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by Valen
Oct 6th, '06, 06:50
Forum: Japanese Actors & Actresses
Topic: What actor/tress You think that should take a leading role?
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I also would like to see my favourite japanese actress Aki Maeda. She played a fantastic role in Azumi 2 and I would like to see her in a drama. ! That would be her older sister Ai. Aki wasn't in Azumi 2. The Maeda Sisters are currently focusing on movies, TV specials and guest appearances in serie...
by Valen
Sep 28th, '06, 17:37
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] Densha Otoko
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Forgive my ignorance, but does this island even exist, and if it is what is it called? thanks :lol [img][/img] Noooo, im pretty sure that was a clever CG effect, the special was pretty high budget. Ed Could be one of the thousa...
by Valen
Sep 28th, '06, 17:12
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: If you had three wishes, what would they be?
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I don't need three, I just stick to one. And that one would be happiness for the girl I love.
by Valen
Sep 28th, '06, 17:09
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: Do u feel financially depressed when it comes to the idea gf
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Re: Do u feel financially depressed when it comes to the ide

for the guys, do u think it's necessary to buy them stuff on ocassionals or is it alrite to not buy anything Well... gifts should be spontanous, not on some monthly basis. If you start with the "ok, today's the 16th day of the month, I have to buy a gift because it is the 16th day of the month", th...
by Valen
Sep 27th, '06, 17:14
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] Detective Conan Live Action
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Looking forward to it. Kurokawa & Oguri, should make a nice team.
by Valen
Sep 24th, '06, 17:32
Forum: Series of the Week/Month
Topic: Japanese SoTW Poll (10/01/06) - Merry Christmas in Summer
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Miki and Merry Christmas seem to win. Excellent.

Remote, on the other hand, is somewhat funny, until Fukada's character gets annoying (and that doesn't take too long).
by Valen
Sep 23rd, '06, 06:29
Forum: General Discussions
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I have no name, I'm like Clint Eastwood in movies like Pale Rider...
by Valen
Sep 23rd, '06, 06:25
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Korean Pop Star Diva Say No Nude Pictures to Japan
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Seen one naked butt, seen them all. What's all the riot about? What DIVA can do for me is, cry me a river, build a bridge over it, jump from the bridge and drown herself. As for WW2... it's been over for 61 years... Generations born after the war should rather work together than accusing each other ...
by Valen
Sep 23rd, '06, 06:11
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Why is Japanese entertainment so protective and isolated
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Welcome to the concept of marketing and show BUSINESS. Yes, it's an actual business based on markets, profit, and so on (this goes for pretty much every country). And if PVs, which are copyright protected, are deleted from youtube, don't really be surprised. It's a copyright issue and I have my doub...