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by Kirachi
Dec 11th, '09, 18:15
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Topic: How is the life in Korea?
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I was wondering if anyone could answer this question for me.
Are people quite prudish in Korea? It seems they hardly ever show a real kiss unless it's in a rated movie etc
by Kirachi
Sep 26th, '07, 14:15
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Topic: "I want a korean boyfriend"
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I am a male Korean.. and in my view, I think white girls wouldn't like to (or try not to) have a K-boyfriend (or Japanese) if they had a choice. White people and their thoughts of superiority..-_-;.. I have this white girl.. that I really like.. and whenever I am with her, I can't get rid of the fe...
by Kirachi
Apr 5th, '07, 12:19
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Topic: 2007: My Sassy Girl REMAKE!
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I don't think any film should be remade unless it needs a remake...these films are fine the way they are in the first place they DON'T need a remake it's America unable to think up their OWN idea...just look at Ring, Ring 2 (laughable!) Infernal Affairs, Il Mare, Wicker Man....none of these movies n...