a member of the D-Addicts' forum, and have at least 10 posts. (Please do not spam the board just to reach 10 posts.)
Read more about it in About Voting for Series of the Week / Month

Where can I....
- nominate or vote for the next Series of the...? The JSOTW, KSOTM, and CSOTM threads are always located as 'stickies' in the Series of the Week/Month section of the forum.
- find the downloads for the current Series of the...? Current JSOTW / KSOTM / CSOTM downloads will be posted as mini-banners near the top of the Torrent Tracker page.
- volunteer to help seed the next Series of the...? Click on the following: JSOTW / KSOTM / CSOTM

How does the JSOTW / KSOTM / CSOTM work?
In order for any drama series to be nominated for "Series of the...", it needs to be complete (all eps released and uploaded on the tracker), and have enough volunteer seeders.

Each section has its own moderator(s) and nominating/voting/seeding schedule:

- Japanese SOTW (main moderators: mizune and InTr4nceWeTrust):
jdramas tend to have less episodes, therefore, JSOTW is run on a bi-weekly basis. If you would like to volunteer to seed, you may post in the current JSOTW thread or the 'JSOTW: Volunteer Seeders' thread, or pm thetenken. During a two-week timeframe, a poll is started to allow members to nominate and vote for the next JSOTW. Concurrently, the current JSOTW is seeded and downloaded. When the two week period ends, the winner for the JSOTW poll is announced, seeding begins on the winning drama series, and the next poll is started.

- Korean SOTM (main moderator: habukie):
kdramas tend to have more eps than jdramas, and therefore, KSOTM is run on a monthly basis. Nominations are taken only in the current poll threads, and if the polls are locked, it means nominations are not being taken at that time. KSOTM seeding always starts on a Monday (usually the first Monday closest to the 1st of the month.) The first two weeks of KSOTM are dedicated to the first half of the series. The last two weeks of the month are be dedicated to the second half of a series. For each half, the second week of dedicated seeding (2nd and 4th weeks) will be similar to the current SOTM's second week; a week for peers to play catch up. If there is a month w/ 5 weeks, then the final week will just be a free week, meaning, there is no dedicated seeding on this week. Seeders will seed what they can, when they can (there are no guarantees that seeds will be constantly available for all eps.)

- Chinese SOTM (main moderator: habukie):
cdramas, like kdramas, also have more eps than jdramas, and therefore, CSOTM is also run on a monthly basis. CSOTM dramas can be from mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore or Taiwan, but MUST have ENGLISH subtitles. CSOTM seeding usually starts on the first of the month, and runs to the end of the month. If the CSOTM drama series happens to be extremely long, the seeding period may be extended. The seeding period for the current CSOTM will always be posted in the thread. Nominations will be taken anytime. Just make a request in the current poll or csotm thread.

Are torrents (drama series) from other trackers eligible for J/K/C "Series of the..."?
Currently, we have's, Jem's and JTV's permission to include their torrents in the "Series of the...".

For torrents, we will link their site in each torrent's DL link on the torrent index page, as it has been done before.
For Jem, we will seed the torrents from where they currently are. In other words, if the winning drama series is currently on the D-Addicts' tracker (uploaded by Jem), then we will seed his torrents from the DA tracker. If the winning drama series is currently on the Jem tracker, then we will post links to the Jem tracker for everyone to seed/download. There will be absolutely NO uploading of torrents from the Jem tracker onto the DA tracker!
For JTV, we will follow a similar procedure to Jem's. Again, there will be absolutely NO uploading of torrents from the JTV tracker onto the DA tracker!

We have Jem's,'s and JTV's permission to include their torrents in the "Series of the..."; however, for Jem's and JTV's torrents, absolutely no uploading of their torrents will occur. We will provide a link for seeders/peers to d/l the torrents. As for's torrents, we will link their site in each torrent's DL link on the torrent index page, as it has been done before.

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