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KSOTM February 2007: Oh! Pil Seung & Bong Soon Young

Posted: Feb 1st, '07, 10:32
by MoerkJ
"Oh! Pil Seung & Bong Soon Young" is Korean Series of the Month for February 2007

February's KSOTM will run from Thursday, February 1st through Wednesday, February 28th.

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Series Info

  • Ahn Jae-wook as Oh Pil-seung
    Chae Rim as Bong Soon-young
    Ryu Jin as Yoon Jae-woong
    Park Sun-young as Noh Yoo-jung

Oh Pil Seung is a free-spirited, but somewhat lazy regular joe who suddenly finds himself heir apparent to a top-level logistics company! With rivals and detractors simply waiting for him to foul up, will Pil Seung be able to rise to the challenge? Or will white-collar intellectuals and their snobby ways force this blue-collar everyman out?

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Posted: Feb 6th, '07, 17:58
by dingyduyen
isn't this similar to Super Rookie?

Posted: Feb 8th, '07, 22:36
by Geonitacka
dingyduyen wrote:isn't this similar to Super Rookie?
Sounds like it

Posted: Feb 14th, '07, 21:08
by KaDeBee
Hi MoerkJ!
May I nominate Seodongyo for the next KSOTM? The Raws are uploaded (55eps, each 350MB), subs all completed (though not so good I've heard ....) and at the moment almost with no seeders. Please, please, before this drama get licensed too ... :cry:
I'm ready to help seeding ep. 01-11 (that's all I have atm.)

recommended series

Posted: Feb 18th, '07, 08:10
by beertax

There is a Korean Drama from MBC called ,"Ireland", aired I think on 2004? It is a story that deals with the issue of foreign adoption, broken families, and people of the socially lower status in Korea.

There are two noteworthy aspects that make this series stand out from the pack. One is the script writer, who has almost a cult following in Korea for her ability to write about the deeper human emotions. Second, the main actress is Lee Na Young, who has a natural ability to enthrall her audience with her acting.

The script write also wrote another series in 2003?, also with Lee Na Young, called Ruler of Your Own World. It is also worth a look.

Posted: Feb 19th, '07, 09:21
by TKS
Thanks MoerkJ! I totally got hooked on this drama during this past weekend. This is the first drama where I was so hooked that I had to watch 5-6 eps in one sitting--something that I can never get myself to do for other dramas.

Going to try to help seed this.

Posted: Feb 19th, '07, 21:24
by Xi@h
I would like to nominate Loveholic :w000t:

Posted: Feb 22nd, '07, 20:01
by ephesus
Okay, for real. The character in the pink on the left is way hotter in this drama than the main character girl.

That is all.

Posted: Feb 22nd, '07, 23:50
by shayla
I'd like to nominate Smile Again with Lee Dong Gun.

Posted: Feb 25th, '07, 08:03
by noriblue

May I nominate Country Princess for March 2007 KOTM?

Title: 위풍당당 그녀 / Wi-pung-dang-dang Keu-nyeo
Also known as: Country Princess (KBFD-TV) / Funny Wild Girl (YesAsia) / Miss Majesty / Courageous Girl

Posted: Feb 25th, '07, 08:07
by sveta
In the near future i'd like to nominate Seodongyo, though i can't seed it :(

Posted: Feb 25th, '07, 08:10
by bugsie
I would like to nominate Ms.Kim's Million Dollar Quest for next month's poll.

Posted: Feb 27th, '07, 15:19
by cunho
Me too , I'd like to nominate the seris Ms Kim's million dollar request . Thank you .