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Vote For October 2007's CSoTM!

Posted: Sep 24th, '07, 02:35
by habukie
Welcome to October's Chinese Series of the Month (CSoTM) Poll.

Voting starts now and ends on Sunday, September 30th. Seeders, please start seeding the CSoTM on Monday, October 1st. If for any reason you cannot do so, please PM me. Thanks. :heart:

As the name implies, the CSoTM is dedicated to seeding completed Chinese drama series—be they from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, or Taiwan—with ENGLISH subs. We've only got so many qualifying series at the moment, so there're going to be repeats. The CSOTM will be monthly for short series with an extension for longer series.
For the what, why, and how’s of a SoTM, please see this thread by puccakiss79.

The Nominees are:

Blade Heart
Episodes :: 37
Seeders :: peacht, Airhead, Kai Lien (1-24)
:: TVB Link ::

Crimson Sabre
Episodes :: 35
Seeders :: aznxshinobi, JALAL, Xr8-S, peacht, Buck, ZenMystic, Zeoul
:: WIKI::

Legend Of Arching Hero
Episodes :: 42
Seeders :: Xr8-S, peacht, ZenMystic, lucypcng, Airhead, SunStar, huh!
:: MediaCorp ::

Swordsman III
Episodes :: 15
Seeders :: peacht, ZenMystic, Airhead
:: spcnet ::

Young Justice Bao II
Episodes :: 40
Seeders :: Xr8-S, Airhead, Kai Lien
:: MediaCorp ::

Our choices for the CSOTM are getting down to a few so please help out by volunteering to seed any dramas you may have downloaded in the past. :blink :heart: The completed list of Chinese dramas & previous csotm's can be found here.

Have fun voting, play fair, and let's make our CSoTM a successful one!

The AiRen Team

Posted: Sep 24th, '07, 04:24
by hehehaha
woohoo! first to vote!

Posted: Sep 24th, '07, 04:38
yey!! 2nd to vote!! hahah!! Only cuz it looks nice...i guess haha. haven't watched any of the, but to be useful I picked the best pic that i liked between the 5. XD

Posted: Sep 24th, '07, 17:30
by peacht
Of all these I would recommend LOCH or LOAH as it appears here. It's not only a classic tale it's also an excellent version.
I'm also glad to see that all series are of the ancient genre, my favourite!

It would be great if the people voting would also take a look at the list of series to see if they could help seed any, with a few more seeders we could have many more series to choose from.

Posted: Sep 27th, '07, 10:54
by p0thead
i sure hope we get loah! it looks very good. :)

Posted: Sep 29th, '07, 02:12
by stardustsyeo
LOAH is leading!

Posted: Sep 29th, '07, 23:46
by Midnight
Rooting for LOAH. Been meaning to watch this version for a while now.

Posted: Oct 1st, '07, 05:13
by urpimpnes
Counting the seconds till LOAH is released :(

Posted: Oct 2nd, '07, 02:32
by habukie
the winner is...Legend of Arching Hero!

seeders, please start now. thanks for all of your help with the CSoTM! :wub: