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by HomelessBird
Sep 14th, '05, 14:06
Forum: Tech Support
Topic: Tweaking Bittorrent - How To Configure Bittorrent
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I am using DSL, and download with edonkey2000. My dolwnload speed is very slow, most of the time was under 5kb. The UDP Port is 9756, and TCP Port is 4662. Do I need to change anything ? Or Is there any other way to imporve my download speed? Please help !!!!! THanks a lot !
by HomelessBird
May 26th, '05, 01:12
Forum: Series of the Week/Month
Topic: Vote for June's Chinese Series of the Month!
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Wooohoooo ! Both of the series I like are leading ! Yeaaaaaaa ! I already watched At the Dolphin Bay, but didn't burn it out, ,and deleted it. So I want to dl it again. Starry Starry Night looks like a romantic series, I also want to watch Peter Ho and the other girl ( cant remember her name, she s ...
by HomelessBird
Apr 26th, '05, 03:56
Forum: Series of the Week/Month
Topic: Vote for May's KSOTM!
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uhmmmmmmmm... there are 3 series in here that I didn't watch: Sandglass, Bodyguard and Damo. Sandglass doesn't look that appeal to me. Bodyguard doesn't have much good comments . I would like to see Damo since it s an ancient series ( want some new breeze here ). <sigh> :roll :cry: The gap between t...