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by calla
Dec 5th, '06, 17:16
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Topic: Best Endless Love Series?
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I'm torn between Winter & Autumn!
by calla
Jul 14th, '05, 17:38
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Topic: Dae Jang Geum (KBS2, 2004)
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Re: Recommended... if you have time

i just fin watching ... the Malaysian ver.. the Malaysian ver of the eng subs are only so so ... some mistakes here and there... and meanings cld be slightly diff... (correct vs wrong spelling) eg: waist = waste (" my waste hurts " :lol ) sewing = sowing (" sowing girls " :lol )...
by calla
Jul 12th, '05, 14:48
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Topic: Full House (KBS2, 2004)
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I love this drama and really want to get the DVD boxset. I searched around and discovered there are at least 4 different cover versions and one of them has really bad English subtitles. Does anyone have a FH boxset? Could you tell me which boxset's the one I should be getting - with good English sub...
by calla
Mar 9th, '05, 13:22
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Topic: Hot Korean Guys
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Oh no, girly looking boys and nudies just don't do it for me ... :crazy:

It has to be ...

:wub: :wub: :wub:
by calla
Mar 5th, '05, 09:56
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Topic: Damo (MBC, 2003)
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I loved Damo. I felt the entire plot was put together extremely well and the ending was perfect. Great acting. Just one gripe - too many slow mo action scenes. If they'd let things flow a little more naturally, it would have been excellent. Definitely two thumbs up, more if you counted my big toes :...
by calla
Nov 27th, '04, 10:18
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Topic: What you think about people selling fansubs for profit?
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This is just my thought. I'm relatively new to bt and didn't know anything about it until I purchased my first drama with English subs, not realising what it really was. The person who recorded, edited and shared the episodes had words flashing across the beginning of every ep that it was fanwork, t...