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by kikuesan
May 11th, '07, 02:11
Forum: International Community
Topic: Hawaii D-Addicts
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Rain concert in Hawaii - July 3rd


I saw in a recent issue of Hallyu Hawaii Magazine that Rain (Bi) will be performing at Aloha Stadium on July 3rd.

I was curious, does anyone here plan to go? Tickets are from $80 - $300.
by kikuesan
Feb 28th, '07, 15:18
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Volunteer Series Seeders - What's it to you?
Replies: 7
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Hi. Well, actually, I recently clicked on the VSS link and saw a japanese series that I had seen on tv a while ago and forgot about. I recalled how much I enjoyed it so am planning to grab that one and help seed for a while. In the past, I've looked through the thread and browsed the drama descripti...
by kikuesan
Feb 28th, '07, 05:40
Forum: Series of the Week/Month
Topic: Japanese SoTW (3/11/2007) - Remote
Replies: 17
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I am for a series of the month. I am one who usually wants to watch all seasons of a series when I see one season.

As for my pick from the above, Remote sounds the most interesting to me.

by kikuesan
Feb 28th, '07, 05:14
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Need help identifying music or songs from dramas? Ask here!
Replies: 534
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I second wakaka's request for iyagi's clubbox song.

Also, claudiaitaliana's request for the Clazziquai - Shie Is version.