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by KaoruNiikura
Sep 22nd, '06, 22:22
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: What is your favorite love song?
Replies: 46
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Tong Hua - Guang Liang & Yuki no Hana - Mika Nakashima right now I like all love songs out there: from Guns n' Roses, Aerosmith, to Japanese/Korean/Chinese/Taiwanese/etc... Spanish songs... some of them. But mostly I like them in English (selfcontradictory with those two I said, I know... XD)... duh...
by KaoruNiikura
Sep 22nd, '06, 22:17
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: Penpals thread
Replies: 147
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HI, never posted before, but I'm always looking in here, seeding what I can and downloading stuff, so... I'd love to start a friendship through the mail (star with email, and move to snail mail if you wish). I'm a Spanish girl, 26 years old, studying and working (my first major was aeronautical engi...