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by ikya_06
Feb 5th, '07, 15:26
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Topic: Ever had a teacher from hell? Share your stories
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i had a horrible math teacher.. She always wants us to look at her while she discuss.. but i really can't take it.. i get so scared just looking at her scary eyes.. hehe.. She doesn't care if her students are being embarassed in front of the class.. and if your answers are incomplete... hala.. boom...
by ikya_06
Feb 5th, '07, 11:34
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: GIRLS - What kind of guy do you like?
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i think smart type, confident and mysterious guys are really great!..

The one who will not always tells how much he loves you, but when he did he really mean it..
by ikya_06
Feb 5th, '07, 11:10
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Topic: If you had three wishes, what would they be?
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my 3 wishes would be
-health for my family
-to have everything i ever wanted..
-meet my soulmate! :wub:
by ikya_06
Feb 5th, '07, 03:53
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Topic: What Planet Are You From?
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You Are From the Moon [img][/img] You can vibe with the steady rhythms of the Moon. You're in touch with your emotions and intuition. You possess a great, unmatched imagination - and an infinite memory. Ultra-sensitive, you feel at home ...