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by manderley_angel
Feb 17th, '05, 12:47
Forum: KDrama Discussions
Topic: Sweet 18 (KBS, 2004)
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is cute

this my first kdrama!! its such a cute series and by the end it really lived to its name.... it really is SWEEEEETT! the last two episodes were not that great... but overall its a must see.... just look at the awesome chemistry between lee dong gun and han ji hye.... i watched this 3 times now, beca...
by manderley_angel
Feb 3rd, '05, 00:29
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: What's your ethinicity??
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Filipino!!! heck yeah.... full blooded Pinay here!!! ^^

weeheeee... long live d-addicts!!!!

all the asian dramas? i say keep 'em coming!!!
by manderley_angel
Feb 2nd, '05, 23:56
Forum: Series of the Week/Month
Topic: Vote for the 1st Chinese Series of the Month -February/March
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hope Meteor Garden I wins!! ^^
by manderley_angel
Feb 2nd, '05, 23:54
Forum: Chinese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Seeders needed for CSotM!!! (now includes WSoTM!!!!)
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does MARS count for this.. cuz' i can help seed those....

can only seed at certain times tho... here's my current schedule....

[Can SEED on, all US Pacific Time]
mondays - 3 to 6 pm
tuesdays/thurdays - 2 to 7 pm
wednesdays - 3 to 4 pm

just let me know how this is going to work....
by manderley_angel
Oct 20th, '04, 02:21
Forum: Japanese Actors & Actresses
Topic: [poll] Cute Japanese Guys
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Hyde from L'arc en Ciel

Hyde from L'arc en Ciel

[will add pic later]