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by Kataastaasang
Oct 7th, '07, 02:50
Forum: Other Asian Culture
Topic: Who's watching Filipino dramas?
Replies: 129
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I'm also watching Ysabella and Pangarap ng Bituin, but I can't tell the difference between Filipino dramas and Mexican telenovelas...
by Kataastaasang
May 9th, '07, 01:32
Forum: Travel
Topic: Going to Taiwan
Replies: 27
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by Kataastaasang
Mar 25th, '07, 20:05
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: How Do You Watch Your Dramas
Replies: 57
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Yep, I run an s-video cable from my computer to TV and I prefer it because of the lower resolution the video quality doesn't look so bad on TV. It's easiest because I can watch with softsubs, watch PPstream or anything else