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by Elfen
Aug 24th, '07, 23:48
Forum: Chinese Actors & Actresses
Topic: Who is the prettiest Chinese actress?
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Alyssa Chia for me.
by Elfen
Jul 8th, '07, 11:05
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] Kurosagi - starring Yamashita Tomohisa
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Well, there is a Kurosagi Movie in 2008.
I think its the continuous of where this story left.
by Elfen
Jul 8th, '07, 11:01
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] Hanazakari no Kimitachi e [2007]
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Not really into this kind of drama, but Maki is inside.
Might worth a try. XD
by Elfen
Jul 8th, '07, 10:50
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] Proposal Daisakusen (Operation Love)
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Well, not really satisfied with the ending.
But when I think about it clearly, from going back to the time, everyone has corrected their past and show their true inner feelings. =)