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August's CSoTM ~ At Dolphin Bay

talk about and vote for the Series of the Week and Month
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August's CSoTM ~ At Dolphin Bay

Post by animetama » Aug 1st, '05, 08:32

Ni Hao! I am proud to announce that the winner for August's Chinese Series of the Month (CSoTM) is...

At Dolphin Bay

Official seeding for this CSoTM will begin on the 1st August and end on the 31st August, 2005.
Volunteer seeders, please seed during that time. Thanks. :wub:
== Episodes ==
  • 28
== Cast ==
  • Ambrose Hsu as Xu Zerya
    Angela Zhang as Yi Tianbian
    Wallace Huo as Zhong Xiaogang
    Penny Lin as Xu Shanni
== Synopsis ==
  • Taiwan top stars Ambrose Hsu, Wallace Huo & Xu Jie Er join hands to take you into the emotionally charged tale of "At The Dolphin Bay"!

    This moving film tells the story of two special persons.

    By coincidence Xiao Ze A discovers a little girl at the front gate of a monastery. He takes her to the office of the nunnery and she finally becomes a member of the institution. She is later referred to as Bottle Cap because whenever somebody opens a bottle its cap becomes useless. Xiao Ze A has to leave Bottle Cap but pledges that he will come back to look for her …

    Time goes by and Xiao Ze A returns only to find that the monastery where he left behind Bottle Cap has been transformed into a commercial building. Is there any chance for Xiao Ze A to reach Bottle Cap in this totally changed environment? Find out in the series called "At The Dolphin bay"!

  • Image
:: SPCNET REVIEW :: Seeders :: habukie, babyguh, keaixia0jie, animetama, cococrust ::

:: Download Torrents Here :: Seed Requests Here ::
Mandarin Audio, English Subtitles, avi

Please help seed when your downloads complete.
Wanna nominate a series for the next CSoTM? Request it in this thread.

*Big Hug* to all the volunteer seeders.
Happy downloading.

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Post by rubi » Aug 1st, '05, 21:24

I'm glad Dolphin Bay won! ^_^

Thanks to all those who'll be seeding this series.

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Post by rbg » Aug 1st, '05, 21:40

thanks for the seeders.

what type of drama this is? compared for exaple with lavender this drama is better or worse? (dont have much free brandwith:/ :P)

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I hope this is the right place for this....

Post by kiki312 » Aug 2nd, '05, 12:22

Hi I was wondering.......since this is my first post...but where can we nominate a CSOTM????

Im currently watching War of the In Laws and its hilarious.....Im sure heaps of other people will love it too.......

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Post by lazybum » Aug 3rd, '05, 02:40

yay i'm glad this won.

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Post by rogue870304 » Aug 4th, '05, 09:23

can i nominate the outsider 2 as the next series of the month. thank you!

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Post by steven1973sg » Aug 6th, '05, 17:40

Can we start from Outsiders 1? Thanks!

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Post by princess98 » Aug 6th, '05, 18:49

YEAH>>at dolphin bay won.
kool. yeah i vote for the outsider 1 too.
does anyone know where i can find the introd. clip to this series?
i download part one and it's not there. i want to see the intro.

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Post by ucscsux » Aug 7th, '05, 18:46

I would also like to see 'The Outsiders' as CSOTM. But each CSOTM has to have completed english subs, and unfortunately 'The Outsiders' (I believe) only has 3 episodes that are subbed.

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Post by crazylife123 » Aug 8th, '05, 18:30

Hopefully next month will be 'The Outsiders 1' and then the following month 'The Outsider 2'...*sigh*...'At Dolphin Bay' is a waste of time.

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Post by SH_BV_7 » Aug 9th, '05, 06:56

Thanks for the series and the seeders.

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Post by mznatalia » Aug 9th, '05, 16:37

Can I nominate My Mighty In laws
I missed it the first time around
Thanks!! :D

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Post by panda88 » Aug 12th, '05, 04:59

Thanks for the series and the seeders.

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Post by Whatever » Aug 17th, '05, 01:19

Thanks! The Outsiders 1/2 are nice :) I got The Outsiders 2 but are subbed in Chinese.

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Post by aiki » Aug 22nd, '05, 00:15

where can i vote for Taiwanese / chinese Drama ?

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Post by JadedAngel » Aug 23rd, '05, 14:28

No news yet on the vote for September's CSOTM? :unsure:

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Post by pvzho-daddicts » Aug 25th, '05, 01:10

hmm this seems interesting, will add to "to try" list

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Post by lazy_mui » Aug 25th, '05, 19:18

i wanna see The outsiders for next month. But i dont know where can i vote ?? Is it too early to vote for tawainese series now?

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Post by shayla » Aug 28th, '05, 19:29

I finally watched the last episode and though it's a long drama, still enjoyed it... Ambrose Hsu and Wallace Huo are very good in their roles.

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Thank you for positng Dolphin Bay

Post by chly28 » Aug 31st, '05, 18:13

Thank you very much for posting At Dolphin Bay,,,I have started to watch the series and boy it is sooooo good.....Getting addicted to it...Very sad funny and last but not the least it's romantic!!!
Thank you for posting it!!!
Continue on with the good work!!!

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Post by animetama » Sep 1st, '05, 12:56

Official seeding for August's winner is now over.
For seed requests, please head over to:

Thanks to all the wonderful seeders who seeded Dolphin Bay.

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dolphin bay

Post by nyong23 » Sep 26th, '05, 07:23

it's really good, i love it


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