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October 2006's CSoTM: My Mighty In-Laws

Posted: Oct 1st, '06, 16:09
by habukie
Da Jia Hao!

The winner of October's CSoTM is My Mighty In-Laws!

My Mighty In-Laws (modern)
Humor and chaos through marriage.
Format: rmvb
Episodes: 20
Seeders: ThaChinky, Pinch, aznxshinobi, Kai Lien (who thinks she has the same one. If not, tis ok! and will upload her version)
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Download the torrents here

Seeding for October's Chinese Series of the Month has now started. Seeders, if there is any reason you cannot seed, please PM habukie or Kai Lien. Thanks! :wub: :heart:

The requirements for a CSoTM are that it be a Chinese production (Mainland, Tw, HK, Singapore, etc), complete, English-subbed with at least 3 volunteer seeders, the more the better. For a list of previous csotm winners and Chinese series here.

Look here to find out what a SoTM is here. Nominate a series for the next CSotM in this thread.

We've only got so many qualifying series at the moment, so there will be repeats. Post here or PM Animetama, Kai Lien, Calcifer or habukie if you can help out with any of these, or if you can seed other series for the future.

Previous Winners:
Feb/March = Lavender
April = My MVP Valentine
May = The Switch
June = Starry Starry Night
July = Mars
August = At The Dolphin Bay
September = Step Into The Past
October=To Get Unstuck In Time
November=The Champion
December= You Are The One
January/February = Romance Of The Three Kingdoms
March = Marmalade Boy
April = Twins Of Brothers
May = Prince Turns To Frog
June = It Started With A Kiss
July = Devil Beside You
August = Love Contract
September = Chinese Paladin

We are in need of seeders, please help out if you can. Thanks!
The following series could use a few seeders: :wink:

Blade Heart :: 37 ::
Gods of Honour :: 40 :: LadieDrmz
Hero in Black :: 20 ::
Hua Xiang :: 3 ::
Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion :: 40 ::
Lofty Waters Verdant Bow :: 20 :: Xr8-S
Love Storm :: 21 :: Xr8-S
Magicians Of Love :: 22 :: horndogbuddhist
My Date with a Vampire III :: 40 ::
Peach Girl :: 13 :: JenEm, horndogbuddhist
Real Kung Fu :: 20 ::
Return of the Condor Heroes 1998 :: 40 :: peacht, Kai Lien
Tian Long Ba Bu :: 40 ::
Wind and Cloud 2 :: 30 ::

Completed Chinese Dramas at Jem's Site with English Subtitles
Love At Aegean Sea :: 40 :: Xr8-S
Purple Love :: 40 ::
Reaching For The Stars :: 22 ::
The Proud Twins:: 40 :: Xr8-S
Romance In The City :: 20 ::
Young Justice Bao II :: 40 :: Xr8-S
Young Zhang San Feng :: 40 ::

Take My Word For It :: 30 ::
Triumph In The Skies :: 40 ::
The Monkey King :: 35 ::


Posted: Oct 4th, '06, 19:06
by ChenXiong
NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha.. owell.. guess have to wait for next month .... not going to download this series.. cuz im not a big fan of city drama... lolz.. WUXIA ALLL THE WAYYY!!!

Posted: Oct 8th, '06, 00:50
by chitato_80
aaaah finally
been wanting to see this drama

thanks !

Posted: Oct 9th, '06, 14:54
by abcd99
I can seed:
Blade Hearts
Gods of Honour
Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion
Lofty Waters Verdant Bow
My Date with a Vampire III
Real Kungfu
Return of the Condor Heroes 1998
Return of the Condor Heroes 2006
Tian Long Ba Bu
Wind and Cloud 2
Crimson Sabre

Young Justice Bao II (Jem)
Young Zhang San Feng (Jem)
The Three Musketeers (Jem)
Chien Lung Dynasty (Jem)
The Witty Imperial Envoy (Jem)
Kang Xi's Incognito Journey IV (Jem)
Genius Physician Ti Ying (Jem)
A Step into the Past (Jem)
Duke of Mount Deer 2000 (Jem)