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Japanese Series of the Week 01/10/04 - News no Onna

Posted: Dec 27th, '04, 19:43
by thetenken

06/14/2004: As of this date, the Series of the Week is now officially Japanese series only.

Taking nominations for the next series of the week. Let me know what you want to add to the poll and I'll add it. From this point forward only series that have a volunteer seeder will be put up into the poll. People can nominate whatever they want, but the series won't become a poll option until there is a volunteer seeder...


Last time's runner-ups:

Food Fight -
Shopping Hero -
News no Onna -
Mukodono -


Previous Series of the Week:

Attic Cat
Koi ga Shitai x3 (Where is Love?)
Strawberry on the Shortcake (S.O.S.)
Cheap Love
Big Wing
Sutaa no Koi
From the Heart
Love Generation
A Sleeping Forest
Story of One Century
Younger Men
Merry Christmas in Summer
Shota no Sushi
Aoi Tori
Meguri Ai
Konna Koi no Hanashi
One Million Stars Falling From the Sky

What is a series of the week?
Since there are now a substantial number of torrents on this site, we have implemented a "Series of the Week," where we could dedicate most of the bandwidth to a particular series during that week. This helps in a couple of ways:

1. People will know what series are available and have seeds, rather than just waiting and hoping for them to be seeded at some later date.

2. For those seeders who have DVD burners and have already burnt their collections to DVD/CD, then with the series of the week they know which series can be pulled off of DVD to help seed, minimizing troublesome multiple DVD loading.

3. Constantly re-circulates older torrents back into view, and focuses bandwidth and demand toward those specific torrents, rather than having people request series across the board.

Remember, D-Addicts was started for the community, and being a part of the community means sharing. If you don't share, then everyone loses (refer to JEM's dropping of Cdramas), and a good thing open to all may become a private party.

I take no responsibility for deleting poll entries if there are no seeds. No complaints, as this is a community effort. If the community doesn't want to share, then oh well...

Posted: Dec 30th, '04, 04:08
by dmorgan
:idea: Lets throw a bone to food fight! It has been in the running for so long. :blink It is becoming the Susan Lucci of jdramas. :P

If you don't get the Susan Lucci reference, see below. ... emmy+again

Posted: Dec 30th, '04, 04:17
by Bando
I also voted for food fight. I can at least help seed a couple of episodes.



Posted: Dec 30th, '04, 12:45
by shoebox
I'll like to nominate for Stand Up! It's a pretty interesting (and enjoyable) drama; a definite "must-watch" for all japanese drama lovers.

Posted: Dec 30th, '04, 14:12
by techie
Let's see if we can't get "News no onna" this time :)

Posted: Dec 30th, '04, 15:44
by win

I'd like to nominate the original "Mukodono" starring Tomoya Nagase if someone is willing to seed it?


Posted: Dec 30th, '04, 16:30
by Gwendel
Heya, I have Mukodono if you're looking for a seeder to nominate.
I'm also willing to share Shopping Hero and Food FIght, although I don't have News no Onna, and would, for my own selfish purposes, like to see that win. :lol

Stand up!

Posted: Dec 30th, '04, 17:07
by Kumagorou
id also like to nominate Stand up!, if sombody would be willing to seed it.
i seen ep 1 and it was good, i loved it :D

Posted: Dec 30th, '04, 21:07
by ShaolinMunky
Nominating Majo No Jouken/ Forbidden Love for next series of the week

Posted: Dec 31st, '04, 00:48
by shiruchan
I would nominate Majo no Joken too. I've already daw this drama, but it's really really good, so deserve to be the sotw.
Or Say You Love Me, Ice World or Itazura na Kiss!!!

Posted: Dec 31st, '04, 01:25
by SoyaYofu
I havent seen any of this so i just wanna say: Let the best drama win datte bayo!

Posted: Dec 31st, '04, 04:33
by disfordennis
Majo no Jouken next! =D

Posted: Dec 31st, '04, 06:21
by UzumakiJr
I vote for mukodono
actually I want to vote news no onna ,but I already watched it

Serie of the week

Posted: Dec 31st, '04, 06:53
by Tomoe
I vote muko-dono all the way! IM getting my kleenex box ready! ^-^



Posted: Dec 31st, '04, 08:33
by Camui
I'm torn between Mukudono! & Shopping Hero....

Both of which I have watched. I loved them both and enjoyed them quite a lot. It was a hard decision. I picked the one that touched me most. I voted for Mukudono.

I mean, come on, Yuichiro is sooo coool! :w00t: Satsuki (Ryoko Shinohara) is sooo pretty. :wub: AND it's got Tsunku! :thumright: NUFF SAID!
*In light of this poll I think I'll change my avatar*

Vote / Nomination

Posted: Dec 31st, '04, 09:16
by Kakashi-sensei
I voted for News no Onna.

I am nominating Majo No Jouken/ Forbidden Love also for next sotw.

Posted: Dec 31st, '04, 09:25
by shirahime
I picked Mukudona, Go Aiba-chan!!!! :lol

Time to Vote...........

Posted: Dec 31st, '04, 22:47
by hel811
i vote for news........
would love to see it.... 8)

Posted: Dec 31st, '04, 23:05
by ericf
Voted for Mukudono. If it doesn't win I guess I would want to see Food Fight.

Posted: Jan 1st, '05, 07:09
by Emiko
PLease vote for Mukodono - Gwendel!!! i heard it was really funny and romantic. ^^

Posted: Jan 2nd, '05, 20:36
by odino
I'd like to nominate...

With Love

Posted: Jan 2nd, '05, 23:03
by locoditto
let's go for the news one. I heard that's it's really good. it has takky in it. yeahhhhhh

Posted: Jan 3rd, '05, 17:31
by Pinch
I'm torn between News no Onna and Mukodono.
Heard that mukodono is good, but I like News no Onna when I watched it on tv last time.
I vote for Onna.. I like the onna in the drama. Why everyone is so focused with takky and not with the main actress herself? :lol

By the way, this is the first time I can vote for sotw. :D I joined when Aoi Tori was the sotw.. last year.. Quite a long time ago eh..

Posted: Jan 3rd, '05, 17:46
by jholic
Pinch wrote:Why everyone is so focused with takky and not with the main actress herself? :lol
i also ask myself the same question.


Posted: Jan 5th, '05, 04:27
by Demiwing

Posted: Jan 5th, '05, 19:10
by Tekuza
I'd like to vote for News no Onna - Omren i'm sorry fans of mukodono i loved the series but only problem is that i haven't ever seen News no Onna & also shopping hero which i noticed was in last month's but also didn't win

Posted: Jan 5th, '05, 19:15
by BT-Slut
Please vote for Food Fight!

Posted: Jan 6th, '05, 01:49
by Datcyde
I'm voting for News no Onna - Omren. I missed a few ep while it was showing in new york. So I want to finnish watching it.

Posted: Jan 6th, '05, 20:08
by NiXZe
Write me up for helping to seed NNO!

I like my title but who gave it to me!? ;)

Posted: Jan 6th, '05, 20:19
by innocentchica
mukodono sounds like a good choice~! :lol

Posted: Jan 7th, '05, 06:11
by lilpiggi3
I vote goes to Mukodono, the reviews were pretty high and most of them said good things.

Posted: Jan 7th, '05, 15:51
by xkanamex
*hopes News no Onna gets it this time* Mukodono looks interesting but eheh I've been wanting to see news no onna for quite some time now so that's where my vote goes *^_^*

Posted: Jan 7th, '05, 17:00
by kittikun
Mukudono !

News no Onna

Posted: Jan 9th, '05, 12:26
by DKaneko
News no Onna !!!
News no Onna!!!
News no Onna!!!!!
the review of this is also good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and coz I want to see Suzuki Honami!!!!

Posted: Jan 9th, '05, 21:07
by Gwendel
Hmm. Looks like News no Onna at this point. I have mixed feelings: on one hand, it's the one I wanted to complete, on the other, its the only one I'm going to be leeching on, so I don't want to look bad by saying "Yeah! I got it!" :lol

Posted: Jan 9th, '05, 22:29
by NiXZe
Ok Starting reseed on News No Onna now since it's just minutes left to the 10th here ;)

Posted: Jan 9th, '05, 22:43
by Omren
NiXZe wrote:Ok Starting reseed on News No Onna now since it's just minutes left to the 10th here ;)
Damn it NiXZe you beat me to it by a couple of minutes. :lol

Ah well, i'm starting to seed News No Onna now too.

Big up to NiXZe :wink:

Posted: Jan 10th, '05, 15:55
by azn_wrx
seeding eps as they come along

Posted: Jan 10th, '05, 17:37
by horizon180
"mukoudono" or "food fight"... can help seed both. would like to see a jdrama which i havent seen before though... (am i being too selfish?)

Posted: Jan 10th, '05, 18:02
by donna8157
I hope "News no Onna" wins! I heard Takizawa Hideaki's performance in this was quite great +D

As for, next time's SOTW .. is it possible to nominate "Sleeping Forest"? I've been trying to download this, but there are never any seeders. :-(

my vote

Posted: Jan 10th, '05, 19:23
by AoiLevelina
:D I'm for "Mukodono", It seems werry interesting drama :) so hope it will be the the one.

Posted: Jan 10th, '05, 20:14
by Y_T
I vote Mukodono :mrgreen:

Posted: Jan 10th, '05, 21:45
by odino
when do the polls close?

I was under the impression that News no Onna had already won and seeding has started?!

Posted: Jan 10th, '05, 21:57
by Omren
odino wrote:when do the polls close?

I was under the impression that News no Onna had already won and seeding has started?!
You're absolutely right.

Posted: Jan 10th, '05, 22:00
by NiXZe
odino wrote:when do the polls close?

I was under the impression that News no Onna had already won and seeding has started?!
The mods have probably not have time or availability to close the Poll and update the page yet. however the seeding is started (as you can se above) by Omren and me.

Posted: Jan 10th, '05, 23:46
by jholic
NiXZe and Omren: you guys are too good! thanks!

Posted: Jan 11th, '05, 00:20
by NiXZe

Posted: Jan 11th, '05, 00:20
by odino
ok thanks for the answer guys, I was just confused because some people still voted for Mukodono after seeding started... 8)

Posted: Jan 11th, '05, 01:37
by azn_wrx
jholic wrote:NiXZe and Omren: you guys are too good! thanks!
yea they are
look @ nixze's upload rate!